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Wed 4th May 2011

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earthwormjimx3 commented on Hands On: Blast Ball Brings Crude Button Mashi...:

This game launches in an undefined period of 2016, so it still has a long way to go in development, for sure. I think these hands-on experience stories, however, haven't been too fair, considering that they focused just on the tactic of shooting the ball without considering to shoot the teammates who are making the hard time happen.

I expect a deeper hands-on with Blast Ball later on.



earthwormjimx3 commented on Nintendo Didn't Mention Mobile At E3 2015 Beca...:

Since Android TV is a thing, I deeply believe that the term "smartphone games" could fade away sooner or later in favor of "<platform> games".

With that in mind, I believe that Reggie has been wrong by saying that "smartphone" games shouldn't have been mentioned at it's Digital Event. I'm not saying that these games from the Nintendo-DeNa collaboration should come to Android TV devices, but I'm just saying that because these games can be made to adapt to boxes like Android TV, these games are less to be taken as child's play nowadays.



earthwormjimx3 commented on YouTube Stars Aren't Happy With Nintendo's Rev...:

Uhhh, guys... You are all complaining about a service which was clearly indicated in the news that is a BETA. A BETA!!!

It's obvious that it's not perfect, and it's going to have changes that help it become a great program in it's RTM :/ These YouTube stars quickly need to realize that because their feedback is needed! There must be a way or another to solve the conflicts this beta program has so it becomes the program everyone wants to see it be in it's final release!



earthwormjimx3 commented on YouTube Update Spruces Up Wii U App:

Well, it seems that the app is now pretty, pretty Material Designed! (Pun intended ) Honestly, I like the changes, with the exception of the loss of touch controls for video playback >.>...Now I have to do such a lot of button presses and combinations to just put Like in a video, and that means I'd better stick to (nope, not the web version of YouTube, but) using the app with my smartphone app as a remote controller. Such a great thing is this Google Cast technology! >u<b



earthwormjimx3 commented on Talking Point: The Wii U May be Best as One of...:

I'm sorry, but the Wii U not being able to fight the likes of PS4 and Xbox One in graphics? Sorry, but that's a completely agreeable statement when it's simply seen technically, because the Wii U, because of Shin'en Multimedia, Platinum, Frozenbyte, even Criterion's efforts and achievements, I deeply think the Wii U can do it in the graphical aspect.



earthwormjimx3 commented on Charles Martinet Makes an Amusing Vine Debut:

I'm seriously glad of Charles having made it's Vine debut with videos of his stay here in Chile, where he surely had a fantastic time in the Festigame 2014 event and enjoyed playing with his Mario and Luigi (and Wario >~>) figures!



earthwormjimx3 commented on Renegade Kid Provides Status Update, With Trea...:

Well, honestly speaking, I must say I'm surprised Mutant Mudds Deluxe is going to be released for the PS3 and the PSVita...

Oh well, at least we got it first ^v^

Anyways, even though I didn't play the full version of Mutant Mudds or it's deluxe counterpart, I hope to play it when the Nintendo eShop (FINALLY) comes to Chile ^v^



earthwormjimx3 commented on Epic Games: Developers Can Use Unreal Engine 4...:

Well, if NFSMW U can do PC like graphics, I believe Unreal Engine 4 will have the power to run pretty, or at least almost perfectly, on the Wii U

If Criterion and FrozenByte showcased the Wii U's graphical power, i'm sure Unreal Engine 4 will work here, too, especially that if Epic considers it, it can release Jazz Jackrabbit 3! >u<



earthwormjimx3 commented on Indie Hit FEZ Is Finally Shaking Off XBLA Excl...:

Nobody has the fault of anything in life. Otherwise, the bad things we do would have been of completely personal origin, with no kind of influence by anyone or anything through life, something that's absolutely impossible.

I respect Fish a lot. I know everything bad he made was practically mistakes, taking for example his lack of knowledge for Japanese gaming, which derived in his opinions about it. Take in consideration things not made by him, like his post-partum depression, and boy, he really needs help. We don't need to be so negative towards him!!

Everyone of us had, have, and will have many problems, of any kind of magnitude. We must learn to help us all to become better persons instead of criticizing ourselves, because we are not born as intelligent persons. We aren't like gods. Everyone of us pass through various factors of various kinds and magnitudes through life which make us develop ourselves to how we were, are, and will be. Our perfection is different. A perfection based not on not commiting errors, but learning from them. It doesn't matter if we broke a PC keyboard or slap a woman's face. It doesn't matter if we took a virus or throw our worst enemy through a window. WE MUST CORRECT OURSELVES IN THE BEST WAYS POSSIBLE, which is with no jail, no criticizing, no pain. Just the help and company of everyone possible, so we can become better instead of getting the risk of being thrown to jail, or even worse, an electric chair.



earthwormjimx3 commented on Reaction: Wii U Preview Events:

I personally think the NA conference was a very good one. It revealed everything enough we need to know about the system :3

For the prices, i believe they won't be too high in my country (Chile, because i'm a Chilean ¬¬), and they would probably reach something like CLP $259.990 for the Deluxe Set x3

Anyways, the games' catalogue is pretty big, including the eShop's, so i think there's plenty of content for everyone



earthwormjimx3 commented on Wii Has Featured Fewer New IPs Than Rivals:

As it always was said, "quality is more important than quantity". If we consider the awesome job made with games like the Super Mario Galaxy games, and the Metroid franchise (even if it's last game was made 2 years ago), i think Nintendo has a lot to do with their actuial franchises. Nintendo just needs to care a little more about the less content produced franchises, or we will finish seeing an M2012 for Metroid like Turrican with T2002 soon...