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Einherjar commented on Poll: Is It Time For a Fresh Alternative to th...:

If you look at Nintendos recent DLC offerings, youll notice that people are actually interested in bundle discounts, even IF the actual content you purchased is many many months away from release.

Why not integrate that into the whole VC affair to get the "theres no demand / market" schtick out of the way.

Lets take Squares Final Fantasy series for instance.
There is the lovely GBA remake collection, some of which are the definitve version of said games. We have FF 1&2, 4, 5 and 6, so 4 games in total.
A GBA game costs 7 bucks a pop, so 28 in total.
So, why not offer a Final Fantasy classic pack. If they want to go the "Customer pleaser" route, offer it for 20, if they are out for max income, why not round it down to 25 (a single eShop cards value).
And once a game from this pack is released, you can download it instantly, maybe even a week earlier as another added perk.

Or do something similar to other subscription models. Offer a global subscription service, giving you a discount on every VC title and selected ones for "free". Again, this will get rid of the "were not sure if this will sell" attitude, as the money is already coming in.

Also, try to get VC stuff to run on the more powerfull N3DS and implement a "cross buy" system. As simple as it sounds, but "getting two games for the price of one" always sounds like a better deal, even if its the same game.

Or even connect it with the above mentioned subscription model. If youre a member, you get the cross buy perk. saving you the money in the long run.
Theyve introduced an enhanced MiiLobby, why not a premium eShop status ?



Einherjar commented on Konami Removes Its Listing from the New York S...:

@FragRed But im pretty sure that this is a whole different division on its own, much like Sony Pictures, which has nothing to do with Sonys PlayStaton division.
Thus, Konami could very well stop making games, while the compani as a whole continues to exist



Einherjar commented on Konami Removes Its Listing from the New York S...:

Im sorry, but if Konamis recent endevours dont spell imminent doom, what does ?
They botched up Castlevania, neglected pretty much all of their IPs, lost Kojima, cancelled Silent Hill.

They have literally nothing else going for them at this point.
They made a proper "Capcom / Sega" move, instead that those two still have a few straws to cling onto.



Einherjar commented on Treyarch Isn't Working on Call of Duty: Black ...:

@Darknyht Then again, lets take the PS4 for comparison, which packs a whoping 500 GB right from the get go...that is filled almost as fast as the DX WiiU model is, due to every game having a mandatory installation + huge update files.
My usual example: Diablo 3. Put the disc in and say bye to 50GB already.
Adding the fact that some games randomly tale a couple of high res screenshots and videos all the time, and even that HDD is quickly filled to the brim. WITHOUT the option to quickly hook up an external HDD or even transfer stuff from point A to point B (no HDD swap without wiping it)

The WiiUs solution might not be the best, but its far from the worst, as its HDD compatibility is the best option in the long run.
And with 32GB, you could easily support disc based games with plenty of DLC.



Einherjar commented on Treyarch Isn't Working on Call of Duty: Black ...:

@ToxieDogg Yes, but all of these games miss quite a lot of their DLC.
And lets face it, we live in a time, where developers first care about the DLC, THEN about the fact that the game runs properly.
Most recent examples ? AS Unity (PC) and Mortal Kombat X (PC).
Both games didnt run and both games first recieved a patch that fixed DLC issues, THEN they fixed the game.

So, for me, its rather hard to imagine devs would just say "nah, we dont need to release the stuff we make quite a lot of money with these days"

But yeah, its just a theory, a DLC theory ;)



Einherjar commented on Treyarch Isn't Working on Call of Duty: Black ...:

I literally couldnt care less to be honest.
Take your existing COD:Whatever copy for WiiU, scribble a new number on the cover and boom, youve got your new game.

Jokes aside, im not really surprised.
And lets be honest here, most WiiU owners arent really their target audience.

Also, correct me if im wrong here, but havent those obscure "not comming to WiiU" games all been rather DLC heavy ?
Lets take Resident Evil Revelations 2 as an example. The WiiU would have been THE prime console for it, since the first game has been a Nintendo exclusive for quite some time and therefore, already established its audience.
And yet, the Nintendo platform is the only one it didnt show up on. And its extremely DLC heavy (released in episodes)
The same with most other games, all leaving out much if not all of their DLC, all while many developers praised the eShop in general.

Could it be, that Nintendo has some sort of policy in place that rubs publishers the wrong way when it comes to DLC ? That they have a policy preventing stuff like DLC scamming, on disc DLC or something similar ?

Granted, its a random thought that crossed my mind and i could be heavily wrong here. But think of it, when did Assassins Creed stop comming to the WiiU ? When they introduced micro transactions instead of regular DLC scenarios like in AC3.
Arkham Origins ? Left out DLC. LEGO games ? No DLC.

All the while Nintendo games implement DLC in a rather unique way. The DLC data is recieved through update patches, you simply by licenses to use them on the eShop.

And DLC being the industries go to cash cow these days, youd think that this isnt something they want to omiss completely.

So could it actually be Nintendos DLC policy that keeps Devs / Publishers from turning their back towards the system ? Because they cant simply load it up with season passes and DLC packs ?



Einherjar commented on Natsume Suggests That Nintendo's Moving Away F...:

@Yorumi Ahh, the experts speaking again ;)
You know, youre not wrong. Its absolutely possible to simply "port" stuff over to a consoles OS.
And then you get to its hardware, which behaves quite a lot different.
Remember how long it took PSP hackers to unlock the PSPs full processing power ? Even with a custom firmware, it took them quite some time to get its hardware to do what they wanted it to do, even such a "simple" thing like a software limitation on the systems CPU.

Or take the Wii for instance. Another system that pretty much cracked wide open, with full access for modders and hackers.
The Wii has GameCube hardware build into it. And yet, if you want to run GC images, it has to be done via DiosMios, because even though they seemingly have full controll over the system and its OS, its impossible to trigger it to use the inbuild GC hardware to run GC image files natively.

Console Hardware and OSs are, more often then not, rather specific in what they can and cant do, even if you have full access to everything.
Such hardware bottlenecks are no issues on platforms like, say, the PC.
Quite the opposite.



Einherjar commented on New Super Smash Bros. Update Resolves Mewtwo B...:

To be fair, this whole thing, as stupid as it was, basically showed that they actually care about a cheater free online enviroment.
Better be too carefull then too careless, as long as issues like that are resolved quickly.



Einherjar commented on Nintendo Marketing Boss Says amiibo Expectatio...:

Dont "hope" it, freakin do it !
I get it that suddenly starting toy production takes quite a lot of effort. Getting partners to do so, making the molds, shipping them across the globe.
Granted, starting hicups are expected.

But Amiibos are basically sold out as soon as they are announced. Instead of lamenting that you should aim to do better, just double or triple the production,
Why ? Because you can quite clearly see, that those things WILL be bought. There is no real loss here.

Amiibos are a freakin goldmine. They appeal to an extremely wide audience, from long time Nintendo Fans cherishing the fact that they can stock their shelfes with amazing little figurines of their childhood heroes, to the crowd who basically wants them for their games all the way down to collectors and modders.

Saying that "some figures might be rarer boosts their appeal" is utter BS. It not only hurts their overall appeal, since many people wont start collecting them, if some figures are inaccessable form the get go, it also hambers the games using their featurs.

As much as i love Nintendos approach to PR, cutting out the middle man when it comes to press releases with their Directs, there deperately need to be another way to communicate from the consumer to the company.

"Vote with your wallet" is only possible, if the product in question is actually available. As a consumer, you can only show your appreciation through purchasing a product, if it is actually up for purchase.
So basically, the system is fundamentally broken.

Nintendo implemented teh feaure of anonymously collecting user data. So when which game is played for how long etc.
If this also takes external peripheral use into account, what is the message they are getting ? "Oh, no one uses Amiibos, maybe they dont want them" ?
If so, wakey wakey, people arent using Amiibos, becaus emost of them are impossible to find.

Is there seriously need for a large scale petition to announce "let us pay for your stuff already" ?



Einherjar commented on Natsume Suggests That Nintendo's Moving Away F...:

@XyVoX Holy moly, i start to sound like a parrot sigh
Android = open OS = not a dedicated gaming device = night and day yadda yadda.
It does make a huge difference if your device is equipped with multi purpose hardware and a somewhat open OS versus a games console with hardware especially catered towards its one and only purpose.



Einherjar commented on Natsume Suggests That Nintendo's Moving Away F...:

@liveswired Weird, mines properly running in 16:9 and all it took was a simple button press on my TV remote.

@PlywoodStick " paid software tech department"
There you have your answer. Personal cost working on getting Super FX up and running Vs Game income.
They dont have that "free time" to get a specific game up and running, its a business. They arent dedicated to a single project, like most emulator devs are.



Einherjar commented on Natsume Suggests That Nintendo's Moving Away F...:

@Dodger Learn a bit about emulation, look into the hassle that is getting these things to run properly (and i mean properly in a sense, that you can actually sell these games, because having to deal with emulation hicups is one thing if youre not paying for it) on a dedicated gaming mashine and then youll get your answer ;)



Einherjar commented on Natsume Suggests That Nintendo's Moving Away F...:

@EngieBengie You know what would be even smarter ?
Knowing that the people who are getting the WiiU VC games to run are actually Emulator programmers Nintendo took notice of ;)

And "stopping their pointless war with emulators" is probably the weirdest thing ive ever heard.
So, youd rather have them hand out their codes to emulator programmers, so even less people buy their consoles ?
Yeah, great idea for a console manufacturer ;) That would be a really smart idea.



Einherjar commented on Natsume Suggests That Nintendo's Moving Away F...:

"The publisher and Nintendo discuss which classic titles would be a good fit and have the best potential to sell."

"Hasent made a deal with Square, probably THE owner of the best selling, most wanted SNES titles around"

Yeah, sounds plausible....

@TeeJay There are no SNES titles on the 3DS what so ever. The Ambassador games were GBA ones, and even those used a loophole to run, nothing you could really sell, as it would probably have a hard time in QA.
SNES emulation is even more tricky then GBA emulation, due to the fact, that many games used hardware build into the cartridge and not into the system itself. Getting to run SNES emulation on a dedicated gaming console on a level, that the product is actually sellable is a feet in and of itself.

@Dreamcaster-X Of course the screen is smaller, the SNESs aspect ratio was standard 4:3, which a normal modern TV can render, the GBAs 3:2 has to be upscaled, ending up with a bigger picture.

And saying that SNES emulation on the WiiU is crappy is just BS. The WiiU emulates games pretty much spot on, even down to games using special chipsets. And the picture quality is above and beyond everything you could ever get out of an SNES on a modern TV.



Einherjar commented on Famitsu Unleashes Xenoblade Chronicles X Score:

Take into consideration that japan has way more JRPGs and therefore, are probably a bit saturated when it comes to this.
And so, games like the above mentioned Kid Icarus, a bold mixture of Hack & Slay / 3rd Person Shooter and on-rails flying shooter obviously does better just because its rather unique and fresh.

And i personally played a lot of "75"s that actually really blew me away. Thats why i never really go by the score anyways. I read reviews to pinpoint certain mechanics that i might or might not like.



Einherjar commented on Nintendo Download: 23rd April (Europe):

@Starwolf_UK Now that you mention it, youre right O.o
But now im even more curious, why they went the extra mile for some of these obscure games, and some of Nintendos most high profile titles were just released as the regular, non-localised versions over here.

Like Mario Power Tennis or Golden Sun. Both saw very well made localisations over here back in the day. Mario Power Tennis even featured localised voice clips, which is an absolute rarity, especially for handheld games. On the WiiU, they simply released the US versions, although im not aware that the GBA was still a console, where PAL and NTSC version differed in timing like they did on the NES.



Einherjar commented on Fan Ports Hideo Kojima's Cyberpunk Classic, Sn...:

@Stucazzo Well, theres always emulation if there is no other way to play it ;)
At least those are my ethical standards regarding emulation.
Support as much as you can, if you cant find the game anymore or are confronted with ridiculous prices, use it if those titles are old and out of print.



Einherjar commented on Poll: Would You Like Mario Kart 8 and Super Sm...:

From my perspective: Absolutely !
This is how DLC should be made. Make a game, give it a few months to breath, and THEN think of stuff you can add to give it second wind.
This way, you create games that stay interesting for a long long time.

But were talking about Nintendo here, where a single character for a fighting game, one that was previously on the roster even, takes several months to develop due to fine tuning, balancing etc.
And we all know that Sakurai in particular is on the brink of falling to pieces already.

As much as id love to see even more DLC, give these guys a break from time to time. DLC should not become a main focus and should instantly be dropped if a new game is in the works.
As a means of "having something to do during development cycles" sure, give it your all, but in my opinion, its not that necessary to distract from other, major titles.



Einherjar commented on Editorial: Why We Don't Plan to Provide Furthe...:

*Were not going to cover it, instead we cover that were not going to cover it" :P
Why not just ignore the whole thing instead ?
But nevertheless, kudos for doing the right thing ;)

@TreonsRealm Exactly that !
When that topic comes up, i like to remember people of Nintendos utter failures like the N64 and the GameCube. You know, the consoles most sought after when it comes to the VC, the two consoles with the most "Best games of all time" on them.
And its likely going to be the same. Examine its librarys meta score. The WiiU exclusives are (among) the best rated games of all three platforms.
When i hear people whine about it, i just remember that its the internet and then everything is clear again, it wouldnt be the internet, if people wouldnt whine about everything.



Einherjar commented on Xenoblade Chronicles X Will Use Downloadable D...:

@Henmii I dont think its due to the game crashing. If anything, acessing data from two different locations would casue some problems, and i doubt that they are offering the "one time opportunity to turn your game into a broken mess today !" :P
Thats Ubis job.

My best guess is that Nintendo themself came up with the idea to offer several install packs instead of one with people in mind which dont own a HDD, so they can eliminate the load times that bothers them the most.

And, you know, when has Nintendo done something the conventional way ? ;)



Einherjar commented on Nintendo Working on Patch for Mewtwo Glitch Th...:

Thats what happens if DLC is integrated into a game that probably was never meant for DLC in the first place ;)
As long as it does affect those who got Mewtwo "for free" its, in my opinion, not THAT big of a deal. It would be a bigger problem if people would be locked out of their purchased content.

But i sure hope that the fix will arrive rather quickly nevertheless.



Einherjar commented on Guide: Improve Your Wii U's External Hard Driv...:

@bro2dragons Well, normally, running a game doesnt require the system to meddle with the games actual files. And since save files are seperate from the actual games files, i find it rather odd that your actual game files, and not just the save is corrupted, because thats what normally happens.

Just a "last resort" kinda idea: Is your HDD filled beyond your WiiUs capacity ? If not, try to move everything BUT Runner2 to your system (maybe even just the save files, i dont know if that works though, never really dealt with it)
That way, youre able to wipe your HDD without loosing any more importnt data.
Because trust me, corrupted data is a huge hazard in the long run.
And yes, it takes bloody ages :/ Better have your 3DS charged for that operation.

Or maybe someone who has done a HDD to HDD transfer can help out here: Can you only "carbon copy" the whole HDD, oder are you able to transfer data individually ?
If the latter is possible, you might get your hands on a second HDD (maybe a friend got an unused one lying around which you can lend) and do it that way.
All you need is a way to isolate everything else from the corruption.



Einherjar commented on Guide: Improve Your Wii U's External Hard Driv...:

Also, is there Info out there if this feature was added recently or if it was always there ?
Because if it was added recenty, it might be hidden because its "experimental". Nintendo has a habit of implementing hidden features that get integrated into the main OS a little later.



Einherjar commented on Guide: Improve Your Wii U's External Hard Driv...:

@bro2dragons Just out of curiosity, how exactly did that happen ?
Because the system is on during the DL process, turns on in the case you move something (turns on in File Management) and turns on for update purposes.
Im asking because the safe file is independant from the game files and once the game is loaded, the system shouldnt be messing with any game files anymore, sleep mode or not.



Einherjar commented on Guide: Improve Your Wii U's External Hard Driv...:

I thought that this was a HDD controlled feature, and that the WiiU OS had nothing to do about it.
Thanks for the headup on this one, MUCH appreaciated !

The following Scenario:
Youre playing a VC game. Usually, VC games get loaded completely into the system RAM.
Therefore, the system doesnt access the drive anymore which sends it into sleepmode.
Now, you finished your play session and turn your system off.
Remember what happens to data stored in a systems RAM on shutdown ? Exactly, the RAM gets wiped. Where are your games save files ? You guessed it, on your systems RAM.
If your drive isnt fast enough to turn on JUST before the system shuts off, your save files will not be written onto your HDD. Happened to me more often then i can whish for.
What that meant was: Exiting the game via the home menu, waiting for the HDD to wake up, wait for it to stop writing THEN turn the system off, just to be sure.
There, theres the "importance" about this ;)



Einherjar commented on Citizens of Earth Update Halves Wii U Load Tim...:

@alex167 The game STILL freezes ?
That would be a bloody shame, they had more then enough time to iron out any problems, had loads and loads of feedback.
If it still doesnt work, i encourage anyone to just get something else.

The game is fantastic, dont get me wrong, but all its issues make it borderline unplayable, since its freezes and crashes are completely unpredictable, that you cant even use any workaround.



Einherjar commented on Citizens of Earth Update Halves Wii U Load Tim...:

That....was about freakin time.
What took them so long to get this gem working properly ?
I sounded like a lunatic, going around, recommending this game to everyone with the warning NOT to get it :P

But at least its here now.



Einherjar commented on Sales Fall Away in Japan as Xenoblade Chronicl...:

Also keep in mind that japanese people got the Wii version way earlier then anyone else, so they probably played the goomba out of it already :P
The game is a direct port without any major bells and whistles.
More of a proof od concept for the N3DS more then anything else.

For such an old game to hold itself in the top then isnt all that bad.



Einherjar commented on Nintendo of Japan Confirms the Tracks in the U...:

Wait a minute:
That cross-ribbon part from Big-Blue looks a LOT like fact, the majority of the course looks rather similar, except for teh watery roads.
I somehow expected more tubing to be honest...weird



Einherjar commented on Video: Xenoblade Chronicles X May Have Been Su...:

To be fair, this could very well be part of the whole "Data Pack" thing.
To safe Disc Access time, certain features arent streamed in real time off of the disc. Those could be higher Res textures, enviromental graphics like grass etc.

Also, this hasent been the first time and will certainly not be the last.
And theres actually a reason behind all this.
Lets take the lates Uncharted 4 footage, as the graphical differences were much more noticable then those here.

You see, the teaser footage actually ran on the original PS4 Hardware, and the system was more then capable of rendering it that way.
What most people forget at this point is, that the demo footage only had that one scene in it.
A finite number of enteties, a predetermined camera route, no ingame calculation going on at the time, you get the idea.
Its not really misleading, this IS the capability of this engine under THESE circumstances.
Now you have the full game. Sure, the same cutscene plays, but it looks less pretty. Thats why the system has to prepare everything thats comming AFTER said cutscene in the background.
Entety placement, AI routines, preload textures, filters, lighting, prepare the physics engines and all that jazz.

Those things arent all in place when the first teaser trailers hit. And often, you will only notice that a system cant handle a certain level of fidelity during actual playtesting.

Maybe the datastreaming cant keep up, maybe a certain filter produces errors when used during actual gameplay scenes. Its natural.
Guess why Nintendo changed their ways to only presenting a new game when its actually rather close to being finished ? To avoid exactly that.

Another good example for things like that come from the PS2 era.
Ever noticed that games like Metal Gear Solid and Kingdoms Hearts use different character models for cutscenes ? Much more noticable in KH.
Because in a cutscene, you have way more controll over how much power your scene will ask from the console.
They could use much higher polygon models, the lighting was better, characters had facial animation etc.

And to those "WiiU games look crap" folks:
Why not go over to ? The graphics are way nicer over there...if you like your PS3 Re-Releases to look nicer that is :P



Einherjar commented on Super Doomed'n Damned to Channel Retro Capcom ...:

That teaser looked...surprisingly dull...
I wonder how that brainstorming went...
Boss: "Ok guys, how about an action platformer with a hint of nostalgia. Graphics shouldnt be the main focus. Maybe inspired by or a sequel to one of our IPs"
Dev A: "How about MegaM..."
Dev B: "SUPER DOOMED AND DAMNED !!!! It has everything, curses in the title, tacky cardboard looking mobile phone graphics, overly simplistic gameplay and artwork inspired by the most uncreative Deviant Art high fantasy pictures ! This will be in instant HIT !!!
TV shows, comic books, merchendesign, sequels upon sequels."