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Einherjar commented on Jools Watsham Wants to Know if You Want a Deme...:

As an european, i say: "Dementium what ? Oh, the games you never released over here"
If anything, catch up with europe and THEN ask questions.

But in general, id also say stick to what was more well recieved, the 2D platformers.



Einherjar commented on More Details Emerge on the Launch of My Nintendo:

@IceClimbers The 3DS was out, before the NNID was a thing. I doubt they changed the license chain for that. But your example might very well be true for the WiiU, which, to be honest, would be really silly A license daisy chain: Software > Acc. > ID.
Well, as long as it does its job i guess ^^

Anyways, a proper account system is a welcome change. I just hope they reach their entire consumer base so everyone registers one.
I can see the "casual confusion" comming already



Einherjar commented on More Details Emerge on the Launch of My Nintendo:

@Yoshi Got the answer already, just my take on it: Digital software on Nintendo devices are locked with the internal system ID. Say, you download game X on your systems SD card, put the card in another system and log in on it. You wont be able to play, because the device ID doesnt match up. Basically just rural copy protection.

Linking your software not to the system ID but to your active account will solve that issue. Log in on your system and it can verify your licenses online. Basically what everyone else is doing already. This hoever could come with some disadvantages: It could require regular online checkups, other forms of DRM to prevent "account sharing", like activating / registering systems binding them to your ID with a hard limit etc. Worst case: only one type of system per ID (one 3DS family system, one WiiU)
Sony does something rather similar in that you can register up to 5 systems on your ID.

As for the "redownload" part. To swap systems, you had to do a system transfer. So having both systems (2 3DS family systems for instance) physically together. With MyNintendo, all you need is your account data, which veryfies your licenses and lets you download your games no matter what system ID it has now.

All in all, it was long overdue to implement something like this.

@Jamotello Well, the fee for WiiU VC games was due to them running on completely new meulator software. Technically, they were new games. Imo, perfectly reasonable to ask a small fee to have them natively on the system with all their added features. If youre not willing to pay, you could always just use Wii Mode.

But since they are pretty streamlined now, i see no reason for them redoing the whole thing again for the NX. Avoid mistakes made with the WiiU and implement that stuff natively from the getgo.
If they come up with yet another VC solution, it can always be patched later on (Something, the Wii VC also lacked in)



Einherjar commented on Did You Know Gaming Explores Mario & Religion:

@CHET_SWINGLINE You havent seen many "popular" YouTube Videos / Channels, havent you ?
A large audience isnt always a sign of quality content. In the case of YouTube i would even go so far and say that the opposite is the far more profitable route to take.
Large, regular audience through quality, well researched videos is a real rarity, especially in terms of gaming channels.

And you wouldnt believe how effective clickbait can be. I mean, just look at general gaming media outlets. Clickbait is their sole Modus Operandi.
Its no rarity, controversy sells, big time. And there is no such thing as bad PR. The ones who love it stick to the channel, the ones who hate it will watch the next video just to rant about it again.

Just take some of the most well known "Pop Culture Critics" out there, who havent made a single valid point in their work since they started. Well known, (in)famous, rich. Throwing BS into the room and watching your audience and critics tear each other apart is a valid business model.

And thats the beaty of "Clickbait". To know that it is clickbait means you already produced revenue. To criticise it means you already produced revenue. To express your opinion about them means your spreading awareness and widening their reach. To keep up to date with their antics, you have to follow what they are doing by watching the videos, expressing your opinion etc.

On the internet, you can turn sh*t into gold pretty easily.



Einherjar commented on Rumour: Super Smash Bros. Planned as NX Launch...:

Highly unlikely, seeing how long development times have been on smash games. They not only had to work on completely new and untested hardware but also jugle this project with the ongoing Smash 4 expansions.

It all depends on the NX launch window of course. If that thing is 2-3 years off, then maybe. It would make a hell of a launch title though.
What COULD work (which will not sit well with consumers though) is a Splatoon approach. Meaning the game gets released with its bare minimum content and gets frequent additions once they are finished and tested.

This will also continue the "hype train" started with the Dojo back then with Brawl. Im rather skeptical but i hope for the best.



Einherjar commented on UK Pre-Orders Open for Pokkén Tournament Pro ...:

I just dont get it honestly. What even IS this ? O.o
First and foremost: Why doesnt it use one of the gazillion standard controller ports the WiiU offers ?
Also, why not a traditional arcade stick ? Its a Tekken game, and we already have a regular Tekken on WiiU, so that thing would have way more use.
And what makes it different from a regular Pro controller ? All i see is a D-Pad, four face buttons and at least two shoulder buttons...nothing special other than maybe micro switches....



Einherjar commented on Weirdness: Super Mario 64 Expert Collects a St...:

So...did i just lean quantum physics ?
These people are absolutely amazing. Its insane what these people perform just for the end result of "hey, i completed a video game really fast".

I mean, really, this one one stupid star in Mario 64 and what have we talked about ? Parallel Universes, relative speed...



Einherjar commented on Mighty No. 9 Has Been Delayed Once Again as Ke...:

I think we are at the point that we can say, this project was an absolute trainwreck and so is comcept.
So far, they have started more project than they have actually finished.

As for MN9: The game looks extremely mundane and generic and i have no clue whats taking them so long. My best guess would be "Feature Creep" is catching up and nipping them in the butt.

The only thing that could make this travesty even more hilarious would be yet another Kickstarter campaign for the "final stretch".
In all seriousnes, im through with this thing. I lost all interest, should it ever see the light of day or not, i dont really care anymore.



Einherjar commented on Rumour: Intelligent Systems Is Working On New ...:

@rjejr I personally dont mind Amiibo, as long as the actual figures are properly distributed and available. Making a limited print that unlocks exclusive content in a game (Like Splatoons extended Singleplayer Mode) is just aggrevating.

But honestly, the Paper Mario RPG formula is pretty much franchise independant. Think of a character and you can imagine him as a Paper Mario Character / Helper. The graphical style makes it cheap and easy to house hundrets of different characters. Basically the exact opposite of Sticker Star. Instead of Mario exclusive characters, you have the cast of every major Nintendo franchise.

Amiibo (cards) could act as optional battle stickers / boosters for all i car.
And the goal ? Typical Nintendo cop-out story: Find the golden McGuffins. Golden Star for the Mushroom Kingdoms, the golden TriForce, the Golden Banana, the golden F-Zero Trophy etc.



Einherjar commented on Rumour: Intelligent Systems Is Working On New ...:

@rjejr So, Kingdom Hearts with Nintendo characters ? Paper Mario visiting picture book style worlds of other Nintendo frenchises ? Well, that would be a fanboys wet dream.
But its so unlikely that it hurts.

As for Mario Sunshine...complete remake or bust.
New controll scheme (like you said, Splatoon esque motion controlls) and a new physics engine. No more butter shoes. .



Einherjar commented on Rumour: Intelligent Systems Is Working On New ...:

@aaronsullivan I, too, wouldnt flat out deny it being wrong. Trust me, id love a new Paper Mario as much as th enext guy. I just think that "its being localized and tested at the moment" is a bit of a stretch.

Localization is the last thing that happens, right before shipment and release. And since this would be a localization during the development phase, not a localization of an already released game, were talking about mere months of work.

Nintendo outright stated, that they wont announce games anymore that arent 100% golden for a release to avoid debacles like MegaMan Legends 3 and such.
Perfectly reasonable and understandable. But even sudden releases like Tipping Stars that came out of the blue had a bit of a PR rile up beforehand in Directs.

For such a major release of of such a major franchise, the timing is just a little off. One could argue that they keep it silent due to the recent Zelda and Star Fox delays and that they want to be extra careful and extra sure of a timely release. Anyways, id love for it to be real, but it all just sounds a little fishy.



Einherjar commented on Rumour: Intelligent Systems Is Working On New ...:

@rjejr Seeing how important Amiibos have become, i doubt that it will be centered around that, as they would clearly advertise it way more.
And since were talking about Paper Mario, which would be pretty complicated to make into figures, it would be far more likely for it to be another range of Amiibo cards.

Even so, this stuff takes time to print and ship, and certain retailers would have already spilled the beans, im sure.
Nintendo knows that Paper Mario is one of their big hitters, so there is no reason to hold anything back. Especially not on WiiU.
But we also noticed, that Remakes have a much shorter Announcment>Release time frame, so imo a TTYD would be pretty likely.
The best-worst case would be Super Paper Mario for Wii VC.

All in all, i find the lack of announcments or even hints highly suspicious. Though it was mentioned that there is something to be announced on monday if im not mistaken. Anyways, i dont think any game enters the localisation phase without being so much as hinted at.
You need a certain consumer feedback to craft your Ad campaign.

Id take these rumors with a truckload of salt tbh.



Einherjar commented on Mario Kart 64 on Wii U VC Doesn't Have Support...:

While not a huge loss, youd think that this is a feature they would implement from the getgo, should another company try to release games that exclusively save on controller packs.
The weirdest part for me is the inconsistency of it all. With some games they go the extra mile and translate them (Sin and Punishment), with others, they implement Link-Cable emulation (Pokemon) which is among the hardest aspects to emulate and then you have titles released with the wrong localisation (EU eshop: Golden Sun is english only, Mario Tennis is multi, Mario Golf is english only again) and here, they missed controller packs, which is, emulator wise, just pointing to a specific save file pretending to be a CP....

I get that putting so much effort into cheap old games is not a good business decision. But at least keep it consistant. Especially in times, where the VC makes up the majority of your library,



Einherjar commented on Nintendo Removes Infamous Drugging Scene From ...:

@Warruz The thing is, weve seen such scenes for ages now.
We had a rather large sum of "transformative localizations" over the past few moths with stuff, that were never viewed as "offensive" before.

Tekkens "Lucky Chloe" for instance. Not the first girl with a frilly dress in the roster. And suddenly, its needs to be changed ?

Street Fighters "R. Mika" made her buttslap taunt for as long as she existed. And just now its "offensive" ?

DoA Xtreme had 3 previous installments that actually sold better in the west than in japan, and the 3rd one is "offensive" all of a sudden ?



Einherjar commented on Nintendo Removes Infamous Drugging Scene From ...:

@whodatninja At least they treat it with dignity and dont declare it "something so special, it requires special treatment"
Most of gamings gay and bi characters come from japanese games.
Treat gay people like adults, they can take a joke as much as everyone else.

@MarioPhD Imo, there is a difference between localizing stuff so it is comprehensible and palatable and the removal of "offensive content".



Einherjar commented on Rumour: Online Survey Mentions NX's 4K Video S...:

900p sounds like the same compromise made on other "next gen" consoles.
Scale down resolution a bit to enable more graphical fidelity.
Either way, lets wait and see. At this point, we still dont know WHAT the NX actually is. For all its worth, it could still be the WiiUs "N64 DD"



Einherjar commented on Did You Know Gaming Explores Mario & Religion:

@Capt_N Yup, same here. Some of the theorists stuff can genuinly be interesting. Like the recent interview with the military armor guy, judging if Halos Spartan suit would actually work.
Nonsensical, but still entertaining.

But all these "Is character X really Y ?" stuff is just annoying.



Einherjar commented on Did You Know Gaming Explores Mario & Religion:

"Did You Know Gaming Explores the art of making controversial click-bait videos on topics that are bound to make a ruckus"

People who believe stuff like that probably also took the SMB3 episode of AVGN seriously.

The only one of these "whoa, check out these rad hidden video game meanings" vids that actually tought me something interesting was the one about the mythological japanese earthquake catfish in LttP.

Most of this is just there to cause the comment section to go haywire.



Einherjar commented on ​Bigley's Revenge Has Been Removed From the ...:

This guy hasnt learned a thing has he ?
I mean, kudos to everyone being resilient, but sometimes you just need to face facts and realze that you might lack talent or creativity.

Or youre just betting on the wrong horse. Maybe these "Meme" games arent as great as they sound...IF they sound great at all that is.
Stuff like this belongs on a flash game site at best.

Put it there, evolve as a developer, learn a thing or two and come back with some serious attempts. Stunts like this will only ruin your image and thus, any further project.



Einherjar commented on Talking Point: Considering amiibo Features and...:

To be fair, if used correctly, you get a lot of bang for your buck. Thats a big if at the moment but still.
You get that lovely figurine which alone, is quite a treat. Some collectors series figures cost a lot more and are equally small.

You unlock stuff in the game its from / it comes with and maybe even in upcomming games. Thats when the IF comes into play.
So far, several amiibos functioned as trainable characters in Smash AND unlocked Mii costumes in Mario Kart. And if you look at other games, these simple costumes can be rather expansive depending on the dev were talking about.

So potentially, you get several uses out of one figure that also looks nice outside of a game. I love the Amiibo concept, but Nintendo could do so much more with them. Because with every supported game, a figure becomes more and more useful.



Einherjar commented on Rumour: The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth May B...:

@donniedarkenson Mario Maker is really no contest. Level geometry is static, enemy AI is as basic as it can get, hit detection is straight forward, physics mechanics are fixed and non variable.
And it has nothing to do with poor optimization really. Actually, the game runs extremely well. But it bloats up memory data with certain playstyles.
The best example would be Minecraft really, as it suffers from similar problems. On the outside, the game looks as basic as it can get, and played in short bursts, there shouldnt be any problems.
But if you build to much complicated stuff, like tons of Redstone automations (or mods), load to many chunks, traverse too quickly etc the game might run out of memory, because every thing you see ingame, every block or every sprite in Isaac isnt just graphics, but an instance with severa hundret things that need to be checked at the same time.

Lets compare placing a block in Mario Maker and Minecraft.
In Mario Maker, you have a very limited amount of assets. The game checks for the X/Y coordinates you place the block in and assigns the item ID to it. And for most blocks, thats actually it.
A solid ground block for instance has nothing more to do than being solid from every angle. A brick is solid from sides and cheks Marios status when hit from underneath and plays the proper animation (breaking and erasing or bopping).
When you place a block of Dirt in Minecraft, the most basic block, it has X/Y and Z coordinates, it has to check for the tool the player uses to remove it, needs to change from grassy to tilled when a hoe is used and than constantly check for water, crops, water levels, crop growth, sunlight etc.
It has to check every side constantly for surrounding blicks, block updates etc because unlike Mario Maker, it isnt static once build and running.

And thats the key point here: Mechanics that arent static are more complex.
In both, Isaac and Minecraft, there is a sheer endless way of configuring things. Isaac has insane amounts of shot modifiers that the game needs to check and calculate, Minecraft blocks all have various instances and states they can be in, they have to check for lighting etc while in Mario Maker everything you can use has a very limited and basic amount of static functions.



Einherjar commented on Rumour: The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth May B...:

@UboaNoticedYou The best examples regarding "Graphics =/= Hardware hunger" is and will always be Dwarf Fortress.
The game does not even have graphics and its can literally melt your CPU if it runs long enough without crashing.

In regards to afterbirth: I personally love it.
Greed mode is a fun timewaster that is even more "pick up and play" in nature than the rest of the game. There are a lot of new and fun Items and combinations and the new Rooms (L shapes for instance) give it a lit more variety.

But you cant disable it. The only time i can remember an add-on that could be disabled that also just added stuff was XCOM-Enemy WIthin.
For Isaac, it just adds a lot of stuff. As for people saying it makes the game harder, thats a clear yes/no.
Sure, certain aspects get harder, but others can get way easier. Its a rogue like. It all depends on a dice roll pretty much. Overall, it stays the luck dependand, unfair mess it is



Einherjar commented on Rumour: The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth May B...:

@Snader I think @Late put it in better words than i ever could.
Its not only the sprites themselves, but also all the background work.
Thats what i meant with bullets having velocity, height (happy @ULTRA-64 ? ), size, color and several other effects.
Say you end up with an army of familiars that copy your shot type.
Your shot type is homing + spash damage + explosions on impact and the sprites for it vary in sice depending on distance traveled. Also, they are shot at a high arch.

For every shot, there is a calculation for velocity (which takes into account where, how and if you moved while shooting), its height and width changing, thus needing to change the hitbox constantly, enemy detection due to homing capabilities, a colision detection for every bullet on screen to calculate splash damage and a velocity calculation for what to send flying where and when due to explosions. And that for every bullet on rapid fire. Not to bring status effects into the mix.

For bullet hell type games, its a lot easier. There, shots dont change and have mainly one property: If in contact with the player = the player dies. Plus maybe a simple predetermined movement pattern.

As for sprite layering, well, one of the games main gimmics is, that every item you pick up is visible on Isaac at the same time, with certain items overruling others.
The game features so many items, that creating a sprite for every possible combination would simply be impossible. The MegaMan X games did the same thing for their armor system btw. Only when you had the full set of armor, the game used a new single sprite for it. Everything else was layered. They could disable it completely, but imo, that would get rid of one of the most fun things about the game.



Einherjar commented on Rumour: The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth May B...:

@ULTRA-64 I write it into my naughty book of spelling errors. I havent slept all week, i blame that

@ChromXsome Lets wait and see. Maybe they are able to mess with the game that they can make up some room for stuff like Liliths familiar circus.
Disable background animations, fog, overlays etc when a certain limit is reached, idk.



Einherjar commented on Rumour: The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth May B...:

@ChromXsome You cant compare the two. 2D games can be way more system taxing than everything else actually. Dont jusge a book by it cover. Think about it, next gen consoles can run The Witcher 3 at a very respectable graphical fidelity but had to gimp minecraft.

With Isaac, its the sheer number of entities on screen that can even kill the game on PC. Every single shot on screen has velocity, higth, width and animations, several enemys and gibs on screen, layers upon layers of Isaac sprites (every item its basically one more sprite on screen)`etc.

An example that killed the PC version:
Afterbirth introduced Greed mode. A single arena room mode, where you fight of several waves of enemys. Every wave of enemys counts as a "cleared room", thus adding to the charge of your active item.
The new character Lilith relys on familiars and starts with an items that doubles them for the duration of the room.
Pre patch, the item needed two charges. So every odd numbered room (or more often, depending on your other items) you doubled your familiar count. This became so ridiculous, that the PC version outright crashed because it couldnt handle it anymore. Basically, it ran out of memory. And there is nothing you can do about it than to gimp the item (which they did by doubling its cost to 4 charges)

For a console, especally the 3DS and WiiU, those limitations are even stricter. So either you gimp the game or you say "well, it isnt going to work the intendet way"

Again, dont judge a book by its cover. Just because it uses 2D sprites instead of 3D models doesnt mean its less hard to run for the hardware in question.It would actually be easier if it was in 3D, since you could just change parts of Isaacs model instead of layering sprites ad infinitum.



Einherjar commented on SEGA Reveals the Logo for Sonic the Hedgehog's...:

"What do you think?"
About the Logo ? Slick but simple. Nothing more to say to it really.

"Does SEGA have any big surprises in store for 2016?"
I heard that they are thinking about bringing several other franchises like Yakuza and co to the PC, which is a big plus in my book

"What was your favorite Sonic game?"
Generations. Best of both worlds and just a fun game overall. Id love to see a sequel like that, maybe even with more characters and different play styles for the sub missions.



Einherjar commented on Xenoblade Chronicles X Creator Tetsuya Takahas...:

@Socar Phantasy Star worked so well for the west that they cancelled any and all chances of PSO2 reaching western shores, including the offline handheld sister games...
But generally, youre right. The Universe itself has a lot of potential for different, more western oriented genres. Shooters, RTSs, you name it.

But at the end of the day, it is still a JRPG at heart and i guess everything else will just feel shallow and forced.



Einherjar commented on Xenoblade Chronicles X Creator Tetsuya Takahas...:

Well, say good bye to your successfull run so far.
There is not a single japanese gamedev who successfully westernized their IPs. Simply look at Capcom, Sega and Konami and say with a straight face that they succeeded appealing to a western market.



Einherjar commented on Poll: Did The Final Video Presentation for Sup...:

To be honest, i would trade that Fire Emblem character for Shovel Knight any day of the week. Its weird that he didnt get in. Yacht Club has been very good to Nintendo, they already have an Amiibo for him and he would have been a rather interesting character, probably centered around meteor smashes.

Oh well, cant have everything i guess.



Einherjar commented on Mercedes-Benz Representative Explains the Comp...:

"While we received a lot of positive feedback on the campaign and the integration of our cars into Mario Kart 8, we also learned that many gamers are skeptical about brands appearing in their games. So we made sure to put a lot of effort and passion into designing the actual level."

Youre telling me, that a car company does listen more to the gaming community than most AAA devs ? O.o
But in all seriousness, the Mercedes Brand deals are one of the least offensive ones. They are free, they are stylized and they dont directly come off as blatant advertising.
All in all, if this is an opportunity for devs to increase their funding without harming the consumer, im absolutely down with it



Einherjar commented on Poll: Are You Excited About Minecraft: Wii U E...:

Its too little too late to be of any significant financial sucess i presume.
The Minecraft hype is slowly settling down, its not the "hot topic" it used to be. And since it doesnt bring anything new to the table, i highly doubt that many people are willing to double dip if they own the console version somewhere else.

The only real benefit it has is MiiVerse and its ability to share creations with the community. It gives a llittle more incentive to ones creativity. Other than that, its just another console Minecraft port.

Now look at a similar game, Terraria, on the 3DS. IEven though the PC version is, naturally, superior, i always thought that the mobile phone version, especially its building mode was something really beneficial.
The 3DS now combines both, proper, physical controlls with the touch based building mode and thus, its unique across systems and has its own benefits.

No matter how late it might have come, it offers something fresh, something new and thus has relevance.
Minecraft not taking advantage of the Systems unique features is understandable, but also its biggest fault. There could have been many ways to properly utilize the second screen,

From the obvious functions like maps, inventory managementto detailed player stats (Health, armor, hunger, durability, coordinates etc) to, say, a new building mode. For instance:
Set up a huge rectangle to mark the players building range, on the gamepad, you can now fill this space with different blocks and thus trigger something like an "auto build mode"
Bring back classic crafting via gamepad, a texture editor, a skin editor.

The possibilitys are pretty much endless to bring something new to the table that would have made this version unique. But in the end, its just the same as other versions released with a hefty delay.



Einherjar commented on Microsoft's Phil Spencer "Would Be Happy" To S...:

@Yorumi The WiiU is a commercial failure, there is no denying that. And at the same time, its the that, in my opinion, provided a library worth owning a new system for.

I literally cant tell you why the PS4 is selling like it does. Its library pretty much entirely consists of rehashed PS3 games and the few exclusive titles are all rather mediocre (opinion based of course, although their meta scores arent all that great either). This gen of consoles turned me, a life time console gamer into a full blown PC gamer with a side dish of Nintendo games.



Einherjar commented on Microsoft's Phil Spencer "Would Be Happy" To S...:

@Yorumi But not well enough that they dare to release actual sales numbers anymore and instead fall back to "active XBox Live accounts", which are alos active Skype accounts, active WIndows Live accounts, active accounts using a 360 instead etc.

The One isnt doing well, and thats not a big secret. And Nintendo is gaining second wind with exclusive software, something pretty much entirely missing from its competitors.
But its not the first time he wanted Nintendo to work for / with them.

And you know what, exchanging sub divisions / 2nd partys wouldnt be all that bad. Get licensing deals for Rare games, let another team help out on a MS project.

@Caryslan Actually, yes. The PS3 tanked horribly. So darn horribly, that several japanese studios banked exclusively on the 360, a US console. That has pretty much never happened before.
Even flagship titles like "Tales of Vesperia" by Namco dodged the PS3 in favor of the 360 for more then a year.
Yes, even companys considered it a sinking ship, a fast sinking ship.

But consumer policys (no online gaming fee for instance), the BluRay medium etc enabled it to grow faster than the 360 could with its more draconic mother company. But it took an awfull lot of time to achieve that.

The same could happen to the One, but frankly, i highly doubt that. They had to ditch their initial business plans, had to ditch the "mandatory" kinect, had pretty much all of their second party studios turn multi platform and created quite a lot of bad press all around.
It would take a miracle to recover from all of that and overtake the PS4 at this point.