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United States

Fri 25th Nov 2011

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drake9000 commented on The Sims 3:

Don't knock it before you try it ,i now got this game and its a pleasure to play.



drake9000 commented on Review: The Sims 3 (3DS):

Man,I hate ppl nocking this game, this is a great review,but the sims 3 3ds ( please understand this) will ¨NEVER¨ ¨EVER¨ live up to the pc version.Its not a cd but a chip with small storage space!

who has played the iphone or ds version knows this game is better. ( I know from experience -_-) I have the game and its a joy taking care of my sim on a portable system.<3

I do understand that the map is limited two only two handful of areas , But that doesn't limit the ingame possibilities.

I guess what im trying to say is ¨Please give this game a chance¨ I love the game to death(I can put it down) and I still play the pc version. Tell me this who said you have to pick only one!!!

listen to me,if you never played any sims before get it and try it out ( if you love it get it on pc), for you guys who played sims games on pc and judge this game becuase of the difference in verity and volume, Do Not RUIN the next generation of gamers experience with what “WAS” . Before you lesson to this review lesson to me. i know this sites ratings scale and i believe for a fact that this game is a few points above average.