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Tue 6th Mar 2012

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Dreadjaws commented on Review: The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (Wii U):


That's an unfair way to view things. I can enjoy good, fun superhero movies, but this movie is no such thing. It has fun parts, yeah, but I mostly prefer it when movies DON'T insult my intelligence every 5 minutes or so. Unfortunately, this movie does just that.

On to the game, I played the PS3 version and I can assure you, guys, the score is well deserved. There are a couple of points the review doesn't touch, though. First, the graphics are below subpar. They're practically one generation behind for each console they're on (maybe it looks better on the Wii U, but I doubt it).

Second, the game is buggy as hell. Prepare to reload saves often because the game bugs out in a way that prevents progression, either because enemies become stuck to the scenery and can't be beaten, because Spider-man gets stuck and can't move or because missions decide not to show up on the map.

Third, the side-missions are even worse than they mention. Since your meter goes down whenever you don't tackle them, it will come a time in which you complete a mission and your meter goes down instead of up because a larger number of missions dissapeared while you were busy doing one. That's right: even progression hinders progression.

This is definitely the worst of the Spider-Man games. It's still playable, but the irritating parts more often than not outweight the good ones.



Dreadjaws commented on Thomas Was Alone Creator Responds To Nintendo ...:

Just because you edited the word "stupid" and replaced it with "silly" it doesn't mean you didn't use it. You know administrators for the site can see the original comments, do you? Oh... you didn't... Funny how you so easily revealed yourself to be a coward who pretends not to have done something when that something doesn't suit his ill needs.

Thanks for making my points so easy to prove. All you had to do was own that. Admit it and say "Yeah, maybe that wasn't a smart thing to do". Instead you decided it would be best if you pretended you didn't do it. Ho, boy, you have achieved a new low in internet trolling.

Anyway, SEGA, yeah, what a great example of a company that makes great decisions. And Microsoft, of course, a company that everyone regards as the pinnacle of customer-caring, right? Oh, no, wait... my sources here tell me that SEGA's bad decisions actually caused them to having to stop making consoles and it looks like the only games they sell well these days are the older ones... And about Microsoft, can you believe it? It seems people hate them and the entire reason they thrive is third-party support. And apparently their reveal of their new console has been met with disdain all over the world.

Huh, who could say that... It's almost as if the people who make bad decisions are only the ones known for making bad decisions...

So, in any case, since you so easily demonstrated you are a terrible loser and clearly have no intention to use any bit of intelligence, I say goodbye to you. It has been fun to meet with someone so low in the scale of internet userdom. I'd say I'd use you as a fine example of what no one should strive to be, but I'll most likely forget all about you within a week. Farewell, unlogic master.

Edit: Also, you could have replaced the "you're" with "your" when you replaced "stupid" with "silly logic", but I guess no one is going to doubt you'd make the mistake of actually writing it like that.



Dreadjaws commented on Thomas Was Alone Creator Responds To Nintendo ...:


Kid? Me? You're the one who thinks is smarter because he uses emoticons. Also, no, I didn't prove your point (specially since you so selectively quote me out of context, brilliant move there, genius, further specially since everyone can see my actual comment up there), and no, it's not the same logic pirates use. But I wouldn't expect you to know what logic means, since you're clearly unaware of what that is.

Let's take a look at your way of discussing: you start with faux logic, misconceptions and outright lies. Then you ignore absolutely every bit of actual information that contradicts your points. Then you put words in the mouth of your interlocutor that he never said nor implied. Then you proceed to insult him and finish your comment with a happy face as if that somehow proves your point.

Yeah, and I'm the kid here...

But I'll humor you one more time. Let's pretend for a moment you're not just a troll and you're actually as ignorant as you pretend to be instead of just a jerk who fails to understand everything he reads due to his monumental ego. If copyright infringement by LPers was such a huge problem why is Nintendo only enforcing it on Youtube? Why is only Nintendo who enforces it and no other companies whose games are featured in LPs? Why only now when LPs have existed for several years?

Maybe it's because LPs don't infringe copyright as much as you believe? Maybe because everyone else realize LPs are much more beneficial than ad revenue (what with LPs actually selling millions of games while ad revenue is just pennies)? Maybe because alienating your fanbase just because you can is a crappy idea? Oh, I don't know, clearly you're the expert in all subjects.

Here, let me see if I can do it too... Edit. Oh, I could! Now I have reached internet level 2, like you! So much joy!



Dreadjaws commented on Thomas Was Alone Creator Responds To Nintendo ...:


So, I guess you have no plans on using logic here, ever. No matter how many emoticons you add, you're not going to suddenly start being right until you are capable of understanding basic concepts.

I'm not even going to point out the obvious reasons why Nintendo wouldn't simply ask for ad revenue if these things were illegal instead of shutting them down and/or suing (the same reasons, say, Disney doesn't go to bootleg DVD sellers on the street and ask them for the money of their sales instead of sending those people to jail), but I am going to point out what I've been saying all the time but people like you keep ignoring: IT DOESN'T MATTER if Nintendo has the legal rights or not, the thing that's being discussed here is if this is a good idea or not, and IT ISN'T.

But it's OK, go live in your fantasy world where laws are simple enough for people without the capability of logical reasoning to understand in one reading and leave me to be in the real world, where we don't have it so easy.



Dreadjaws commented on Thomas Was Alone Creator Responds To Nintendo ...:

First of all "All caps"? I guess your tendency to exaggerate issues doesn't restrict to copyright laws.

Second, what LPers are doing is not illegal. At all. Stop pretending it is in order to further your already ridiculous agenda. I already explained why it's also an entirely different thing from piracy but you keep using faux logic in order to find common ground between the two. Clearly you're too stubborn to listen to reasons.

And I see the basic gist of what you said before. It's still false and ridiculous. I'm a Harry Potter fan but I don't believe in magic in real life: I don't think repeating something ridiculous a lot of times is going to make it become true.

Also, that "Deal with it" thing recently got someone fired for also being ridiculous against gamers. I'd watch myself in your place.



Dreadjaws commented on Thomas Was Alone Creator Responds To Nintendo ...:


"So I repeat, my point comparing software pirates and LP makers was in the sense that they both make wonky claims as to why Nintendo should look the other away and allow them to monetize IP's and copyrighted material that they do not own."

I don't see how anything I said somehow proves I didn't understand this. Your point is weak and baseless (not to mention ridiculous), and nothing I said implies I didn't understand it, I just don't agree with it. I already explained why pirates and LPers are different. Your extremely generalizing and very selective sentence wording could also be used to explain why horses and toilets are the same: "Neither of them has wings and when you sit in one in front of other people you might be laughed at".

Point being, pirates download/copy a game without permission so they can play it without having to pay for it. LPers use a game THEY ALREADY PAID FOR in order to make videos/web pages that ENCOURAGE people to PURCHASE THOSE GAMES. Quite a different story. And the entire process takes time, effort and creativity. THAT'S what they are getting paid for with the ad revenue. Not for the pictures of the game as you love to claim, but for all the work they put into it.



Dreadjaws commented on Thomas Was Alone Creator Responds To Nintendo ...:

Fair enough, I read that one thing wrong. So? It still comes to the fact that you people are trying to make this problem about something is not. No one here is arguing if Nintendo has or not the legal right about this. You keep insisting on that as if that was the thing people are discussing, and it's not. Stop trying to veer the conversation into the only direction you can follow.

What's being argued here is if this is a GOOD IDEA, and it's not. And no, while I'm usually a Nintendo defender, I certainly believe they dropped the ball on this one and they don't know what they're doing (as I clearly said, not the entire company, just the ones responsible for this decision).

Why? Very simple. Whatever amount of money they can gain with that ad revenue is completely insignificant to them (specially considering that Youtube ad revenue is particularly low), yet it means a lot to LPers. They're clearly not doing this for money, they're doing it to enforce a rule that is detrimental to them. They're, AGAIN, making themselves look bad in the public's face and losing a quite obcious benefit in order to stop a crime that isn't happening.

It doesn't matter if they have the law on their side. EA also has the law on their side when they sell a barebones 1-2 hour game filled with draconian DRM at full price and then separately sell the rest of the game in dozens of 10-20 $ DLC, but no one likes them for it.



Dreadjaws commented on Thomas Was Alone Creator Responds To Nintendo ...:


Yeah, and I see by your comments you love to pretend playing games and watching movies are the same thing. They are not. Not remotely enough to justify such a thing. Furthermore, you don't seem to know much about copyright laws. According to you, game reviews wouldn't even be possible because they don't remove audio or graphics.

"The general consensus is that less LPs means less games sold."

The general consensus is that people who use toothpaste are secretly vampires. See? I can pull information out of my butt too. I have no idea if you made that up or someone else did and you believed him, but not only it isn't true, it's the exact opposite of true: LPs help sell games. Heck, this very article holds evidence of that.

The problem here is that the people at Nintendo who made that decision seem as out of touch with reality as you are. Games are NOT THE SAME as movies or music. They are interactive and they play out differently for each person, even those games with very few decisions. If I watch a movie, I've watched the movie and seen everything it has to offer. If I watch someone play a game, I still haven't played the game and no amount of LPs watched is going to change that.

I have no idea of the rules of the parallel universe you seem to live in, but in this one the fun of videogames comes from playing them, not from watching someone else play them. Oh, yes, there ARE people who have fun watching instead of playing. Those people, though, are not gamers and, as such, weren't going to buy games anyway. So, this decision Nintendo has made is set to destroy goodwill among consumers in order to mantain a market that doesn't exist.

As I said it before, Nintendo might have the legal right to do this, but no one is arguing that. What we're arguing is that is a ridiculously bad idea that can do nothing but harm both them and their customer base.



Dreadjaws commented on Thomas Was Alone Creator Responds To Nintendo ...:


I absolutely disagree with your comment that claims Nintendo doesn't need these videos for advertising. They more than definitely need them, considering how bad at advertising they've become lately. Haven't you noticed how many people don't even know the Wii U is a different console than the Wii instead of an accessory?

An LP is very, VERY different from piracy, for several reasons. For instance, unlike what you claim, what makes LP interesting is definitely the commentary. If people want to see game footage, they'll look for game footage, not for LPs.

Furthermore, a game is an interactive experience, very different from a video or a song. It's different for everyone. Watching footage from a game is not going to satisfy a person who wants to play it. If you think watching a game being played is the same as playing it then you know absolutely nothing about gaming and I don't know what you're doing in this place.

People watch videos of a game being played to see if the gameplay interests them. They watch LPs to see what that particular player does or say. But if they want to play a game, they'll play the game. Watching the video is not going to replace playing the game. But if the game interests them after watching the video, they're definitely going to play it. The idea that a person will watch a Let's Play INSTEAD of playing the game is, at best, really dumb.

Yeah, Nintendo might have the legal upper-hand here, but what they intend to do is a terrible idea.



Dreadjaws commented on Miiverse: Super Metroid - Too Taxing For Today...:

And so it begins. The age that many movies/TV series predicted, in which people are so accustomed to being hand-held by technology that when it eventually rises against its masters, they'll be absolutely helpless to fight back.



Dreadjaws commented on Review: Scribblenauts Unlimited (3DS):

I got the PC version the other day on sale on Amazon for U$S 7.40 or so, and I almost regret paying so little (almost ). It's glorious, and the object creator is wonderful. I can't stop playing with my Darth Vader.



Dreadjaws commented on Goodbye Galaxy Games Responds To Renegade Kid'...:

Piracy is a big thing in my country. There are pirated games being sold in legitimate stores, and this all comes from a complete lack of care about the videogame industry.

Check this: every CD, DVD or Blu Ray for everything that's not a videogame doesn't have import taxes, but videogames do, and it's a 60% tax on the price of the game+shipment, which means a U$S 60 game ends up costing about U$S 100.

This means one thing: original games are very rarely sold here. The only way to get them is to import them yourself. That means, since games are not sold here, they get pirated. You would think the prices of the few originals would go down in order to attract more customers, but you'd be wrong.

As it is now, people don't buy originals and buy pirated instead. But the exhorbitant prices would mean that even if there were no pirated games available, people still wouldn't buy originals. The problem is that people are note educated in this matter, and buy games because they're being sold cheap. Most have no idea what piracy means, and those who do rarely care because they've been raised in a place that doesn't do much to push the legitimate products.

It's really difficult to convince people to purchase originals instead of pirating (I myself have only been able to convince a couple), but the videogame industry itself is not making things any easier.



Dreadjaws commented on Review: James Bond: 007 Legends (Wii U):

I just recently got Goldeneye for the Wii and I'm really enjoying it. A shame about this game, since Skyfall raised my latent Bond fanatism and had this been any good it would have made a great entry in my library, along the also-recently purchased Bond 50 Blu Ray set.



Dreadjaws commented on Nintendo Says The Play Limit On Demos Is Set B...:

Well, I absolutely disagree with the limit. I mean, yeah, the usual excuse is that people will rarely, if ever, need 30 times. And that's true, but it's not the problem. The problem is that they're restricting players for no valid reason. It doesn't matter if it doesn't really affect us, it's shows disrespect for us.

It's the same that online activation DRM in PC games. People will say "It's only a couple of seconds, it doesn't really affect you", but they're also missing the point. It's not about the time, it's about the reason.



Dreadjaws commented on 18-Rated Content on Wii U eShop Only Accessibl...:

@akabenjy "honestly what 18-30 goes to bed before 11pm? Seriously it's 3:00AM here and I'm just going to bed."

Who goes to bed at that time? How about responsible adults who work early next day? If you have a different job schedule (heck, if you even have a job), then good for you, but the great majority of people who keep a country running do it because they rise early, and they don't have the luxury of staying so late.

I really think this is dumb behavior. Not only it does absolutely nothing to prevent minors downloading a mature game (specially since an adult was needed to purchase it anyway), but it's a hindrance on working adults. It's like DRM, it only hurts legitimate users while doing nothing to prevente illegitimate use.

I love Nintendo, but I refuse to defend this practice, because it's stupid.



Dreadjaws commented on Capcom Announce Street Fighter X Mega Man:

@WaveBoy What is wrong with you? Rom hack looking game? It looks better than the Megaman game Capcom made this year. And in fact, with the little emphasis Capcom is putting into gameplay, any fan with basic programming knowledge can churn out a better game than them these days.

Also, Jogurt was taking a jab Capcom, so he's probably not on your side.



Dreadjaws commented on Review: Ninja Gaiden (3DS eShop / NES):

I don't know why so many complains about VC games on the 3DS. I think they look better than ever! Maybe you people have sight problems. I think higher resolution games look worse on smaller screens, since they're much more detailed and you might miss stuff.

But these games? They look and play great.



Dreadjaws commented on Simple Workaround Allows You To Play Wii U Gam...:

Well, when I get my Wii U I'm getting an external hard drive for it. There's no reason for me to care about SD card support for a console that's not portable. I mean, if I have to take the console somewhere else, I can't fit it in my pocket, so an SD card for extra storage is not precisely convenient.

The 3DS, on the other hand, is an entirely different thing. If I was forced to use an external hard drive for it, it would be ridiculously inconvenient.



Dreadjaws commented on Review: Fallblox (3DS eShop):

I loved the original Pushmo, and while I still haven't finished it (as SheldonRandoms mentioned, some puzzles had flabbergasted me for more than just hours, but actually days and even weeks, and, to be fair, my new job schedule made things harder), I'm really close to do it and I'm getting this one as soon as I can.



Dreadjaws commented on Review: Thundercats (DS):

I don't know why you guys had hopes for this one. It was pretty clear from the beggining it was going to be just like those Power Rangers GBA games. I mean, I loved the show too, and I don't think all licensed games are bad, but this one had "generic button masher" written all over it.

Heck, I think that's the exact same expression I used when I saw a preview of it, maybe on this site or another one.



Dreadjaws commented on Pokédex 3D Pro Tops 3DS eShop Chart in North ...:

I'm surprised Plants vs. Zombies is even on that list. I mean, sure, it's an addictive and amazing game, but the DSiWare version of it is probably the poorest one of all, and one of the most expensive ones.

I mean, the game is out for all platforms. Heck, I think I have it in my microwave oven. The eShop version of the game must be the only one I don't have. Unless you only have a 3DS and absolutely no other electronic device capable of gaming in your house, I don't see why people would choose this option.

Also, while Mario's Picross is an amazing game, I think it's so high on the list due to the fact that it's free for Club Nintendo members this month.



Dreadjaws commented on Pro-Putt Domo Is The Latest Downloadable Treat...:

" members surely unable to complain about a lack of variety in their rewards."

Well, since there have been Golf games as rewards lately I can perfectly complain. I already have golf games and I barely play them.



Dreadjaws commented on Review: Style Savvy: Trendsetters (3DS):

I had assumed this was going to get a low score but I'm really surprised. I guess it's one of those really addictive simulation games. Not my cup of tea, since I pretty much hate the fashion world, but I understand people liking it.



Dreadjaws commented on Nyko Experiences Power Outage, No Longer Relea...:

Seriously, guys, as Mario_Party_Fan_999 stated, "Power Outage" is just a play on words. Granted, from reading just the title I got the impression that Nyko had suffered a power outage in their factory and couldn't get the 3DS Power Grip Pro manufactured on time, but reading the article I realized the truth: They're not releasing it at all and they don't give any reasons for it.

Which is a shame, because I was definitely looking forward to it. It looks better than the original CPP and it comes with extra battery, so you don't need to switch between two different accesories when you go out with your 3DS.

I also don't think the 3DS XL is the culprit. There has to be another reason... Maybe they DID get a power outage?



Dreadjaws commented on Talking Point: Games That Need Wii U - Residen...:

I liked Resident Evil 6. I think it's much better than 5 and it certainly doesn't deserve the hate it's receiving. Most of the complaints are about things RE5 did far worse and that game got nothing but high scores.

That being said, if you didn't like RE4, you're probably not going to like this one.



Dreadjaws commented on First Impressions: Assassin's Creed III:

I'm planning to get both a Wii U and Assassin's Creed III, though I don't know if I'll wait for the Wii U version of the game. After all, who knows when I'll be getting the Wii U, since preordering from where I live it's not precisely easy, specially with it being either sold out or overpriced (Amazon has the Deluxe pack at 600 dollars and the regular at almost 500! WTF?!?).



Dreadjaws commented on Egads, The Castlevania Movie Adaptation Is Act...:

@LavaTwilight There have been werewolves in every Castlevania game I've ever played, including the first one ever made. I'm not sure if you even know what Castlevania is.

Anyway, color me skeptical for this one. On the one hand, I'm sure people have learned the lesson and stopped giving video game movies rights to Uwe Boll. On the other hand, every time I think Hollywood can't make anything more stupid, they surprise me by actually doing it. I shouldn't be surprised anymore, but they always catch me off-guard.



Dreadjaws commented on Super Mario 3D Land Clone Hits iPhone, and Loo...:

I don't care how laws view this, it's too blatant a copy for anyone to have a case for it being just a coincidence. Anyone who watches those thumbnails for a second will confuse it with a Mario game. We're not talking about some relatively obscure franchise like Kingdom Hearts.

Everyone inside the gaming world will recognize Mario and many people outside too. There's no way this thing won't be taken down from the App store.



Dreadjaws commented on Sorry, But GBA Games Aren't Coming To The 3DS ...:

there are people who live in other countries (shocking, huh?), where getting GBA games is hard, and importing them is expensive.

And many people sold their previous systems either to be able to afford the new ones or for any other reason. Up until NDS lite, these consoles played GBA cartdriges, but now they don't anymore.

What we ask for is convenience. Even if we were willing to purchase an older console, we'd still have to deal with even more space-consuming cases and such. We prefer digital because it's convenient.



Dreadjaws commented on Rumour: Death's Apprentice Heading to Wii U in...:

Come on, guys, this is too obviously a joke. If you think people wouldn't purchase a domain name just to make a prank you must be new on the internet.

Not only are those the sprites that come with the RPG Maker, but the entire claim and story is too clearly a parody. I think they just are after the free publicity you're giving them, like that guy with the Youtube video the other time.



Dreadjaws commented on Mythical Pokémon Genesect to be Distributed t...:

I like the fact that this has to be downloaded through the console instead of having to go to a store or event. Now, when it says "if you're in the US" does it mean you have to be physically there or your console has to be US regionalized? Because if it's the former, then it's still useless to me. I have an american console with a US account, but I live in South America.



Dreadjaws commented on What Not To Do With Your Brand New 3DS XL:

I'm pretty sure this guy is exclusively after what everyone here is giving him: publicity. Surely many of you will be linking to this video and tell your pals "Hey, look at this moron!", letting him gatter thousands of hits. His plan has definitely worked.

If you don't think there's people who are willing to throw money to the fire for publicity or that he won't use that publicity to make that money (and more) back then you must be new to the internet.



Dreadjaws commented on Rookie Developer Shepherding Mass Effect 3 Ont...:

I already have the PC version, so I don't care about this, specially since this is the game that made me not want to purchase any more Bioware games. But seriously, this situation has always puzzled me: why the heck are they bringing only the last game of a story-heavy trilogy to a console that won't have access to the first two?

I can understand it with games like Final Fantasy or Castlevania, for which the sequels follow a similar storyline but with different characters and in different locations but don't really continue the story of the previous games. This is like releasing Back to the Future 3 in cinemas without having released the first two.

Besides, seeing how this game is the low point of the trilogy story-wise, it won't do much of an effort in making people want to play the previous ones, and even those few who do find themselves curious will be hunting for different consoles or a PC in order to play them. Why the heck did Nintendo think this would be a good idea?



Dreadjaws commented on First Impressions: ZombiU:

Well, it seems someone is actually caring about making Survival Horror games, unlike "others"... (cough*Capcom*cough).

Anyway, the game looks interesting, and the retrieve-corpse-and-get-loot-back mechanic is similar to the one in hack and slash games (though with the twist of having to fight your old corpse), so it's nothing someone can't adapt to. Though I really want to know if this game retains another hack and slash mechanic: being able to save the moment you quit the game.



Dreadjaws commented on Rumour: Wii U Price Reveal Coming Tomorrow:

Car navigator? What, can you use the gamepad to remote control you car from your house? Or does it come with a car plug to make the pad work as a GPS? Or are they talking about racing games?