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Mon 6th Apr 2009

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Dwarfer commented on E3 2009: Nintendo's Announcements:

I respect everyone's opinion, and of course everyone is entitled to their opinion. But I must say:

Wow. Some of you can simply not be pleased. Lighten up and stop complaining and moaning about every little thing Nintendo do. Golden Sun, Mario and Donkey Kong coming to the USA NEXT MONDAY, Wario Ware DSi, motion plus and Wii Sports resort being shown in all their glory, TWO new Mario games for the Wii and... A NEW 2D METROID (Nintendo fans have been begging for this for years). *If none of that interests you then it begs the question why you're on a website called Nintendo Life, maybe Playstation or XBOX Life would be better suited to your tastes?

Also people are complaining about no Wii Zelda, no Pikmin 3, no DSi VC etc. Let's face it, Nintendo aren't going to show everything all at once are they? In an alternate dimension Nintendo just showed the gaming world Pikmin 3, DSi VC, Kid Icarus and Zelda Wii. In that same dimension Nintendo Life visitors are moaning about no new Mario games and no new Metroid.

*Made somewhat in jest.



Dwarfer commented on Art Style: PiCTOBiTS:

Please please Nintendo. Pu this on the Europe DSiWare shop tonight. Can' wait to download this game.



Dwarfer commented on Review: The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask (N64):

So, J.K

Anyone who has a different opinion to you is an idiot? You're right because you dislike it, and I'm a 'fanboy wearing Zelda fanboy beer goggles' since I love the game? I'm actually offended by that. Maybe I love the game because I have lots of fun playing it, love the music, am captivated by the story, adore the characters, love the atmosphere, like the game mechanics (time system, makes the game unique) and overall think the game is amazing. But no, I don't really think those things, I'm just a stupid little fanboy who's wearing these beer goggles. Should I take them off? That way I'd be able to accept your opinion, which is of course fact.

Learn that there's no such thing as a right and wrong opinion. Also deflate your ego and realise that those who have different opinions to you aren't incorrect, nor do they have any mental/personality defects. _

Arrogant people like you really annoy me. Grow up and learn to respect other people's opinions. OK?



Dwarfer commented on Don't Toss Those Old Controllers Yet:

Anyone who calls the N64 controllers 'crappy' obviously hasn't had enough experience with the console. For a start the controller is suprisingly confortable despite it's shape (most people how bash the N64 pad have never even held one). The N64 pad is virtually 3 controllers in one since there are three different ways of holding it. Lastly the control stick placement and Z button placement is perfect, especially when playing FPS games (the Z is like a trigger). The N64 controller is definately my favourite traditional controller, perhaps with the excpetion of the Wavebird.

Admittedly the control stick is bad by today's standards, but it was the first ever controller with a control stick, so, it can be forgiven for that.



Dwarfer commented on The N64 and Nintendo’s Fall From Grace:

The last time I checked the N64 was the greatest console of all time. Hold on, let me check again... Yep still is (along with it's big bro the SNES). The Playstation only sold better because it had disks, nice shiny disks, idiots love shiny things. Only a complete jelly brain would try to claim the Playstation as a better console than the N64.