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Wed 12th Dec 2012

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Eien1239 commented on Talking Point: F-Zero GX HD Could Boost the Fr...:

I just hope when fans get it that it will eclipse the sales of the previous series without marketing. Don't get me wrong I would like marketing I just wanna see how much of a vocal minority we are dealing with.



Eien1239 commented on Nintendo Not Accepting Independent Wii U Devel...:

That indies are important to Nintendo was verbatim/PR for the west market. Stop acting like these markets are the same. The indie scene in Japan is not that big. I think the Japanese market doesn't like indie not just NOJ, or NOJ can't support indies without publishing them.



Eien1239 commented on Sin & Punishment Studio Treasure Is Working On...:

Guys, look it up Gaist Crusher is being made for middle school kids or boys in Japan. It's main selling point is the local multiplayer, the anime style/premise and transformers!. It's just business if this is Treasure's only game.



Eien1239 commented on Nintendo UK Promises to Meet Retailers, Share ...:

I can't wait till e3 I own a wiiu and I love it but I would not advertise hard until the updates are done and a new sku is made. This back and forth is getting ridiculous being on these site is getting detrimental.



Eien1239 commented on Pokémon Scramble U Set To Be The First Wii U ...:

Eh I swear last week people was like nintendo better use NFC with pokemon. You was not going to get an coliseum games anytime soon be realistic. I am so confused, anyway we will see if this blows up in japan. Better uses of NFC to be used later.



Eien1239 commented on UK Retailers Call For Wii U Price Cut And Fres...:

@Peach64 Well I think getting used to HD consoles was a major problem, This is one of the only times when Nintendo being behind the times has been a problem. Looking at E3 2011 they maybe have scraped alot of projects, . Nintendo rallying to get third parties was also a flaw, And the late distribution of the final dev kits was a flaw too.



Eien1239 commented on Talking Point: This Fan's Tragic Tale Highligh...:

It's not tied to the hardware really. It's just that nintendo has to do the transfer for you for RIGHT NOW .They have to perfect the security of this account system they really can't afford a major hack like the PSN debacle. Sony fans easily forgave them, Nintendo fans will not seeing these comments atm.
The word TRAGIC is an example of the poison being placed in these sites. did he lose his damn family,home ...... NO the word to use is unfortunate, or dumb on his part.



Eien1239 commented on Fire Emblem: Awakening Will Be Available On 3D...:

The retail download discounts should be handled with to not piss the retail stores off. I agree that older title could have been discounted, and there be a bit more focus on the 3ds eShop pricing. But with a company of trying to slowly ease it way into download games it's understandable and feel the physical retail is more important at the moment.



Eien1239 commented on Game of the Year: Nintendo Life's Staff Awards...:

Does noone have fun anymore, just whine and whine. Do me a favor stop playing games or just become a developer. I'm perfectly fine with the choices. The Goty war should only be started at the community goty not the staff goty frig!