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Mon 17th Sep 2012

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ei8bitNinty commented on Interview: Unity - Licensing Deal Means A New ...:

This is really great news for small devs / indie devs and for us gamers. Nintendo, Unity and I believes that all big things start small. This will be a great start to see some remakes, reboots or new IP to the world of gaming. Really can't wait what's inside the mind of the creator of these upcoming small games and provide us unique gameplay. Goodluck Indie Developers! Thank you Unity and Nintendo!



ei8bitNinty commented on Unsure About Wii U's Online Capabilities? Don'...:

This worries me about their Network / Online Capabilities. I hope Nintendo will compete PS3/XBOX360 Online feature starting on Launch Day. If not, one of the big problem Nintendo face. But I have to have faith on Nintendo.