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Einherjar commented on Weirdness: The Cyberith Virtualizer Combines W...:

"The Cyberith Virtualizer Combines Wii Remote Controls, Oculus Rift and a Treadmill" ... and its totally bogus.
Remember when people used to call the Wiimote "too much" ? Why the sudden craze for "fully immersive virtual reality" ?
We can talk about stuff like that when the tripple A industry comes back to their senses and starts making proper games again.



Einherjar commented on Ocarina of Time Joins Hyrule Warriors With She...:

@Spuratis Well, i have to be honest, im not that keen on Monster Rancher myself, mainly because i cant stand these tamagotchi type breeding games myself. Its just not my cup of tea. But that doesnt mean its bad. And pokemon rancher has so much potential really :) Pokemonami meets semi real time tournaments.
And if you want to go full crazy on this concept: Instead of disc switching, why not make Amiibo blindbags. Doesnt have to be full fledged figurines, coind would do as well. Put the coin on the 3DS amiibo stand and poof out comes your mon.



Einherjar commented on UK Government Effectively Decriminalises Downl...:

@Artwark For older PC games, the answer is quite simple: Its the hardware.
Emulating PC hardware is a much bigger task than emulating console hardware. And even that can be daunting. Even the N64, a system often laughed about when it comes to processing power, isnt emulated perfectly yet.

Also, with PC games, you have so much more sources for errors. No two PCs are alike. So its much harder to tinker with a game to run on basicly every system. Its much easier with modern games, since hardware components get more and more streamlined. They implemented and use a lot more "standarts" and it basicly boils down to how well your hardware can handle these standarts instead of if it can handle them at all.

Porting older console games to the VC is a whole different story. First things first: Emulation in general is not as easy as many people make it out to be. Especially not if you aim for pretty much perfect emulation, like Nintendo does with its VC games. Why is there no further GBA Support for the 3DS ? Because emulation turned out to be not so easy on the system.
Also, its most often a copyright problem.
So even though these game were made for a Nintendo system, it doesnt mean that every piece of it is owned by Nintendo. As soon as a third party is involved, say, an external translation team, graphics artists etc, you need them to approve a rerelease and also pay them royalties.
Then its just a cost/income thing. Does it make enough money to justify the costs ? And most of the time, considering the pricetag for VC games, the answer is no. Which is also why i find it hilarious that people still think the prices on VC games are too high.



Einherjar commented on UK Government Effectively Decriminalises Downl...:

@Artwark If youre talking about Sites like, then i dont get the "dont work on modern PCs" part, since they are especially tinkered in a way to work on modern PCs, and if that doesnt help, the community is very active to help you out.
And why should value decline just because a game is old ? In case of the VC, im more than ok with paying 8€ for an SNES game that isnt dependant on a backup battery, can be played with a plenthora of available and perfect controllers and looks sharp on a modern TV.



Einherjar commented on Latest Wii U System Update Allows Console To C...:

@Sockymon Well, the basic function was a working eShop with the systems main controller, which is still the tablet. Id call it "slightly enhanced" features :P

@kastark I guess its the same as with the 3DS transfer. The source will be set to factory default after it, or else people would go crazy duplicating systems with a bunch of purchased stuff on it.



Einherjar commented on Video: More Mighty No. 9 Footage Arrives to Te...:

Well, my exitement for it is also more or less gone. It looks great, dont get me wrong, but for something so "megaman-ish" it should excite me way more than it does.
And to be honest, i get my MegaMan fix from him being featured in Smash Bros at the moment.
Ill definitly get it sooner or later, but at this point, i highly doubt that it will have priority over other releases at that time.



Einherjar commented on Rare Co-Founder Tim Stamper Is Back In The Gam...:

@90sRetroGaming I doubt that Microsoft will give them away, even though they are doing basicly nothing (good) with them. Its the same with Capcom and MegaMan for instance. They themselfes have no idea what to do with their stuff and yet, probably fear to give these IPs away to be shown how to handle them properly. And let me tell you, if theres a Company who could use the money comming from such a deal, its capcom.

And although i probably get much flak for this: I highly doubt that anything Rare these days is really worth caring about without working together with Nintendo. All they did under Microsoft where titles with much potential, that never really went anywhere. Sure, it could be Microsoft themselfes having too much influence over them, who knows.
The only thing that we know is, that they havent done anything worthwhile since the departure from Nintendo. So it also could have very well been Nintendo pushing the exact right buttons for these devs to work their magic.

The moment FortuneFish starts collaborating with Nintendo again is the moment, i start caring. Lets just see if these guys do the same magic on a more indipendant level or if it just works with Nintendo at their sides.



Einherjar commented on Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Release in Japan See...:

That looks really wierd...
Why does no one come up with the idea of a slim back case that adds 2 shoulder buttons and a flat, slim slideover atachment for the circle pad, that fills the space beneath the face buttons ? To close the system, simply unslide the CP and put it on the back of the case.

But to be honest, the CPP(XL) is good the way it is, and i really love the added weight and grip.



Einherjar commented on Mario Kart 8 Sales Increase By Nearly a Third ...:

@unrandomsam To be honest, NSMBU had more than enough content for what it was. And to be fair, its "DLC" was more or less a standalone game really.
But why do you want a game that ends and gives you no desire to play it again ? For me, a good game is a game, i want to play over and over again. With pauses in between of cause, but a game that i finish and dont feel the need to do it again sometime later is a really bad game in my book.

But you are certainly right in that many games these days get purposly released with less content than planned, just to sell it as extra DLC. But i wasnt talking about that in particular.
What i meant was more in the lines of good old expansion packs. Have a finished and content rich game, let people finish it and observe their reactions to find out what could enhance this game even more and then, sometime later, release said things as DLC / expansions.
Say, for instance, MK8s battle mode. People hate it, i really dont care, but releasing a pack of classic battle stages would give this game a huge boost in online replayability.
It wouldnt be something that was cut on purpose (As they planned from the beginning to try something new) and people seem to prefer the older maps.

DLC, if done right, can greatly enhance a games longlivety. But for it to work, you need to listen to fans.



Einherjar commented on Mario Kart 8 Sales Increase By Nearly a Third ...:

@Superstick Well, let it sit for itself for a bit longer. Well timed late DLC can give a game a good boost and second wind, to bring it back up and make it profitable for a longer time span.

When it comes to this, i fondly look back at Resident Evil 5 (if you like dthe game itself is not relevant). The game was out for quite a while and was slowly fading into oblivion and then poof new DLC chapters, and the game was interesting again for a little while longer ;)

The more you oversaturate people, the longer the gap will be that they dont want to play the game again. If you let them drown it out, give them a little pause and then release interesting, content rich DLC, you can hook them right back in. Its all about the timing. Blowing out every bit of DLC on day one for instance, has quite the opposite effect :P



Einherjar commented on Nintendo Download: 24th July (Europe):

@Ichiban Havent you seen the recent Shovel Knight localisation news ?
It will take quite a bit more time for them to release it over here sadly. But believe me, youre not the only one waiting ;)

And FINALLY capcom starts to release their promised games. About time really. I hope that anything labeled "MegaMan" will sell like crazy, just to show these [... ] again what a grave mistake it was to abandon this IP



Einherjar commented on This Super Smash Bros. Screen K.O. Shot is a G...:

@BakaKnight What exactly do you mean by "cause troubles" ?
That they obscure the screen for too long ? Hmm..i can see that getting a bit iffy in certain situations requiering precision. But they dont last as long as star KOs (or background KOs as im used to call them), so its possible to get a few last minute KOs in even while doing them.
Star KOs took at least 4-5 seconds if i recall correctly, while the screen smashes roughly take 2-3.
But im not even sure when exactly they are flagged as a KO. Does the character need to fall off screen, or are they official KOs once the animation is triggered ?



Einherjar commented on Dig Your Claws Into The Cat Mario Show On Your...:

The actual content wasnt even half bad. I didnt know about stealing cherry clones for instance.
But i dont get what target audience they are trying to appeal to. The show is presented like a show for toddlers, who are definitly not going to play their games since they are preoccupied with drooling on the carpet.
For younger kids and teens, this is WAY to childish, and i dont mean the handpuppets. Its more the wording, the voices and the way, things are presented.
We all knew nintendo was going the extra mile to teach people how to play their games when Mario Galaxy 2 had an instructional DVD, so even the biggest brick head could get into it, but with this one, they are stretching it a little too far.
Nintendo, less childish wording and voices and this show could actually be something worthwhile for everyone.



Einherjar commented on Review: The Letter (Wii U eShop):

@Ralek85 Care to show me a "Slender-esque" game from a major studio then ? Also, this IS an indie developer who IS bandwagoning. So its a perfectly legit question to ask why they felt the need to do it in the first place, when this "genre" in particular is the sheer definition of overused.
And i never excluded major studios from bandwagoning in general. Its just that indie devs mostly go the "its exactly like X" route to ride on the success of a certain other game.



Einherjar commented on This Super Smash Bros. Screen K.O. Shot is a G...:

@andrewmated Thats what i meant, maybe worded a little off :)
To be perfectly honest, i hated background KOs in timed matches for exactly this reason.

@Tsurii897 Its mostly a perspective thing. Also, the neutral lighting of the stage doesnt help create depth :P But to be honest, as long as it does look awful in a split second frame and not in general, i can live with that ;)



Einherjar commented on Sony: PS4 Is "Welcoming Back" Wii Owners Who S...:

@Zombie_Barioth When it comes to Jim Sterling, you could call me a crusader, since whenever these topics come up, i tell people to look him up, turning others into Jimquisition watchers :D
But in all seriousness, its exactly that.
A few years back, everyone was laughing and mocking the Sonic the Hedgehog Fanbase for being so ridiculously unpleasable, whiny and impulsive. And now look at us Nintendo fans....(I say we not to exclude anyone) Are we that much better ? Whatever it is, Nintendo cant do it right.
They release a new core IP = rehash, they release a new IP = not a core IP, they build themselfe a portfolio of smaller games not on other systems = shovelware, they dont recieve shovelware = no 3rd party support, Tripple As get released = will get it for another system, tripple As skip WiiU = no 3rd party support, showed in-depth footage of games at E3 = boring, next game, showed only a short teaser at E3 = worst presentation due to lack of info.

And i could go on and on. To me, the Nintendo fanbase especially is one of the worst kind of fans you could call your own. The level of whininess and discontent is frightening.
Dont get me wrong, im all for developers who take a close look at what its audience wants and to cater towards those needs. But how can you do such a thing, if your audience changes its mind so quickly, you can never be sure what it is they want at the moment.



Einherjar commented on Sony: PS4 Is "Welcoming Back" Wii Owners Who S...:

@Zombie_Barioth Just look at the demand for a new F-Zero or Star Fox.
Like i stated earlier, we recieve regular releases of other nintendo IPs, without being bombarded with them and so far, every system had at least one game of each franchise...except for F-Zero and Star Fox.
These franchises stopped comming out after their Game Cube releases.
So, whats the difference here ? Why is a Mario platformer for every system too much, but F-Zero and Star Fox skipping the Wii too few ?
The same thing goes for new IPs in general. If a new main IP gets a new release, everyone is crying out for new IPs, and how nintendo is doomed for not "innovating" enough.
When they show new IPs, like Miyamotos experimental games at E3, everyone is demanding the main IPs to return.

If you ask me, the biggest problem Nintendo is facing at the moment is not the WiiU, not its games or even its competitors. The biggest problem is their own fanbase.
While Nintendo is one of the only companies not jumping on every trend and bandwagon, and generally stays true to itself, their fans start to parrot the same opinions as the mainstream press and the most popular opinions.

One of my favourite things to point that out is Mario Sunshine. If you poll which mario platformer is the most popular, sunshine will most likely win. And yet, everyone i know is driven insane while trying to finish it completely. So in short: Most people i know, both in RL and online, say that sunshine is their favourite mario game and yet, they cant stand to play it.

So, should a new Star Fox / F-Zero come out, will people greet it with open arms like they are saying now, or will it be labeled "its the same as before, just prettier" like Nintendos other franchises are at the moment ?



Einherjar commented on Rayman Trophy Revealed For Super Smash Bros. O...:

@ThreadShadow Well, a trophy is just that, a trophy. A little trinket you can look at in the game, read a bit about it and see from which game it comes.

Why its there after all Ubi did with Rayman Legends, well, i said it in another thread already: Nintendo rarely fights back.
They seem to be above these "war of the roses" shenanigans going on in the industry. Ubi did a fantastic job with rayman legends on the WiiU, exclusive or not and i guess thats Nintendos way to thank them.
Also, instead of making a "lousy" trophy and bury it in the game, this trophy was among the few that got shown to the public beforehand, so it gets well known.
In my opinion, its a nice gesture, while not giving them more credit than they deserve for their actions."Small gifts preserve the friendship"
Maybe someday, developers and publishers will realize again, that this industry should be about the games, and not about raw number crunching.

A well selling game will get you through its launch period, a good game made with passion will follow you through the ages. Thats why Rayman was gone for so long and Mario was always around.



Einherjar commented on Sony: PS4 Is "Welcoming Back" Wii Owners Who S...:

@Zombie_Barioth Its easy to see why Nintendo games seem to keep their appeal: You dont get bombarded with them !
Yes, people keep complaining that nintendo puts out the same games, over and over and over. Look at this:

I counted any major installments, both handheld and console ones:
-Super Mario, main platformer series: 16 entries over 29 years (since 1985)
-The Legend of Zelda, no remakes: 17 entries over 28 years (since 1986)
And for comparison
-Assassins Creed: 10 entries over 7 years (since 2007)

And should someone try to draw the "but they use these characters over and over" card: The mario cast doesnt even consist of REAL characters. Its just an overall theme. And if repetetive themes get on your nerves, tell me why you dont get sick of military guys, bulky space marines or hooded killers...

@Hernandez So, Hohokum is your argument for sonys "killer lineup" ? Well, for starters, it looks like Loco Roco, so why do i need a PS4 for that ? Also, can you really call this a "killer app" ? Dont get me wrong, im not talking the game down, especially not, since i no next to nothing about it, but if the only strongpoint your console has is raw computing power, a game that looks like Loco Roco is a pretty weak argument...

@Captain-Falcon You DID notice where you are, did you ? This site is called Nintendo Life. Why does it baffle you to see "fanboyism" and bias towards nintendo on here ?
Also, im pretty sure no one took that article as an attack on the Wii or on Nintendo themselfes. Maybe you didnt read it.
The problem here is Sonys usual marketing schemes. He is praising his own system for something, that doesnt exist. People are ripping his faulty argumentation and his non existant logic apart.
That people then start to talk about the systems themselfe and why they are (not) worth it, should be pretty obvious. We ARE on a gaming site afterall.



Einherjar commented on Sony: PS4 Is "Welcoming Back" Wii Owners Who S...:

@Zombie_Barioth Well, i couldnt really agree more.
Thats why i got my PS3 for a while back, just to catch up on some niche JRPGs like NIS and co put out. And thats what i meant with sonys own strength in my other post. The PS3 continued, what its predecessors started: It was THE go to console for japanese niche games from the get go.
Now, that both the PS4 and the Xbone get more and more homogenized when it comes to offered (tripple A) games, there is really no competition amongst them.

Consoles lose their distinctive personality. The Xbone and PS4 are equal on both, a technical level and in regards to their librarys. And the consoles themself dont offer to much to stand out of the crowd either.

So people are running after brand names and marketing campaigns instead of being offered a system, that cateres to the distinctive needs of its target audience.
And thats why i stick with nintendo. They may produce "the same games over and over" yes, but these are the games i like, and i like the fact that a mario now is just like the mario back in the day and still, offers a new experience every time a new one come out.

Call me a fanboy or a lunatic or simply nostalgia blindness, but nintendo still feels like "home" like it did back in my childhood. And i dont know why that should be a bad thing. If changing up things means to loose your identity, id rather not change at all ;)



Einherjar commented on Talking Point: Should Nintendo Be Promoting Th...:

When it comes to playing games, the gamepad is definitly NOT a tablet killer...its a destroyer of its entire race :P
It has buttons, nuf said.

When it comes to multi media functions...well. I own an android phone and a chromecast and still, my preferred device to casually watch youtube vids is still the WiiU. Even for reading manga online, i definitly prefer the gamepad, since its so much more comfortable to hold.

The thing is, the WIiU is a dedicated gaming device and its gamepad is just that, a gamepad. Tablets arent dedicated gaming devices nor are they gamepads. So there is really no competition.



Einherjar commented on Sony: PS4 Is "Welcoming Back" Wii Owners Who S...:

@Hy8ogen Glad to be of service :P
But its a mostly overlooked fact. There is no go-to console. There are just games you like. And if you like nintendos lighthearted pick up and play games, there is no reason why you would jump onto a new sony system, just because its new.
You cant convince people who love mario platformers with "but hey, we have a last of us remake". It just doesnt make sense.

The entire game industry seems to be focused on one thing only: "Is it new and has lots of hardware power ? If yes, you should own it"
What happened to console selling bullet points from back in the day ? "If you like a vast library of JRPGs, the PS1 is the console you should buy. If you prefer grand 3D platformer, get yourself an N64"
Why is it wrong to argue "For me, the WiiU is vastly supperior to other consoles out now, since it cateres towards game genres that i like the most" ?

I said it many times before: Thats exactly the reason why nintendo consoles are always a safe bet for me. They have a certain portfolio that appeals to me, that i can rely on and that i know will get released. A new Mario wont turn out to be a shooter in its next installment (Jak and Dexter for instance), so i know, if i like platformers, i will get one.
Sony and MS tend to jump on any new trend that emerges, without a definite "mascot" or core franchise other than shooters at the moment. Why ? Because shooters are popular. What happens if that changes tomorrow ?
Will you see your favorite genres on that platform again when the "in thing" turns out to be something completely different ?

Im fully aware that this is a HIGHLY exaggerated case, but thats how i feel with these two systems. They fight for attention, fight for any demographic to assimilate and all of that, could change in a whim.



Einherjar commented on Sony: PS4 Is "Welcoming Back" Wii Owners Who S...:

@akaDv8R Well, its rather easy to see why exactly microsoft / xbox isnt mentioned here: Nintendo doesnt fight back.
Microsoft and Sony are both well known for doing dodgy marketing campaigns.
Nintendo on the other hand, seems not to bother with such statistics and number games. They dont spurt out press releases stating that they "won over x% of MS/Sony consumers" or try to make them look better than they actually are.
MS and Sony are both fighting to the bitter end to be recognized as THE definite next gen console manufacturer, while nintendo usually takes a backseat and just does its thing.

Also, you cant argue that the PS4 won over Xbone users, because that would mean that you had to admit that they actually exist :P Which technically would mean, that you failed at convincing them to buy your product in the first place, without them trying the other one first.

Like i said, nintendo is a easy target for stuff like that, simply because they are mostly seen as no direct competition ("last gen tech among next gen consoles yadda yadda")

Then again, its Sony. I generally dont care what they think of themselves compared to others, since they tend to look at the world through pink, happy glasses. Once they start to promote that the PS4 uses blast processing, its time to get a little worried :P
But for now, this is all marketing guff. Hot air that sounds good to the general public and further cements the image of households going "well, if we get a gaming console, we should get a PS4. The newspapers said, its the system everybody owns"

But theres a good remedy for stuff like that. If you know people who believe in stuff like that, just tell them what system(s) you own and why.
Id love to hear the opinions of casual Wii owners, that bought a PS4 and are desperatly waiting for Mario Party to arrive on it :P



Einherjar commented on Sony: PS4 Is "Welcoming Back" Wii Owners Who S...:

Wait what !? O.o
People who bought a Wii but skipped the PS360s are ones, who generally dont care about the so called "tripple A market" and therefore, will probably be less interested in a system almost twice the price of a PS3 AND a library of games shared almost entirely with its predecessor.

So, picture this: You have a customer, who settled with a Wii last gen and nothing else. Do you really think that THIS is a customer who cares about graphical improvements of a SP3 to PS4 port, when both, a PS3 and the game on said system can be gotten for pretty cheap by now ?

I welcome sonys "open arms" policy, but the logic behind this is just...not there really.
The Wii appealed to people, because it was affordable, easy to use even by non-gamers and was a gaming console and not a multi media behemoth.
The PS4 especially is very internet centric.
Picture "Wii Moms and Dads" trying to set up a PS4 system, complete with multiple user accounts, internet connection, streaming settings etc Vs. hoocking up a Wii to the TV and start using it.

Sony is looking for the wrong demographic here. They should cater more towards their very own strong point, which is the strong support from japanese devs and its huge library of games.

And like many others said before me: I think that its far more likely that they have won over many former Xbox users than Wii users, mainly for the fact how Microsoft treats its own consumers.
I wouldnt begrudge sony for expanding their userbase, as they are doing a fine job catering and caring for their users, but this statement is simply wrong.



Einherjar commented on Rayman Trophy Revealed For Super Smash Bros. O...:

@unrandomsam Soo, you never heard of the recent PC title "Sim City" then ?
Or EAs mobile games like "Dungeon Keeper" ?
EA is doing its best to earn the title of "worst company" again, and for a good reason.

@ThreadShadow Nintendo being a jerk to Ubisoft ? Care to explain that one ? Looking back at the Legends fiasco, its more the other way around.



Einherjar commented on Tekken 7 Revealed At Evo 2014, Platforms Uncon...:

Funny, Mario Kart 8 showed that you can make money on the WiiU, at the E3, nintendo showed that they havent forgotten "how to nintendo" and even convinced that the mainstream press that they have won the event due to their much closer relationship towards their fanbase and yet, here we are again, convincing ourself that this game wont see the light of day on the WiiU.

Im a person who always said, that "next gen" (for a lack of a better word) titles made for the more powerful "next gen" consoles will hardly be ported over to the WiiU and frankly, most of the time, its better this way. We had enough watered down ports on the Wii back in the day,
But it is clearly stated, that the engine used in this case IS capable of running the game on pretty much every platform, so its not a technical issue.

Food for thought: Maybe its not the actual sales numbers that give developers / publishers the idea, that a game wont sell well. Maybe its comments like ours, talking the system out of the picture preamptively, that brings them to such conclusions.



Einherjar commented on Captain Falcon, Lucina and Robin All Join The ...:

@rbmoura85 Well, the reason could just be appreciation for what Ubi has done (planned to do) with Rayman on the WiiU.
But youre right in that its certainly strange, since they stated that they wont go for more than two guests at the time.
If you want to lean out of the window, you could also say, that maybe rayman is "pending" and they are waiting for Ubis approval to fully feature him ;)
OR it could be a friendly sideswipe. Rayman wasnt exclusive afterall, so rayman is featured, but not playable :P

@Topic I just visited our german Smash Bros page, and on the Frontpage, every character is listed as "Update" and yet, everyone is tagged as "Newcomer" on their respective page, even Lucina.
So, quite a bit of confusion there. If i get this right, some have her listed as an "Update" and some have her listed as a newcomer and no one is really sure if shes a skin of marth or not...
Also, for us germans, Robin is actually called "Daraen" which isnt even a real Name O.o
Im used to the fact, that our translation team likes to switch around names, but why did they change robin ? Its a prefectly gender neutral name even around here, weird.

EDIT: Another thing regarding Lucina: All newcomers to the series (not just this game, like Shiek and co) have bigger "tiles" on the frontpage, three times as big as other characters. Lucina on the other hand, just has a small one like the rest of the veterans.



Einherjar commented on Captain Falcon, Lucina and Robin All Join The ...:

@Ichiban Uhm...we have a release date for the 3DS version...
The WiiU one is dependant on the aMiibo figures, since they will launch simultaniously. I bet that takes quite some time localisation wise.

@Link506 And THATS marketing 101 for you :P Fell right into their traps ;) But in all seriousnes, its a great game. I havent played it much, but thats more for time reasons, since its a game that requires dedication.

@rbmoura85 So, youre saying that every character that is represented as a trophy should end up playable ? That would be a roster of a couple of hundret characters ! Well, it would at least calm all the people just going "needs more of that, needs more of this, more more more" :P



Einherjar commented on Captain Falcon, Lucina and Robin All Join The ...:

@TheKingOfTown Well, i have no clue about the FE: Awakening lore, since i never played the game past a chapter or two, but that she has somewhat of a connection to marth should be obvious.
I dont think that she will end up as a pallet swap of Marth though. They introduced quite a lot of gender swap characters by now, if she would play exactly the same, she could have just been a swap of marth.
What she inevitably end up being is "just another sword fighter".
But like i said, i dont know much about her, so i have no idea how much "unique move set potential" she has.



Einherjar commented on Captain Falcon, Lucina and Robin All Join The ...:

Darn, i missed the reveal trailer >.< Totally forgot the time playing worms....
But that was a great reveal :D Cpt Falcon is back, two (and a half) FE Characters and a cameo from chrom. Really nice and so far, no clone characters in sight ! Awesome



Einherjar commented on Nintendo Download: 17th July (Europe):

GAIABREAKER looks incredibly cheap to be perfectly honest. This doesnt look like a 11€ title to me. Ill get it should it get a discount someday.

Otherwise, i go for Kirby and thats it :)

Does anyone know why Shovel Knight takes so long to get to europe ? Did Yachtclub say anything about it ?

And, like usual: Great job at releasing all these promised games Capcom. Really appreciated !



Einherjar commented on Rayman Trophy Revealed For Super Smash Bros. O...:

Its fun to see how nintendo treats other publishers / games / mascots while in general, they tend to shun the system.
Even though hes just a trophy (as of yet), he is not a nintendo mascot and still gets mentioned and featured. This game is just a love letter to everyone out there :D



Einherjar commented on Retro-Styled 2D Action Adventure, Midora, Hits...:

@Emblem Well, technically, every screen is made up of pixels :P
What you probably mean is pixel art ;) But enough wisecracking :P

To be perfectly honest, i appreciate a good 2D action adventure anyday, but this one does look an awefull lot like (just like @ChessboardMan said) a slapped together phone game without its own personality.

Inspired by minish cap or not, a game should at least have its own, unique appearance and style. Its not bad looking, dont get me wrong, but its severely lacking personality.



Einherjar commented on Poll: Which Is The Best Legend Of Zelda Game?:

My vote went to Links Awakening DX. For an explaination why, just look at @Sparx comment :P

But in all honesty, its almost impossible to pick a "favourite" as every game has something unique and appealing to it that makes it special.
Even with titles that i didnt like that much, i wouldt say that these are bad games by far.
So, take my voto with a bit of salt ;) It could have been pretty much every other title on the list as well.

Its way easier to pick the ones i liked the least, which would be WW (cube), MM and both DS titles, as all of them incorporated gameplay mechanics, that i really cant stand all that much,



Einherjar commented on Yokai Watch "In Consideration in a Big Way" Fo...:

To be perfectly honest, a game with so much buzz around it in japan, it kinda baffles me that they still just "consider" it and that it wasnt released already.
The 3DS is a save bet too, so what are you guys waiting for ? :)



Einherjar commented on It Doesn't Look Like We'll Be Seing Sega Games...:

@Ootfan98 Saturn VC will never happen, never :D
The console is almost impossible to emulate and Sega lost almost all sourcecodes to the most interesting games anyways :P

Sega is probably muffled about the fact, that they didnt sign the deal for Bayonetta 2 in hindsight :P
But you guys heard the man. Instead of being disappointed, tell the world how much a good VC lineup would be appreciated.
Wishes most often go a farther distance then threats and whining ;)



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@FalconPunch Hey, dont get me wrong, i love the GBA VC, especially the picture quality, since its a hassle to get a GC+GB Player combo to look good on a new TV, but Capcom is a sack of hot air when it comes to their release schedules.
Like i said, i will only believe them once i have all their games on my HDD and not a moment sooner.
Other devs showed some surprising releases though, so the GBA VC was definitly a worthy addition.



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@unrandomsam Even with MMOs, its less the game itself creating the addiction and more the social component about it, just like with facebook.
It creates a false image of "friendship" and dependance and conditions you to seek out recognition by other players / users (Facebook friends and likes, Game leaderboards and rare, sought after loot).
It taps into the most primal needs of being recognized and "becomming the best there is" through fals fame and popularity.
Though i have to say, the MMO example is in fact a more rare case these days. Facebook on the other hand is acepted by the general public as "perfectly normal" and therefor, no one really realizes the level of addiction.
An alcoholic among a crowd of drinking party people is just another drunk in the flock. No one can see the difference because at this point, its all the same.
To see cases of, say, facebook addiction, shut the site off for a week and see how many people get mentally crippled by it.

THIS is, in my opinion, much much more dangerous than any real video game could ever be.



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And yet, almost all tabloids promote their web presence on facebook, which is plastered with adds for games like candy crush and the likes.
Just look at the current generation and try to find a person who is not addicted and dependant on facebook anymore, and yet, that is not a problem ?
Maybe because its free webspace for companys like this to promote their own stuff and lure in more and more customers.
Or smart devices in general really, and im not strictly talking about games here.
Give these tabloids some free add space in a game and see, if they will still criticise it.

To be honest, these people should be intrigued by the fact that games still manage to bring forth brain activity. Something, the common media hasnt been able to achieve in years :P

Also, as @S-Miyahon said, its a simple math problem: Call of Duty as a whole is so darn wide spread, that you could basicly say that EVERYONE owns at least one copy of it (since they havent stated which one specifically). So, the odds of finding someone commiting suicide / murder who doesnt own a copy are slimmer than the other way around.



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Yup, its going to be released among the other selection of announced capcom VC titles in about 6 years and over the span of 12 -.-
Jokes aside, i have basicly no hopes for a release really.

They announced the gameboy Megaman totles for europe TWICE now, and they are still not out. They announced a giant poor of VC games comming to the VC and still havent started putting them on there.

So yeah, i believe them once it happened.