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Wed 13th August, 2014

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dragon_warrior1 commented on Poll: We Need to Talk About amiibo - Where Do ...:

My opinion is that Amiibo's are a way of selling content cut from the original game. Its worse than DLC because of supply issues, scalpers and even at retail price they're too expensive. Because the word DLC is not used with features specific to Amiibo the reviews seem less sceptical of Amiibo exclusive content at launch than they are of launch day DLC.



dragon_warrior1 commented on NPD Survey Outlines Bright Future For amiibo A...:

I don't like Amiibo. In the case of Sm4sh if you want to battle a CPU harder than level 9 then you have to buy an Amiibo for that character. With Splatoon the Amiibo's unlock missions which you need to play in order to unlock certain equipment. To me it seems that Nintendo have found a way to make us purchase content cut from the original game while avoiding all the negativity associated with the word DLC. I haven't bought any Amiibo's (yet), but as they say you vote with your wallet and it seems I'm in a minority. Then again given that its taken Nintendo 4 years to make a profit then perhaps until they can pick up their sales with a broader audience once again perhaps these things are neccesary for the time being (though I don't see Ninty giving them up just because a minority don't like them).



dragon_warrior1 commented on Mario Kart 8 DLC Pack 2 Available to Download ...:


If you don't like the DLC you don't have to. We're all gamers here and we're all allowed to have our own opinions. I agree with your criticisms on the Cheese Land track. I think the reason people are upset is because of the expressions used in the post. Try starting off the post by saying "Well most of us are going to have a lot of fun with this DLC pack, but personally I didn't like it and here's why..."

Perhaps for Ribbon Road you could say

Well I'm not fond of Super Circiut tracks to begin with. To me it doesn't seem like anything interesting happens on this track, and the wide road allows for very easy dodging. With that said it does have good music.

I just want you to know how to express unpopular opinions without getting all the backlash that comes with it.



dragon_warrior1 commented on Mario Kart 8 DLC Pack 2 Available to Download ...:

Just got 3 stars in the two new DLC cups in 150cc mirror. I played one cup at 200cc and its really fast. Got a gold medal with 0 stars. Rather than trying to get 3 stars right away I'm going to wait for the pros to decide on what the best character and cart combinations are.



dragon_warrior1 commented on Splatoon Release Date, Modes and amiibo Inform...:

As much as I want this game I'm probably not going to buy it because in my experience the online multiplayer with Smash is too laggy to be enjoyable. Sad to say because has been my most anticipated game this year. A multiplayer focused game just isn't going to be fun online with a 1-2 second delay; though depending on where you live this may or may not apply. As for the Amiibos, well would you pay the same price that the amiibo costs for DLC that gives the features the amiibos provide? I wouldn't.



dragon_warrior1 commented on Nintendo Announces Next amiibo Waves And Asks ...:

I voted for Princess Aurora. Child of light was my absolute favourite game of last year. Like Robin she has magic so she's not another sword fighter and she has wings so she can fly like Pit.

I wanted to vote for Uchiha Sasuke, but to be realistic he's not going to make it.



dragon_warrior1 commented on 3DS Homebrew Hacker Makes Progress on New Nint...:

I dont see myself hacking my 3DS because of issues with software updates and online features. With that said I would like a region free 3DS because importing games from the US is often cheaper than buying them in Australia. Also I'm one of the very few (hate me for this, I dont care) people who use backup loaders ONLY for games I own a legit copy of. I have a preference for physical carts over digital downloads and I like to keep my stuff in mint condition.