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Mon 16th Jun 2014

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e105zeta commented on Review: Yo-Kai Watch (3DS):

@Denngar Very few of the Yokai are based directly on Japabese mythology. The only ones I've enountered so far are tengu, kyuubi no kitsune, kappa, jinmenkin, bakeneko, baku, and koma inu. Most of which are also Pokemon, so not hard to understand at all. Most Yokai are the personification of a probkem or emotion, such as sickness, hunger, determination, depression, gossip, happiness - etc etc. The only thing traditionallly Japanese about them are their clothes.



e105zeta commented on Akihiro Hino Explains Why Yo-Kai Watch Has Bee...:

A lot of this is incorrect. Yo-Kai are a part of Japanese culture, but certainly not for children. Most Yo-Kai stories are out of date or irrelevant to modern Japanese children. In fact, I read an article last year where an American journalist interviewed children in Japan about the popularity of Yo-Kai Watch. Most of the kids he talked to had no idea that Yo-Kai like Nogappa and Kyuubi were based on Japanese culture. The only really popular franchise in Japan focused on Yo-Kai was Gegege no Kitaro, which hasn't been on the air since 2008, and the manga finished in 1969.

Furthermore, the majority of the Yo-Kai are based on original ideas, rather than actual monsters from Japanese culture. Obviously, Japan doesn't have legends about a tiny elephant that makes you want to pee. The only Yo-Kai heavily based on Japanese myth are the 30 "Classic" Yo-Kai from Yo-Kai Watch 2. The other 400 are mostly original creations.

Furthermore, the third game is going to literally have nothing to do with Japanese culture at all.