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Sat 31st May 2014

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ecstanley commented on Hacking Group Claims To Have Discovered Wii U ...:

I know I will more than likely get flamed to death for this ... but just because a system is hacked (you forgot to mention PC and MAC and smartphones) does not mean that it is for illegal purposes. I have a WII itself that was homebrewed, But have not ONCE put a game on it I did not pay for... MY only purpose for doing this was to play games that were not compatible region wise. It is not the hack(ers) that is bad... it is the people that chose to exploit the Hack for purposes of getting something for nothing. Honestly I hope they do not find a way around the system with the WII U ... but if they do ... OK cool. does not mean you have to use it.... ok I've said my spill... let the attacks begin lol