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Einherjar commented on Talking Point: Raw Power Isn't Vital to Ninten...:

Power was NEVER vital to a consoles sucess.
Lets start at the N64 / PS1 / Saturn era, when the technical arms race actually began:

From a raw hardware standpoint, the N64 was more powerfull and versitile then both, the Saturn and the PS1, but was the least successfull.
The PS1 and Saturn both complemented each other.
The Saturn excelled at 2D graphics like no other system and the PS1 had the far better 3D processor. The PS1 won the generation.

The Dreamcast, the Link between generations lost completely, taking sega as a console manufacturer with it. It was far more powerfull then any other system on the market at that point.

GC / PS2 / Xbox era:
The Xbox was by far the most powerfull console in this generation...and in last place. The GameCube, being more powerfull then the PS2, still lost to it.
The PS2 won this gen with flying colors.

Wii / PS3 / 360:
The PS3, being far ahead of its competitors in terms of hardware, never reache dits full potential and had a really rough start. Its spotlight stolen by its technically inferior competitor, the 360. Both were pretty much head to head at the end of their lifetime. The Wii on the other hand, technically still a last gen console, was the overall winner of this gen, at least financially.

So one could say, that the it actually was the least technically advanced system that won each generation.

But times have changed drastically since then. People are more obsessed with techno babble then ever before. Its not a consoles exclusive lineup that counts, its the raw horsepower, if its used or not doesnt even matter.

Just look at the current gen and the above mentioned "The Order". An attrocious game, as bogstandard as it can be, but its pretty, so its "better then the rest" Pretty much everything exclusive to the PS4 can be described as "bogstandard at best" and yet, the console sold like hot buns.

If a console sells or not is all down to PR and the brand name. Nothing more. And believe me, Nintendo could make SkyNet - the console and people would still shun them away for being "Nintendo". and not MicroSony



Einherjar commented on Keiji Inafune's RED Ash: The Indelible Legend ...:

@ekreig But can Silent Hill finish a story left on a cliffhanger by Resident Evil ?
Crude example aside, but people asked for a MegaMan Legends 3 because Its Story wasnt finished. Its a trilogy that never happened.
The gameplay of this series itself is nothing to really write home about.

Its the same as saying FAST will continue F-Zeroes legacy. Even IF its on par, it wont make the original obsolete. And thats how i feel about all these "new" comcept games.

They are riding on a wave of nostalgia and produce lackluster games that sell because they look like the stuff youve been waiting for through rose tinted glasses.



Einherjar commented on Keiji Inafune's RED Ash: The Indelible Legend ...:

So, Inafune just makes a living out of other peoples nostalgia by repainting old Capcom IPs ?
Sorry, but that just rubs me the wrong way.

And to be honest, nothing Comcept did so far was spectacular, it was meh at best. Ill pass.

Id much prefer a teamup of Nintendo, Capcom and Platinum for a real MegaMan game.



Einherjar commented on Rumour: Nintendo NX Won't Be As Powerful As Pl...:

The PS4, just like the PS3 before that, has more hardware power than it can use. The PS3 never even came close to reaching its full potential.

That said, i dont think its wise to underwhelm in the hardware department again. Not that its needed, for all i care, the WiiU delivered some of the best games this generation. but it would shut up those critics.

Then again, if you want to interpret a little more into that sentence:
Not competing with something / somebody is also possible, if they dont pose any threat, if you simply outclass them or, if you just dont care.

But we know nothing of the system, its just rumor pushing at this point.



Einherjar commented on Hands On: Blast Ball Brings Crude Button Mashi...:

@TSB Lets be fair here. 06 and Boom were terrible games because they didnt work on a technical level.
If 06 would have been playable and polished properly, it could very well have been the best 3D Sonic game since.
Boom would at least be a mediocre game.

At in their current state, they are just data garbage.

OtherM was an excellent game that was dragged down by a poor story in a series, that never even had one in the first place.

A fair comparison would be Sonic Heroes and Shadow the Hedgehog.
The former being an excellent game, often forgotten and dragged down a little by poor design choices here and there.
The latter, still being playable and even fun at times, is a coincept so ridiculous, that no one woudl miss it if it went missing over night.



Einherjar commented on F-Zero 'Spiritual Successor' Kickstarter Makes...:

Yup, hit every trap there is.
And honestly, stuff like this cant even be excused by being inexperienced.

You cant sell games by showing screenshots of copyrighted stuff that wont even be in the final game.
Thats not amateaurish, thats stupid.

Good riddance.



Einherjar commented on Bill Trinen Will Compete at Evo 2015 as a Supe...:

Im still a bit baffled that people actually debate that "these guys cant even play the games they make" compared to people who spend their entire time perfecting it and train for these tournaments specifically.

And those arguments about "it looked like he never even played it" well, maybe he hasnt, who known. Reggie certainly has quite a lot of other, more important things to do then to train for competetive Smash play.



Einherjar commented on Keiji Inafune Teases Possible Mega Man Legends...:

Sorry, but nope. Its as much "MegaMan" as Mighty No.9

And you know, its not the game itself why people want Legends 3 so desperately, its because the story endet on a cliffhanger.
How are you supposed to close that storyline, if youre not aloowed to use the original characters ?

@GMB-001 Uhm....yes he did. He created the character art and design we know today and was lead concept designer on pretty much every MegaMan series.



Einherjar commented on Nintendo Has No Plans For amiibo Support In Th...:

Yup, there would be nothing worse then Wmiibo locked costumes that are mandatory to progress the main and / or sub routes of the game.
Even with SPlatoon, a majority of single player content was locked away and many people cant pay it because Amiibos arent available.

If the Amiibo situation was different, id say go for it, make themed costume for all Amiibos, but not right now.

What Nintendo should do is make a poll. People check Amiibos theyve got, and say why they didnt get the other ones. Demand controll.

Yesterday our local electronics store recieved 30 Dededes and Shulks each...they were gone half an hour later...



Einherjar commented on Cypronia to Offer Future Release for Free as C...:

Seriously, to everyone who played this game AND Minecraft:
Is it really worth it for someone owning Minecraft on pretty much every device its available on ?

But i have to admit, i was wrong. The dev delivered, is very enthusiastic about the game and it seems to go rather well.

Kudos to Cryponia, shame on me ;)



Einherjar commented on First Impressions: Digging Up Details on Harve...:

@DrDingus Context controlls belong in P&C Adventure games and nowhere else in my opinion.
For me, the "perfect" Harvest Moon experience would be a mix of Animal Parade, Sunshine Island and A New Beginning, with a slight hint of Rune Factory coated in a thick layer of Back to Nature.

Animal Parade as a whole was a very pleasant experience. Its gameplay wasnt overloaded, but it had severe pacing issues.
Sunshine Island had a very interesting water / sunlight mechanic.
But it was hell if you didnt have photographic memory to exactly calculate water / sunlight levels for each and every plant.
With proper icons floating above plants, this could turn into something rather deep.
A New Beginning speaks for itself. The customization and crafting was a sight to beholf for HM fans. Such a great game that could have benefittet from faster pacing.
Rune Factorys most motivating feature is its ridiculous character levels. In later games, you can level up pretty much everything, from sleeping to talking. Over the top ? Absolulety, but extremely motivating in the long run and in between things to do.

Back to Nature was and probably will ever be one of the most "complete" HM experiences. A very solid game, content rich, well executed, perfectly paced. Just a really really good game, although a bit basic compared to more modern ones.

And in regards to its graphics. Those screenshots are more then enough to say that honestly. There is literally no artistic value in them. Basic assets slapped together in a rather amateurish fashion.
You can tell by teh way the tiles are placed. Just google "RPG Maker" and youll know what i mean.



Einherjar commented on ​Shigeru Miyamoto Defends Star Fox Zero's Co...:

@Mr_Zurkon Sadly, i never played those (shame on me).
Im just not a big fan of their mech designs. I much prefer humanoid designs over these chicken tanks and thats what kept me away from the series.

But yeah, i know of its complex controll schemes ;)
How about Steel Batallion ? Might take a while to get used to this one :P



Einherjar commented on First Impressions: Digging Up Details on Harve...:

@AVahne Sunshine Island ?

It looks flat out horrible.
Its this inevitable look when you try to reproduce 16 bit assets on modern engines with high resultions. It just looks cheap.
And that level design reminds me of some really early RPG Maker maps.

The thing is, Harvest Moon games were never all that beautiful, but they had a certain charme to them. For me, that is kinda lost in zoomed out and empty maps randomly littered with assets.

Oh well, its down to gameplay alone to keep this boat afloat.



Einherjar commented on ​Shigeru Miyamoto Defends Star Fox Zero's Co...:

@Samuel-Flutter Yup, same here. Drawing the shapes with the stick, the controlls are as complicated as a fighting game.
You know what to do, now its just doing it properly and in time.

Its definitly hard, no question, but its absolutely doable with a little training and will.
And ill never understand people not investing time to learn a game properly. Why do i even bother to play games then, if im only willing to play games that either all controll the same or are basically playing themselfes ?

For me, getting a hang of a games controll scheme, its mechanics and physics is part of the experiece.



Einherjar commented on ​Shigeru Miyamoto Defends Star Fox Zero's Co...:

@Boxmonkey Im pretty much the opposite. I cant finish a Souls game even if my life depends on it, but i platinumed pretty much all of W101.
W101 had teh exact same controll scheme Bayonetta did. The only difference is the formation feature.
You need to be able to draw whatever you need inbetween combos.
Most of the basic stuff is easily done with the right analog stick.
The sword formation for instance is just a straight line, and its the bare minimum you need to finish the game.

Most people i talked to had problems with the games controll scheme becaus ethey expected it to play differently. They couldnt wrapt their heads around the fact that, although you basically controll 100 characters at the same time, youre just playing a game like Bayonetta or Devil May Cry with a gestures based weapon switch function.

The Souls series doesnt have difficult controlls, it has difficult mechanics. Its about frame timing etc. Button mapping and control schemes are basic hack & slay basics.



Einherjar commented on ​Shigeru Miyamoto Defends Star Fox Zero's Co...:

Ive played a fair share of games with overly complicated controllschemes in my days:
Armored Core for instance, with camera controlls mapped to all four shoulder buttons, the original "I am Bread"
Project Slypheed, where every button had at least 3-4 different funktions. A whole macro keyboard at the palm of your hands.

And many others. Controll schemes are an obstacle, but not a brick wall.
All they have to do is work properly, the rest is just a learning process.
Remember when people claimed that Wonderful 101 was unplayable due to its controlls ?



Einherjar commented on Veterans Of 3DS Title Xeodrifter Will Get The ...:

@Volmun Thats actually pretty true. There are a lot of games that arrived late in the EU that completely lost their drive.
Codename S.T.E.A.M. for instance. Really good hype for a new IP, arrived late in the EU and, well, the hype was already gone.
And of course, its the mentality of "Oh, they already got it and we dont ? Well, i guess we wont get it then" and people just forget about it like myself.

So, either get a new hype going, like Yacht Club did with SHovelknight and their surprise Direct appearance or release games as close to each other as possible.



Einherjar commented on Veterans Of 3DS Title Xeodrifter Will Get The ...:

European here. I had no idea it was already available. It must have been launched with something else that completely stole its show. I really like their games and would have invested in it sooner.
And a 10er is an absolutely ok price. Everything below that that is not on sale sounds my bargain bin alarm.

Im usually ok with:
5-10 for small digital games
20-30 for major digital releases
40-60 for major retail releases

Everything below that for a quality game is just theft in my book.

For me, i just had no idea the game was already out. With Renegade Kid in general, i dont really expect any EU releases anymore, thats why Xenodrifter wasnt even on my radar.



Einherjar commented on Interview: Warren Spector Discusses Game Choic...:

@Mr_Zurkon Human Revolution is pretty much a prequel, but less story wise and more overarching lore wise.
Its the beginning of mainstream augmentations and its getting its own sequel soon. Not to mention that these games are much younger, thus, a fair bit more accessable.

As a newcomer to both the series and maybe even the stealth genre, i too would recommend the WiiU version. It comes with a stretegy guide (acessable in game, not a booklet) and a super handy map on the gamepad. And on a technical level, its on par with every other version (minus the PC, as always)

So plunge right into Human Revolution :) But be sure to check out the original, just to see what the craze is all about ;)



Einherjar commented on Nintendo Reportedly Pitched NX To Third Partie...:

Its a Nintendo console. It could rival SkyNet in terms of technical premise and publisher would still come up with ways to shun away from them.

There is just not enough bribing and advert money in them as it is in Sony / MS.



Einherjar commented on Working On F-Zero Wouldn't Have Been My Idea O...:

Well, then it a good thing that it never happens.
There is nothing worse then a game made by people who didnt want to do it in the first place.

@dizzy_boy As long as they made THEIR games, they fared pretty well under EA. At this time, EA was bad already, but didnt mess too much with their subdivisions ideas.

@Ichiban Yeah, Miyamoto made X and GX WAY too easy and slow. Especially GX. Sorry buddy, but Sega made one of the most hardcore racing games ive ever played, even with Nintendo breathing down their necks.



Einherjar commented on Titan Tank Rumble Is "Twisted Metal Meets N64-...:

@WaveBoy Its a matter of taste really, there are probably people who like it.
The main problem i have with this artstyle is, that there is no overarching artistic theme.
Just look at the cast: Two anthros, one centurio, Shiva and two woman that...dont really represent anything whatsoever. Maybe a sorta native american style ?

And above all else...why tanks ? Vehicle combat games rise and fall by their creativity. For me, its cars strapped with ridiculous impossible weaponary, gokarts throwing turtle shells. A Tank is...well...already a combat vehicle.
So you have a cast of impossible creatures driving very possible vehicles.



Einherjar commented on Keiji Inafune Would Still Be Interested in Mak...:

@BLPs Well, after playing that demo blind (literally blind, long story) you better be prepared for a huge chunk of luke warm disappointment.
If you want an RPG with huge, open fields, go with both Xenoblades. Because thats what this games trying to be, expect without any combat system.



Einherjar commented on Keiji Inafune Would Still Be Interested in Mak...:

@BLPs I havent checked the demo since the patch. Honestly, for it to become a competent game, it need more then a patch, it needs a new game.
I mean come on...hold one button to become invincible and another to continuously attack ? What is this, a mobile game ?
And yes, THAT took 9 years. 9 years of work for a game, that plays itself even more then FF XIII does.

@KillScottKill For a shill project, it sure did its best to attract a LOT of bachlash. Ive seen and talked to more people turned off by Mighty No.9 then the opposite.
The mediocre looking game itself, the cartoon shenanigans, e-begging, the PR catastrophy with their community manager.
They pretty much messed up everything they could.



Einherjar commented on Keiji Inafune Would Still Be Interested in Mak...:

@BLPs Yeah, they too have a really bad habbit about that.
And just wait for it, FF7 will take so long, it will be renamed to "Final Fantasy XVI - Final Fantasy VII-2 Remastered Edition EX Plus Alpha Arcade"

And the worst thing about all that....their games arent even that good. Since FF XII, shich is already debatable, everything theyve put out was a stinker.
And even the fantastic Bravely Default had to be loaded with F2P like mechanics... Say goodbye to those bonus bosses when SE decides to turn off their servers...

Ill stick with their classics and dont really care about any new FF games. XIII turned me off from the series, XVs demo sealed the deal with its non existant battle system.



Einherjar commented on Keiji Inafune Would Still Be Interested in Mak...:

@Tsurii It would be interesting, but i hardly doubt that. Legends being somewhat of an RPG, writing this plot would take quite a lot of effort, something i dont expect from Capcom or their partners these days.

The Legends Lore is one of the most complex in the MegaMan frenchise.

My best guess for the upcomming cartoon ? BluRay releases of the ruby spears one. As remastered editions...."Oh, the "new" cartoon thing was a mistranslation, we never said that, im honest". Something like that.



Einherjar commented on Keiji Inafune Would Still Be Interested in Mak...:

@Gorlokk For PS4, XBOne and iOS, wait for it...

In all seriousness though, how about you finish your current projects first Mr. Inafune ?
Youre currently not really known to deliver but more famous for being a bag of hot air.

Also, if that project had to be done by someone other then Capcom, hand it over to Platinum. They may not be known for any type of RPG / Dungeon Crawler / Adventure but they sure know how to pull off action games AND to save abandonned projects (MGS Rising Revengence).

And honestly, id be glad if they would at least release the official story draft or something. If they dont want to make a game off of it, at least officially close the story. Or maybe make a Manga / Comic out of it.



Einherjar commented on Take More Risks With Your eShop Purchases, Ple...:

I gravitate towards stuff i can afford, and since that is not on a "give me everything on the menu" basis, i tend to go for titles i know i will enjoy.

Taking risks is one thing, having enough money to do that is another.



Einherjar commented on Nintendo Is A Slave To Its Past Success, Says...:

@Mr_Zurkon Dont tell me.
I too own all of their systems. Had to repair my PS4 half a year after purchase, had a 2 hour call with customer service because a cross buy article wasnt available on all platforms for me, constant PSN issues, untrustworthy server security...

Sony is the pinacle when it comes to "we respect our customers, we just dont really care that much about them"
They are not anti-consumer, but lets put it that way:
Nintendo is the one that carries a fire extinguisher everywhere they go, safety first even though it slows them down.
Sony wouldnt start a fire, but should you catch it, they wont raise a finger to extinguish it and MS goes out of their way to set you on fire whenever they are not stopped by others.



Einherjar commented on Nintendo Is A Slave To Its Past Success, Says...:

@Mr_Zurkon Pretty much everything Sony does is smoke and mirrors trickery.
Just look back to the PS4 / One reveals. Sony won by doing absolutely nothing...and got praised like the second comming.

But thats the current state of affairs in the gaming world.
Take Sony announcment with a grain of salt, look for fineprint in everything Microsoft says and dont try to understand Nintendos way of doing things, just roll with it.

Overall, Nintendo is the most fair and consumer friendly, then comes Sony, the most relyable in terms of software, but with incompetent services and last is Microsoft, shady deals, mostly anti consumer and untrustworthy.



Einherjar commented on Nintendo Is A Slave To Its Past Success, Says...:

@Chris720 Believe it or not, but shenanigans like preorder bonuses drives more consumers away then it attracts them.
Just be glad that Nintendo isnt among those who abuse stuff like that, their collectors editions are already almost impossible to find.

And they dont need to buy out studios, they simply need partnership contracts. Buying out a studio isnt all that good for their morale, at least not as long as they offered a fusion themselfes.

For examples, look at Platinum. Sega hired them for 3 games in a fixed amount of time. The first one, Bayonetta was a blessing, the second title, Vanquish, still incredibly good, was less impressive. The third title, Anarchy Reigns, spiritual successor to Mad World, had "we are sick of this, lets get it over with" written all over it.
Or Monolith history. Contract with square, they pulled manpower and funding away from them (Xenogears) to make FF8. Under Namco, they worked on Xenosaga and they let them hanging with part 2, turning it into the black sheep of the series.
So no matter where these devs where under contract, their quality was inconsistant. Heck, look at Rare.

But under Nintendos wings, they are performing at peak performance all the way through. Bayonetta 2 surpassed its predecessor, Xenoblade was a technical marvel, X looks even better. And Rare dethroned Nintendo at their own game.

So they dont need to buy them out, most of them stay at their own will. Which results in far far better products.
If you want to see quality inconsistancies by forced labour and fatique, look no further then Sonic Team.

Putting out too much of the same wears studios down. The balance between too much and too little is very thing. But so far, yes, Nintendo slipped onto the too little side a little too often.



Einherjar commented on Nintendo Is A Slave To Its Past Success, Says...:

@Chris720 Well, to be fair, even Mario games (the main ones) are limited to one, maybe two titles per console.
On the WiiU, we have one 2D and one 3D game. Both platformerns, yet vastly different.

And its ok for them to be a mainstay IP on each platform, its what theyre known for. Keep that going.

But youre absolutely right in that there are so many other legendary IPs just lying around, doing nothing at all.
Truth be told, you cant make all of them in a consoles lifespan. Nintendo is among the few devs that actually take more then a year to develop a game.

Now take an average console lifespan of 5 years and see how many projects that would be parallel. Its not possible, at least not if they want to uphold their quality standards, which is one of their strong points.

And thats where brand deals come into play. The plethora of Zelda handheld games ? Made by non other then Capcom.
Metroid Prime and Donkey Kong ? Retro. Recent Kirby and Yoshi outings ? FeelGood.

Sure, Sega showed that handing an IP to another dev can be devestating. But you can read whatever dev interview you want, Nintendo always had a very very close eye on them and made the right decisions to turn it into masterpieces.

This is the comfort zone Nintendo needs to come out of.
Lets face it, if Nintendo strikes a pertnership contract here and there, they wont even need biased 3rd Party support as they could simply overrun competition with quality first party titles, something the competition starts to lack. And in regards to 3rd Party software, they are scratching each others eyes out already about concole exclusive DLC deals etc.
You cant win this console war with quality, you have to win it with money.
And if you dont want to mess with stupid stuff like that, win it by offering a big library of games nowhere else to be found.
Just show the true meaning of exclusive software, they should be the reason to pick one console over the other anyways.

But enough rambling, fact is, the stuff Nintendo delivers plays in its own league. But its not reaching their full fanbase and thus, nowhere near their portfolios full potential.



Einherjar commented on Nintendo Is A Slave To Its Past Success, Says...:

@theplotlessplot Well, the switch to the NX was inevitable. And come to think of it, its roughly 4 years now.
Just think of it like that:
The WiiU had a horrible start, which costed it a lot of momentum to esteblish itself on the market.
In the eyes of critics, teh WiiU is also long dead and there is seemingly no way to change that, no matter what kinds of successes it produces.

So its not all that stupid to cut it early and focus on the next system to ensure that this thing will have a much more glorious start.
And if you like conspiracy theories:
What is the general perception of Nintendo ? That they, no matter what, cant compete with MS and Sony. So much so, that they arent even seen as a competitor.
So, imagine what might happen if the NX turns out to be a system, that blows both the PS4 and the One right out of the water while MS and Sony expected it the least ?
It would put them into peer pressure, would force them to pick up the pace wich could lead them to make errors.
Microsoft did it with kinekt, they wanted to ride the Wiis wave and sunk like an anker. And the one isnt doing all that well either.
Sony lost the handheld battle, by endangering their home console could also put them into a disadvantage.

All kinds of things could happen if the NX redeems everything that went wrong with the WiiU. Yes, its sad to see the WiiU, which i love dearly, die like this. But from a company perspective, its the better way to go.

Lets just file the WiiU under "Dreamcast Chapter 2". A glorious system overlooked by way too many people.



Einherjar commented on Nintendo Is A Slave To Its Past Success, Says...:

@theplotlessplot Not at all, as the "toys 2 life" market is literally booming right now. They couldnt have made a better decision.
How they handled it is a whole other can of worms though.

And its not all about raw manpower. They surely can put out several games every quarter year, but there is only one Sakural, only one Miyamoto, only one Aonuma.
And if you work them to death, they will lose their artistic vision faster then you can say fuzzy pickles.

Its about proper spacing between releases, tackling the right release at the right time. Just look at Animal Crossing Party. A Proper Animal Crossing could have been the literal chillout lounge for Splatoon.
People play online sessions in splatoon, meet people online and go hang out in AC and talk about the match while fishing,

The right game at the right time for the right audience, and thats Nintendos biggest problem. They seem to miss that target.



Einherjar commented on Nintendo Is A Slave To Its Past Success, Says...:

Yup, listen to the Memebox man with his Boredermeme games.
Oh, did i forget to mention that these people are also backstabbing "things i may not mention here" ?

In all seriousness, yes, we all know that nintendo is the only major gaming company today that still makes games like they made them back then.
And guess what ? Thats not even a bad thing.

Thats why Nintendo still has known mascots. And thats a good thing too.
Its the old "actor" scheme. Mario is just a setpiece in many many different games of many different genres. And dont forget all Nintendos other well known frenchises.

The only thing that Nintendo is truely "guilty" of, is not reaching full potential with the assets at hand. Im not talking about going the Ubi route and start mass producing games, but there is so much wasted potential over the years,

Think of it, many of their titles are still considered the best of their genre; Platformers, Funracers, Action-Adventures and yet, they seem to not want to replicate that.
F-Zero is missed, it could set a new bar and tell sonys Wipeout to go F itself, Starfox was long overdue to strike that arcade itch, Metroid could have shown how a real action adventure looked like, Mario Sports games are way late, they could have profited off of online play.
A 10 people Mario Strikers ? Hell yes !

And all of that with kown IPs, known assets. Skip the concept phase, go right into planning mode. Thats almost a years worth of work skipped due to established Lore, Character design etc.
And people love it ! Thats the thing, its not like F-Zero, Metroid or STarFox are reaching saturation points anytime soon.
And yet, they simply wont go for it.

The major problem with all the "New IP" yapping is, that the old ones are so darn sought after. Just hear people moan about Metroid and F-Zero all day. They dont NEED new IPs, but they also dont do the old ones justice...

Thats like having a whole field of money trees in your backyard, but youre not interested in harvesting them...



Einherjar commented on First Impressions: Our Maiden Flight In Star F...:

@Kirk Also, that would mean that a GC game running at 60 frames would run at 240 on the WiiU -.-
I think the only time someone mentioned 120fps was in Shin`ens puzzle game on the WiiU. The graphics engine ran at 60 frames, but the physics engine ran 2 checks per frame, thus technically calculated with 120 FPS.

But thats comparing apples to oranges.



Einherjar commented on First Impressions: Our Maiden Flight In Star F...:

@Dpishere I just played Assault for old times sake and...well...compared to it, Zero looks more like Armada, which is everything but good.
And trust me, im no graphics junkie either.
But its very noticable, just like Federation Force looks, technically, like a DS game.
Im not sure if they had to resort to early development footage to show anything at all, or if Nintendo just went and said "well, who needs graphics anyways"

Especially sad if you look at the gorgeous titles nintendo just recently brought out.



Einherjar commented on Next Metroid Prime Home Console Title "Would L...:

@manu0 Basically...nothing i guess. Or its so secret, that they are clueless themselfes...
Or they are working on a 3DS port of Tropical Freeze...sigh

But yeah, i think we can conclude, that the upcomming lineup of games that we know of is the WiiUs swansong.
Everything starting now will be moved to the NX, and im also pretty sure that ZeldaU will be the next twilight princess, meaning a bridging title between generations.

@andreoni79 All these peopel are working on other great projects, like Animal Crossing U and F-Zero UX and Pokemon and...oh...nevermind....



Einherjar commented on Talking Point: Metroid Prime: Federation Force...:

To put my perspective in a couple of short sentences:

  • Disappointment is understandable, the reaction is, on the other hand, completely idiotic.
  • Entitlement isnt a bad thing by default, we are the ones who pay them afterall. What the Fanbase wished for was clear for several years, they didnt deliver, they cant expect fans to be pleased
  • Nintendo is as much an idiot as the fanbase is at the moment, for different reasons.
  • Cancelation ? Absolutely not. Sole representation of the franchise ? Likewise, no. There needs to be a tad more after all these years or at least a clear statement in regards to "not comming" or "in the works"

@RantingThespian Thats a surprisingly accurate analogy there. And sadly, it holds true for pretty much every game shown on the show.
AC fans get Mario Party, Paper Mario fans get Mario&Luigi (both RPGs with drastically different mechanics and gameplay focus), Metroid Fans get...well, a Co-Op shooter with a Soccer minigame. I dont even know what to compare it too.

Those might not even be bad games per se, but its just that they completely miss their target audience.



Einherjar commented on Metroid Prime Producer Wants to Make Another S...:

@Shiryu A proper direct would certainly help calm down this pitchfork wielding internet mob. Heck, even our Kaze lost his cool completely, and that is saying something.

The whole presentation also lacked a parting trinket. Something "available right after the show", be it a handfull of VC games, or even small games like SNES Remix, something to act as a pacifier so to speak.

Just imagine how the reactions would have been, if they would have kicked off GC VC with, say Sunshine and Luigis Mansion (+GC Controller adapter support). Nobody would have had time to even think about complaining.
Just something to save their hide, to redeem themself.

I dont know who it was who said it, but think of it:
All these direct over the year take a lot of steam out of conferences like the E3. Add to that, that Nintendo rarely announces games yeas before release anymore. Even more reason for them to give out something at this point.
Heck, even the thursday schedule is pretty barren, which led me to believe that they have something special in stock (like its usually the case)

Also, thanks for the get well wishes ;) It will be gone once it rains again...hopefully :P



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@Shiryu Misspelled ? Where ? I dont see anything :P sneaks away
Severe case of heyfever today, i look like Slippy !

But yeah, the game itself is certainly not to blame for all this ruckus. It was a bad mix of wrong time, wrong place and too few infos.
Putting a long awaited title in a demo reel and highlighting a Yoshi game that has already been highlighted till the cows go moo didnt really help it.

Lets hope for the best ;)