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Tue 30th Nov 2010

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dy2002 commented on n-Space Not Happy With Heroes Of Ruin Sales Fi...:

I really enjoyed this game. Yes the difficulty was light and a harder setting would have pleased more players but overall it was a very fun game to play. Personally, I don’t want 20 minute boss battles or Demon Souls difficulty in a handheld game, I want pick up and play accessibility and this has it. It is one of my favorite games for the 3DS. The graphics are great, pretty decent story, good variety of enemies and fun, if not somewhat repetitive, levels. If you like a Diablo style dungeon crawling, loot collecting, combat game you really should pick up this one. I put over 25 hours into this game and still pick it up once and awhile for fun.



dy2002 commented on Review: Music On: Electric Guitar (DSiWare):

I do play guitar and I absolutely love this title. There are 3 pedals (distortion, flanger & delay) which all sound great. You can assign chords to the d pad and have up to 4 combos with the ABXY buttons. You can also mute the strings with the LB. The sound is truely amazing and even puts in the string noise when you change chords every so often. I am really enjoying this title and highly recommend it to anyone who plays regardless of skill level. AND it's only 200 points!