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Tue 11th Dec 2012

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eigafan commented on Hardware Review: Wii Mini:

If you live in Canada, and need another wii remote plus/nunchuk ($60), this may be a decent deal (with an extra Wii for another room). If you're living on a fixed income, and have one of those bargain HDTVs with a component hybrid (component or composite) input, and don't mind buying used Wii game discs.

It doesn't appear that that they're flying off the shelves, if they're priced at $89.99* retail vs $99.99 MSRP. Reduced price may be due to retailers competing for holiday shoppers.

*Source: Shoppers Drug Mart according to this YouTube video review/comments:



eigafan commented on Feature: We've Unboxed A Wii Mini So You Don't...:

Nintendo says on page 10 of the Wii mini Operations Manual "IMPORANT: The Wii mini console will not work with any AV cable other than the model supplied.." This explains why the component AV cable (even the official Nintendo ones) don't work with this console. This came directly from Nintendo's tech support forum topic "Wii Mini Component Issues." BTW, they even misspelled the word important.