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Einherjar commented on Cabbage Is The Dream Nintendo Game That Never Was:

@MrMario02 Come to think of it, the WiiU would actually be a really cool platform for something like that (IF you have a high tamagotchi tollerance):

Those pesky advertisements that randomly pop up and tell you about hot and new eShop titles a week after you got em ?
How about the gamepad turns on whenever something interesting happens in your "tamagotchi" game ?
The console is already regularly booting into "lets look for updates online, shall we ?" mode, it could just as well pair this with a pop up info screen about your critter.
It would also go rather well with their "center of the livingroom" concept, as this wont break the immersion even when youre not playing.

Also, how about all that paired with Animal Crossing ? Introduce pets. They have to be monsteresque to not collide with the already established "animals are people" theme, but pet raising would give it even more replay value.



Einherjar commented on Video: Discover What Happens When Yoshis Meet ...:

"Discover What Happens When Yoshis Meet amiibo In This New Yoshi’s Woolly World Trailer" - because youll probably never be able to recreate that due to a severe lack of Amiibo on storeshelfs.

Fun fact, ive talked to two friends woring at two major electronics stores around here. They ordered plenty of Amiibo, all orders where greenlighted by the distributor but the wares never arrived.
This is A+ fodder for conspiracy theorists. This stuff gets stolen so that i can be sold on eBay / Amazon for ridiculous prices :P



Einherjar commented on Cabbage Is The Dream Nintendo Game That Never Was:

@Mk_II This, or its, like @ShanaUnite said, just a metaphor for a fast growing tamagotchi thingy.
Isnt there also a japanese fairytale of a child being born from bamboo ?

But the idea itself is actually rather timeless, with idle games enjoying a new "boom" lately. And nowadays, with the WiiU and the 3DS, it would be much easier to transfer stuff from A to B.

How about it Nintendo ? Care to invent the new Digimon ? (The original, tamagotchi like ones)



Einherjar commented on Capcom Is Bringing The Nintendo Exclusive Resi...:

@Shiryu Tatsunoko didnt land on other platforms because Capcom handled the licensing contract so poorly, that once it ran out, they actually lost even the rights to sell their own game.
Normally, when stuff like that happens, companys merely lose the right to further work with said licenses.
The same happened with their marvel license, forcing them to take down one of their biggest money printers they had (Marvel Vs. Capcom)

@pandarino I doubt that they are having technical difficulties. They have previous experience with the WiiU, Monster Hunter 3U basically being a HD port of the Wii game (im aware of the games aditions, but you get the idea).
And their MT Frameworks engine runs on pretty much everything, so porting this game over and simply replacing Backgrounds / Models shouldnt really be an issue here.

@Peach64 True, but this is a Hen / Egg problem. Software sells Hardware sells Software ad infinitum. Its also the reason the Vitas neck was broken: Not even Sony properly supported that thing.
And the WiiU has a strong first party support, something even its current contenders are severely lacking.
Its basically the exact opposite situation: Strong 3rd Party support, next to no first party software Vs. the exact opposite.

@Topic Capcom...i think i said enough here.



Einherjar commented on Project CARS Studio Boss Admits to Problems Wi...:

@Kaze_Memaryu Couldnt have said it any better. At this point, there are more then enough titles that show, that the WiiU doesnt really need to hide behind the counter when it comes to graphgics and presentation.
They bit off more then they could chew. They didnt plan this one bit, made promises they never knew if they could hold them...
This is just sad.



Einherjar commented on Video: Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric Blame Could L...:

@rjejr You didnt quite get the point i was trying to make with Mario there.
Not counting the spinoffs, Marios core mechanics never really changed at all.
Sunshine being one of the few examples.
Also, im talking about the main line of Games here, if you include everything Sonic has been into, we have a Mario Party clone, a Virtua Tennis clone, a Mario Kart clone etc.

But from SMB to 3D World, Mario has alsways been a technical platformer.
Sonic on the other hand often changed drastically, from a simple (3D) platformer to a brawler / beat em up to an on rails runner to a high speed obstacle course to a Galaxy clone and a brawler again.

And he always controlls vastly different.
Sure, Marios mechanics also changed over the years, but never so much, that you come from one game and youre completely lost on the next one.

Thats the baseline i was talking about.



Einherjar commented on Video: Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric Blame Could L...:

@rjejr To be fair, at this point, there isnt reall a definitive "Sonic Formula", as the series has been reinvented oh so many times.
Which is, if you ask me, both a good and a very very bad thing.

For instance, it is Marios biggest strenghth. Every new format brings something new to the table to make it a fresh experience.
But Mario never straied too far away from the beaten path.

Sonic on the other hand never found back to its roots that made the series iconic in the first place.
In its early days, it was Marios competitor, both were platformers, but Mario went the technical, mostly horizontal route, while Sonic banked on maze like Stages, many different routes from A to B and something, Mario rarely offered: Vertical stage layouts.

Much like Castlevania, there really is no "Thats how its supposed to be" type of gamepay style. But Sonic is missing its baseline. That one core thing that distinguishes it from the rest. And no, its not "gotta go fast" and it never was.

Sonic Boom was just another new style of Sonic without said baseline, without character and without any charme whatsoever.
Its biggest problem though was, that it wasnt just mundane and boring, but it was also highly broken, flawed and buggy.
And that rubbed people the wrong way. Many accepted the fact, that highly complex games often come with a plethora of bugs simply due to the fact that they are highly complex and possibly even QA nightmares.
But for a game so barren, and errors so obvious, most people just felt like Sega is openly giving out the one finger salute to them for not even caring in the slightest where they put their brand on.

Would it be a technically ok game, it would have been just another licensed shovelware game.



Einherjar commented on Video: Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric Blame Could L...:

Sorry guys, but there is no excuse for a title like this.
If anything, both are at fault. Sega, for giving their flagship title to an inexperienced developer, changing the development platform and obviously setting an unholdable deadline and BRB, for not even fixing very obvious bugs.

If anything, this could have been just a mediocre, bland and boring game. The lack of assets, gameplay features and creative ideas could have all been the fault of a hasty engine rewrite. Weve seen this time and time again. And at this stage, it would have been just another licensed game, like the recend Pacman Adventures. Bland, boring but playable and ejoyable for the little ones.

But there are no excuses for the plethora of bugs, errors failures this game has to offer. If the deadline i nearing and you have too much stuff on your hand, cut something out to leave room for QA testing.

And even though Sega themselfes might be responsible for most of the blame, BRBs image is tarnished. I dont think that customers or other publisher will trust their abilities enough that they can show what they might be able to programm.

Sega was in a situation, where they simply couldnt afford another failure and they decided to give away their key franchise.
They are simply stupid, there are no two ways about it.
Pretty much in the same league as "Were going mobile now" Konami or "Were gonna ReReReReReReRerelease Resident Evil again" Capcom



Einherjar commented on Capcom Hoping For "Aggressive Digital Download...:

@CanisWolfred Id be willing to pay a hundred bucks for a properly made new DMC game to be honest, as long as they stay FAR away from anything remotely as incompetent as Ninja Theory.

In Fact, id pay a months salary for a proper new MegaMan game sigh

@Tender_Cutlet Sorry, but once i hear or read the word Capcom, the first things that come to my mind are:

  • Abandoning of their own Fanbase ( Legends 3)
  • Asking fans what they want to see next, ignoring the poll, complain that there is no demand.
  • Hiring studios who personally mock and insult consumers (happened to us over at Capcomunity with the Ninja Theory team)
  • Westernisation of franchises, recieving huge backlash for it, complaining that fans never showed interest in other things (see Poll above)
  • Ripping off customers with shady DLC scams
  • Incompetent handling of license contracts (Marvel / Tatsunoko)
  • Some of the worst customer service imaginable (Waiting for almost a year now for a simple CD-Key activation, send countless E-Mails back and forth already, currently sitting on "Well contact you once your problem is solved. That was 4 Months ago)

Im sorry, but my hate doesnt come from nostalgia glasses, my hate comes from them turning into a complete pile of rubbish due to sheer incompetence and idiocy.

I literally turned from someone who said "If it has a capcom logo on it, just buy it, dont ask any questions" to "avoid at all costs"



Einherjar commented on Editorial: The eShop's Pricing Dilemma is the ...:

@Wolfgabe Thats why i try to avoid conversations like that. Im pretty sick of that guy.
I have nothing against being proven wrong other then a dent in my ego (but this never results in bad blood, no matter how fierce the discussion) but this guy drives me batsh*t insane. But enough of that, i wasted enough time with that bloke ;)



Einherjar commented on Exclusive: eShop Publishers Are Dropping Relea...:

@scamander Yeah, to be honest, i figured that out a little too late on my part.
At this point, the USK is basically just the company that puts these little stickers on game boxes based on standards given by the BPjM and our youth protection rights.
In fact, the USK "saved" more games from bannings in the last couple of years then anything else (once given an age rating, a title cant be outright banned anymore)

Like i said, i was an overreacting idiot, who didnt do his homework ;)
Next time, i do my research first and maybe then rant a little laugh



Einherjar commented on Unofficial Metroid Prequel Uses The Original N...:

@MegaBeedrill Well, someone dint get the joke :P

@vitalemrecords Great comment ! Any other wise words from you sensei ?

Also, why do tehse fangames always have to have such clishe titles ? "Rogue Dawn" just sounds meh.
Could have gone with revenge of the reckonning origin begins :P

Lets just hope that Ninty doesnt crush this project emmediatly.
As much hate as i have for Capcom these days, their policy for fanmade content is top notch. Pretty much everything goes as long as you dont try to sell it.
And Fans took that liberty to create MegaMan games that overshadow even Capcoms originals ;)



Einherjar commented on Capcom Hoping For "Aggressive Digital Download...:

@CanisWolfred Well, Vergil was brought over from DmC and Trish from DMC2 while Lady is technically the only new character, but from the looks of it, is basically the Kalina Ann moveset from DMC3.

And if this is anything liek DMC3 SP, those characters are just that, characters, no storyline etc.

But yeah, its one of the more reasonable ports with added content but then again, its merely a port of an already good looking and well running game.
Id personally be far more interested in a reimagination of DMC1 fo rinstance.
Or a new "real" game in the series.



Einherjar commented on Exclusive: eShop Publishers Are Dropping Relea...:

@scamander Then im pretty glad that Capcom and Microsoft self censored themselfes by not releasing Dead Rising / Gears of War over here to retain their age rating of "nope".
If you threaten a publisher with an outright ban, im sure censorship is completely voluntary.
And how about the "ban by default" system, that bans any sequel should some game in the series have been banned previously ?
Or that it takes decades untill you can request another rating, should you recieve a ban ? It took 17 years for freakin Doom to be "allowed" around here.
Or the attempt of the USK to outright ban imports of Software not rated by them ?

And dont even get me started on the BPjM...
Trust me, im one of the few people who praises companies for their efforts to protect children. But this company is outright blind to the fact, that not all games are meant to be for children.

So yeah, i overreacted in regards to the USK. But the whole system is severely flawed and overcomplicated.



Einherjar commented on Exclusive: eShop Publishers Are Dropping Relea...:

Ahh, gotta love the USK. One of the most broken, irrational and barely functioning rating systems on this planet.
And an overpriced one too. You basically pay a trucklod of cash to get your product crippled. Well, as long as it is a game, movies can do everything they want, as they are "art", and you may not censor art....

Seriously though, this has hurt the industry for quite some time now.
But there is just no reasoning with our government. They are blind, deef and, well, stupid.
As a consumer and are basically powerless to help out here.
And thats a "wonderfull feeling", let me tell you.



Einherjar commented on Ronimo Games Explains Pricing for Swords & Sol...:

Well, we live in times, where people complain about a game on the PlayStore being too pricey at 20 cents...
20 $/€ is...brave.
I personally have no problem with it. 20 Bucks is a good price. Maybe not a steal, but affordable.



Einherjar commented on Capcom Hoping For "Aggressive Digital Download...:

Well, as a PS4 owner, the word "Remastered" kinda causes my gag reflex to go off at this point.
Also, there are Remasters / Remakes, and then there are Capcom Remasteres.

Basically: Just re-release a game and call it an "enhanced remastered edition".
DMC 4 ? Just port the PC version to PS4, add some mods and call it quits.
RE4 PC ? Nah, just take the PS2 game, no one will notice the texture quality anyways.
REmake HD ? You mean the game with the prerendered backgrounds ? Oh what a doozie. Just run them through Photoshop, upscale them and poof, "Remastered" Edition. Oh, and jiggle physics. Gotta be next gen.

But overall, im so fed up with HD rereleases, remastered edition and whatever you want to call them.
It had its reason on the PS3. The leap from the PS2 was quite big, especially in terms of picture quality.
But now, they are mainly a quick cashgrab for devs, serving no real purpose then to act as a "crowd pleaser" so no one can complain about missing backwards compatibility.

And towards Capcom: Nope, just nope. Hope all you want, you missed your chance to please your audioence more times then i have hair on my head.



Einherjar commented on Cyber Gadget's Retro Freak System Is Looking T...:

@KeeperBvK Plus shipping, plus customs dues and were at roughly 200+.
I once ordered my Saturn from a US seller, who happend to have a spare PAL model. The console itself cost me roughly 80 bucks. At the end, i spend 150 for everything.

@DreamOn The KEyword is picture quality. Lets face it, older system give out a horrible picture on modern TVs. And CRTs are starting to get rare / faulty. So yeah, i love my nostalgia kick, but most of the time, i prefer a clearer picture.



Einherjar commented on Splatoon Hype Brings Squirt Guns and Manga:

Well, the Squirt-gun was inevitable ;)
I hope that it at least comes with some recipes for cloth friendly paint :D

@Rixor13 To be fair, most of those fandoms have other issues then just a "stigma".
Sonic Fandom = The rebelling ones who cannot be pleased.
FnaF = The tinfoil hat wearing, riddle obsessed fictional crime solvers.
Furrys = Cosplayers thrown into the same locker as some rather weird fetishists.
MLP = Fans of a series not meant for them, pretending its the second comming and holds a much more deeper meaning then it actually does.

Pick your poison i guess. For me, Splatoon is the first online shooter that remotely interests me in ages. I actually dont really like the character design all that much, but it certainly has this "Nintendo Charme" to it, that makes it all at least fun to watch.



Einherjar commented on Free Anniversary Update Rolling Out To Scram ...:

Ill chime in with the "Another go with new controlls" group here.
Personally, i found that its mechanics / controll scheme was more a hassle then anything else, thus the definitly unique and awesome concept got overshadowed by not being all that fun to play.

Lets see if it can change that :)



Einherjar commented on Monochroma For Wii U Scrapped Due To Technical...:

@liljmoore As far as i understood it, you only get your money back, if the funding was a failure. If the Project is funded in any way, your money is "gone", if they keep their promises or not.

And yes, i too think that "making it from scratch" should be the right answer here, not "it isnt happening"
First of all, you guys got the money for it and you are the ones who made these promises without having the programming knowledge to back them.
This is what we call "apprentices due" or "learning it the hard way".

Its not the backers fault that it cant be optimised in its current state, its due to you being inexperienced. So getting rid of such a problem should indeed be a priority for you, if you think about creating more games in the future.

Think about it, any future project will be labeled with "those are the guys who caved in to technical problems". As if anyone will trust you that you will deliver on your next try. Delay any version that doesnt work now and deliver them later when they run properly.

You made those promises, you are the ones who have to work for it.



Einherjar commented on Mobile Is Konami's Future, According To Presid...:

@Yorumi Sorry for the long pause there, fathers day around here ;)
Soo, of course i see the loop i made. But i dont think that its entirely wrong either.

You see, what Nintendo delivered so far has not been bad in any way shape or form. They jumped on the DLC bandwagon, yes, something almost universally criticised by now.
But honestly ? I payd roughly 20 bucks and got 50% more Mario Kart out of the deal, not to mention the freebies along the way. The same goes for Hyrule Warriors, Super Luigi U etc.
All of this has been quality offerings so far, pretty much the opposite of what ive seen everywhere else as of late.

Shadow of Mordor comes to mind, which i bought for my GF including the sason pass. The result ? I got ripped off big time with it.
I got a bunch of in game perks and challenges (Hey, its like free roam, just with a timer) for it...oh, and the two short campaigns which were probably cheaper if i had bought them seperately. And thats what i mean by DLC scamming.

And on topic of Day-One DLC, im really on the fence on this one to be honest. You see, most of the time, its obvious that its ripped out of the main game just to be sold seperately. Its even worse if its announced WAY before the game is actually out.

If its just additional fluff, i can very well live with it. Say, if a bunch of challenges, skins or whatnot are offered at release, so be it.
But Story content, extra modes or the stuff MKX pulled off recently, that gives me the shivers.

And again, i dont consider Amiibos DLC, as these figures have far more value then just "that one piece of content in that one game"
Buy Amiibo X now, and in half a year, you may get something out of it in game Y. Yes, they do lock stuff away from you, that is true, but i personally rather buy a figure, have something to put on display, unlock that specific game in that specific game but also have plenty of other goodies in other games too.

Again, i can absolutely see why people might have an issue with this, and its absolutely valid, there is no way to defend it.

So yeah, i went full circle and undermined my own argument. Youre right about that. But youre also right about the fact that i still think, most of the stuff "Nintendo is guilty of" actually IS not as bad like others have done it.

Though granted, that Fire Emblem thing reeks of a last minute idea to grab some extra cash from it, which is rather sad.

So, if i missed anything or created even more logic loops, please bear with me, its 3:30 in the morning over here :P
Blame Insomnia laugh



Einherjar commented on Mobile Is Konami's Future, According To Presid...:

@Yorumi So far, no Amiibo has "unlocked" anything really game changing. And if you purchase an Amiibo, you not only get a quality figurine, its also used in many different games. You can hardly compare them to DLC.

Youre right with Xenoblade, though who had the last word in that ? Nintendo or Monolith ? And as long as its quality content, and not "Horse Armor" im fine with it personally. It doesnt seem like this has been deliberatly cut from the game to be sold seperatly and instead, came up later in the design cycle and couldnt be put in the final product (as it has to be printed and shipped).
Though thats hardly an excuse, it IS Day One DLC, though not vile or dispicable one in my book.

As for Fire Emblem, that was a rather weird move and i still dont see the need to release it in several games. And it kinda defeats the purpose of "changing the course of the story".
But then again, its not a game i closely follow, so i dont know any details about why that decision was made.

And lastly, Smash. Deliberatly cutting characters ? Youve got to be kidding me. If anything, they already worked overtime to get the game out it was in its vanilla form. Everything else is stuff added on top.
If characters like Mewtwo would have been deliberatly cut from the game, why do you think it took them several more moths till it was ready to be sold ? If the data was already there, why not offer it from the beginning ? Especially for such a highly demanded character ?

Oh boy, adding more and more topics laugh
"Incomplete games" isnt really the term id be using here. They are adding features post release, there is nothing fundamentally important missing from it. Also, tehy are upfront with it, its neither hidden, nor locked away by a paywall or some arbitrary subscription model.
Also, whatever they do, it wont be right.
They could have delayed the release to finish potential ideas that came up late in the development cycle and it would have been wrong too.



Einherjar commented on Mobile Is Konami's Future, According To Presid...:

@Yorumi On Disc / Day one DLC / chopping games apart ? When did that happen ?
And in regards to the NSMB series, there are 4 titles on a different platform each. Im also not the biggest fan of it but come on, its not that bad.

And OoT got remade 1 time for the 3DS, everything else was either a bonus disc for the GC or a VC release, i also fail to see the problem in that to be honest. People hold this game in high regards, often naming it one of the best games of all time, i think its rather good that they give as many people a chance to play it as they can.

Youre absolutely right with Pokemon though, as that series is pretty milked without any "real" innovations here and there.

And with "Games designed to target and exploit serious addictive behavior" you probably mean their F2P games ?
So far, they all have been rather tame compared to the many others out there. The Recent Rumble World for instance can very well be played without spending a louse cent if done right.
Im glad that this isnt their usual modus operandi, but ive seen far more aggressive F2P models. Though i hope it stays at that level, and doesnt become more explotative.

@Drac_Mazoku "since they decided to continue working on what is getting them money" Oh, did they made the games their core audience asked for ? Did i miss their recent Contra, Silent Hill and classic Castlevania outings ?
Seriously, if they are focused on what makes them money, they wouldnt have ended up in such a situation.



Einherjar commented on Mobile Is Konami's Future, According To Presid...:

@Yorumi To be fair, if any big name dev is catering to a "niche market" its Nintendo. No focus group tested games, no flooding the market with their own IPs ala Ubi (cant believe there is another AC coming out again -.-), no DLC scams, no Pre-Order shenanigans.
So pretty much nothing that is considered "the norm" these days.
And despite all that, they are doing pretty good right now.

And regarding Nintendos mobile endevours: They announced a partnership with a company, who knows its way around the mobile market, and still, they are taking it extremely slowly instead of jumping the gun and throwing their stuff at it.
Think what you want about that, im personally not a big fan, but at least it seems that they are carefully calculating what they are doing, while other devs, liek Square for instance, release one broken port after the other onto the mobile store in hopes of making a quick buck with it.

Nintendos situation isnt even comparable to Konamis, so i dont think that such a Headline with Nintendo in it will be seen anytime soon.



Einherjar commented on Fullblox Is Available To Download On The Europ...:

@DreamOn Well, it has its reasons. Pullblox = You could only pull blocks. Fallblox = Gravitation came into play, if you pull a block out, everything on top will fall. Fullblox = You can fully move blocks now, not just pull them on one axis.

It might be unimaginative, but its "what it says on the tin"



Einherjar commented on Mobile Is Konami's Future, According To Presid...:

"We will pursue mobile games aggressively"

...pfff....chhhh....pfchhhh....BUAHAHAHAA xD

Seriously ? THIS is your recovery plan ?
Konami should start publishing books: "Corporate Suicide - A step by step guide to ruin your company"

Folks, we have a winner. While Ubisoft and EA still duke it out who gets the "Worst Company" badge, Konami won the title of "Most stupid Company".

Square landed on 4th, neglecting the pontential of their own IPs, they still have a few money makers under their hood that are usually not half bad or at least devent enough.

3rd place goes to Capcom. While massively stupid, they still are able to not completely sink and are currently on life spport by Sony.

The 2nd place goes to "maynstay IPs" Sega, ruining their reputation one Sonic game at a time.

But oh man...turning into a one trick pony company, completely dependant on the "One Man Kojima" show and then fireing that one guy, just to announce "Were going mobile now, jay :D" is reinventing idiocy right there.

My sides are in orbit xD



Einherjar commented on Combat Core Is What You'd Get If Super Smash B...:

I think we have a new definition of "uninspired".
This game looks as generic as it can get. The Character art awkwardly resembles that of teh original Power Stone with a hint of....Dragons Crown for the Wrestling Lady.
The stages look like what other games would call the "holographic training stage". Bland and boring.

The gameplay is really the only thing that looks remotely good, although neither new nor overly inviting.



Einherjar commented on Sit Tight, Nintendo Will Announce Its E3 2015 ...:

@IceClimbers Sure, absolutely right. But you have to consider this:
Does Nintendo have the right team to work with the IP ?
Monster Hunter is an extremely technical game, where pretty much every little detail is thouroughly planned and calculated (pretty much like every old capcom game), so it needs the right team to continue the series just like the original devs have done it.
This is actually harder then it sounds.
Think of it: Take any Capcom made Devil May Cry and pit it against the Ninja Theory will rip it a new one, even though on the surface, their mechanics are rather similar.

My point of not prioritizing Monster Hunter all that much was based on the fact that, with the wrong team, there is no point in having that IP in the first place.

Nintendo has plenty studios and sub divisions who are more then familiar with platformers, heck, they could just hire IntiCreates to work on it.
Also, classic MegaMan blends very well into the whole Nintendo family.

And since quite a lot of first party Nintendo games have been made by Capcom already (the portable Zelda games for instance), it would be a "family reunion" rather then a hostile aquisition if Nintendo bought Capcom, kicked out their CEOs and keeps IPs and workers.
Because lets face it, Capcom spawned some of the most talented dev teams in gaming history. And with Platinum under their hood (for the moment), Nintendo already works together with quite a lot of ex-Capcom staff.
It would be beneficial to all of them.



Einherjar commented on Mixi's RPG Mobile Hit Monster Strike Is Coming...:

@Josaku Well, as with several mobile games, they usually feature a truckload of stolen content, artwork etc.
And yes, at 0:23...thats modified Goku artwork among several others.
That green frog thing right next to him shortly after ? Modified Politoed artwork.

And im pretty sure everything else is also stolen and slightly modified from somewhere, like Etrian Odyssey...

But, you know, they merely took "inspiration" from several sources....



Einherjar commented on Don't Hold Your Breath On Those Marth amiibo R...:

We are drowning in Marth over here O.o
We probably got all the figures you guys are missing.

But seriously, how is that such a big issue for Nintendo ?
Supply and demand seems to be a completely alien topic to them.
It happened to pretty much everything from teh WIi onward.
Their main consoles were understocked, certain accessories where no where to be found, now it continues with Amiibos.

Shouldnt they have learned by now ? Anything ?
And i dont really see why they are unable to fix this. Tripple production per region, ship those out, wait for reports, print new ones if demand is still there.

The incredibly high demand only shows that people are eager to buy their stuff, but apparently, they are not eager to make money of off it.

Another factor is, that several stores are stocked to the brim with several Wave 1 Amiibos like Mario, Pikachu and the usual suspects.
That leads several retailers to two conclusions:
-They cant restock because their shelfes are full

  • People obviously dont want them, so they dont need to restock them.

This whole situation is an absolute trainwreck



Einherjar commented on Square Enix Announces Dragon Quest VIII For Th...:

Gotta love Square and their disability to notice fan demand and the potential of their IPs. Just bank on FF XIV being a huge hit in the west.
Judging from its demo, probably one of the worst games ive ever played period.

@bitleman Which is to expect from a warriors game really. They have their dedicated fanbase, but dont seem to click ith a larger audience.
Thats why Hyrule Warriors success was such a huge surprise.

But here, were talking about two fan favourites of the series, which will generate sales no matter what. Saying that there is no demand is just ignorant of them.



Einherjar commented on Sit Tight, Nintendo Will Announce Its E3 2015 ...:

@Dolphin64 Ok, ill end it in a civilized matter and say its a mess, it has several design choices and i still dont know why people treat it like the second comming ;)
Completely civilized of course :D

And for some popular reactions to the game, why dont you watch people who also really like it ?
Youtubers like Scykoh and Johnny love the game and it drove them nuts, or watch Brentalflosses reaction to "Sunshine is like, the best one" after he played it again, or the Grumps and see how it can break the already mentally unstable Arin :P

@mjc0961 And leave all their top notch IPs in the dust ? No way !
With Capcom, IPs like Monster Hunter, Devil May Cry and several of their fantastic arcade IPs would go to waste,
Even Sega has plenty of treasures under their belt, like Shining Force, Panzer Dragoon, Burning Rangers and also plenty of old acrade IPs.

It would be a waste to let these die for no reason.
But yeah, IF they can only net a couple of franchises, those would the the top priority ones, as they fit right into Nintendos portfolio.



Einherjar commented on Sit Tight, Nintendo Will Announce Its E3 2015 ...:

@Dolphin64 Nope, its spelled "Dreckweg 08/17" :P
You know, we have different names for different things, sorry for getting that one thing wrong.
And you are the one person not slipping on the Sandbird ? Not slipping from the rotating platforms in the fluddless stages ?
Congrats man, you must have one of the few working copys :P
Seriously though, play it again and tell me that its platforming isnt highly flawed.



Einherjar commented on Sit Tight, Nintendo Will Announce Its E3 2015 ...:

@unrandomsam Its FPS are really its least problem. A fixed physics engine would have been more then enough to be honest.
You really cant defend Mario glitching all over the place just because the platform hes standing on is slightly tilted.
Its "Ice Level - The Game"

@Tazcat2011 Well, like i said, the controlls never gave me any trouble what so ever. Maybe im just a little bit more "enthusiastic" when it comes to pretending wielding a sword :P
But its overall design really bugged me personally. It just showed that "tried and true" isnt always a bad thing and that "lets reinvent stuff" can very well lead to a worse game.
It wasnt all that bad, far from it, but its frenchise competitors were just so much better.

@Kaze_Memaryu Fair enough, if Flood worked, it worked fine. And granted, it was pretty fun how creative you could get while using it.
But the overall game, especially where flood wasnt around, is just a pain in the bum mechanics wise.

Again, im not against a sequel, not at all, but not with a similar engine.
If Mario can stand on elevated platforms withough going on a fritz and slipping all ove rthe place then yes, give me a sequel.

And honestly, like @unrandomsam mentioned, a complete makeover of Sunshine would have been quite a lot more interesting then WindWaker.
Then again, didnt Nintendo say that future remakes arent completely out of the question and act as some "in between projects" thing ?

Maybe if a sequel is in production, the engine could be used to remake the first game. It shouldnt need more then a texture upgrade, as its models are still very pretty to look at. Its just that it plays like a mess....

Come to think of it....Mario Sunshine X Splatoon....



Einherjar commented on Sit Tight, Nintendo Will Announce Its E3 2015 ...:

@allav866 Well, let me give you some keywords:
Sandbird, Pachinko, Boo Casino, Floodless courses, the general physics system...and i could go on...

Sunshine was a bad game, at least in my book. The setting was awesome, the Idea of Flood and all its enhancements was great, it looked fantastic, heck, even its "story" was a nice change of pace.
But it simply didnt play very well. The physics system is severely broken and Mario is suffering from extreme buttery shoes syndrome, even more then his brother does.

Im not against a sequel, but it should play vastly different, at least mechanics wise.

As for skyward sword, it just showed how important the tried and true "one overworld, +/- 8 Temples" routine actually was.
Many people i know (me included) game up on it due to it almost feeling like a MegaMan game, with the flight sections acting as a level select screen.
It just felt disconnected, repetetive and uninspired.

But i have to say, i cant understand most peoples complaints about the non functioning controls, as both the swordplay and gimmicks like bomb rolling worked absolutely perfect and flawless for me.