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Sun 20th January, 2008

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Drake commented on Review: Advance Wars (Wii U eShop):

@WiiULoveGBA Sounds absolutely fine to me!

It is however worth noting that all screenshots (Both those Nintendo released and those people posted on Miiverse) seem to be darker than the game actually looks, so don't let those fool you.



Drake commented on Month Of Kong: Tropical Freeze Composer David ...:

Honestly, if I had to pick a greatest videogame composer of all time, it'd probably be David Wise. I was kind of worried he'd have lost his touch after all these years, but no, Tropical Freeze's soundtrack is just as good or maybe even better than DKC2's.



Drake commented on Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies Proves That Cap...:

There's a bunch of spelling/grammar mistakes in pretty much every single Ace Attorney game, but I definitely noticed a lot more here than in the others. Case 2 seems especially riddled with them, the rest have a bunch as well though.



Drake commented on Talking Point: The Steam Gaming Machines Are A...:

Love Steam, I've got nearly 700 games on it, but I'm not so sure this will be too useful, considering the amount of games it has that simply play better with a mouse and keyboard. Pricing will be everything, I reckon.



Drake commented on Video: Let's Play DuckTales: Remastered - Epis...:

@Ernest_The_Crab You're actually supposed to move on and come back later with a boulder chasing you to have it destroy the rocks, but the way the game has been programmed is that anything that is not on-screen doesn't really "exist". They also specifically programmed stuff to not appear out of thin air, so what you can do there is move just far enough away for a block to disappear, and then immediately move back to prevent it from reappearing.

The only problem is you have to do it for every individual rock (Except one which doesn't need to be removed) so it can take a while to get the whole opening open.



Drake commented on Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Approache...:

It may have come out last, but the Steam version's the one for me - Half the price of the other versions, 3 exclusive characters (And they're actual characters, not just "yourself"), lots of settings and, of course, modding opportunities. What's not to like?



Drake commented on Game of the Year: Nintendo Life's Staff Awards...:

I think I'm one of the few staff members that didn't have a single Nintendo game in their 3DS top 3.

Personally, I thought practically everything Nintendo released for it this year was disappointing in some way, I'm one of those who can't stand the controls in Kid Icarus, Mario Tennis was good but certainly not top 3 worthy, NSMB2 is perhaps the most boring NSMB yet (Whereas U is the best), and Paper Mario was a repetitive mess to me.

In the end, my top 3 was Resident Evil Revelations, Virtue's Last Reward and Rhythm Thief.



Drake commented on Capcom Hopes To Bring Entire NES Mega Man Seri...:

I really hope they release the Game Boy games first. The NES games are already available on Wii VC and as part of the Anniversary Collection, why release them yet again before giving games that have never been rereleased a chance?



Drake commented on Review: La-Mulana (WiiWare):

Unfortunately it really seems like the lack of DLC is completely Nintendo's fault, adding it to the main game would've made it too big for WiiWare and Nintendo of Europe/America apparently didn't want the game to have DLC.

Like others have said, if you want the complete package get it on Playism or vote for it to be on Steam (Actually, do that anyway).



Drake commented on Preview: Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon:

@Tethers: The controls are pretty much the same as in the original, just adapted to fit the 3DS. You should be able to get the hang of them very quickly if you played the first game. I mentioned the bug to a Nintendo rep at the event, so they should be aware.



Drake commented on Nigoro: Still a Chance for La-Mulana on WiiWare:

Anybody who absolutely wants to have everything there is (Plus the ability to mod the game) should just get it on PC, that version's out this Friday, while it's not even sure if the WiiWare version will see the light of day.

The DLC is nice (Though brutally difficult, trust me), but even without it the game will be amazing.



Drake commented on E3 2012: Trine 2 On the Way to Wii U:

Not as good as the original if you ask me, it sure looks great, but you basically just do the exact same one or two things over and over to solve every puzzle. And you can just completely cheese your way through it in multiplayer.



Drake commented on Review: Metal Slug 3 (Wii Virtual Console / Ne...:

I mentioned the Anthology in my review of the first Metal Slug when that was released on VC, but yeah, it's been out of print for a while now and I don't want to keep bringing up the same thing every time.

Plus, the Anthology versions of the games aren't as well done as they are on VC, they've got some loading times, a bit of music delay (Music starting later than it should) and no Classic Controller support. And, if you play with a sideways Wii remote, you need to shake it to throw grenades, no thanks.



Drake commented on Interview: Nigoro on La-Mulana's Cancellation:

I believe Mr. Naramura insists on answering interviews in English (Unless it's a Japanese interview to begin with), it's obviously not perfect, but it's completely understandable and he's clearly trying to improve it.



Drake commented on La-Mulana:

It's not, it just says that they can't release accurate sales data until the game has been released outside Japan.