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Sun 20th January, 2008

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Don commented on Nintendo Download: 23rd October (North America):

What's missing-DKC and DKL games, Super Mario Bros GBC deluxe, Brain Age and Game and Watch Gallery 3. At least bring Super Mario RPG to NA VC while we wait for VC games released in EU and JP.



Don commented on All New DuckTales is Coming to Wii U:

I would download this on the Wii U but since Nintendo only ties downloads to consoles and not accounts I'll just download this to my Xbox 360 instead. Too bad for you Nintendo :)



Don commented on You Can't Use Your Wii Virtual Console Saves W...:

That's actually good news for me. I've used all 3 files in Super Mario World and Zelda Link to the Past but don't want to erase a file to start a new game. Now I can have 3 more files to play with for $1.50 more.



Don commented on Crystal Dynamics Explains Why Tomb Raider Isn'...:

The real reason this game isn't coming to Wii U: Samus is jealous of all the attention Lara has been getting from male gamers so she bribed the developers to not let it come to the Wii U. That way she can have all the male Nintendo gamers to herself. Samus did the same to Joanna Dark by convincing Microsoft to buy Rareware from Nintendo.



Don commented on Nintendo Download: 18th April 2011 (North Amer...:

OMG I remember renting this game back in the day and used the infinite energy cheat on Game Genie when I started not knowing that I am supposed to die in the first boss battle. I shot at the boss a million times and was thinking to myself "why won't this thing die?!" and hated this game because of it. Later I found out that I was meant to die in the first boss that was why I couldn't kill it.



Don commented on Super Bonk:

I want a European Wii so I can download these VC games!



Don commented on Super Mario Collection Special Pack Revealed:

"Nintendo doesn't care aboit non-asian people. Seeing all the stuff we've missed out on over the years it really makes me wonder why I still support them."

I don't see them releasing a lot of Nintendo games in China, Vietnam, Cambodia, and the Philippines.



Don commented on Japanese Virtual Console list - September 2009:

I thought Final Fantasy V would be on the list considering there had been one released each month since May. Also no Nintendo 64 games, that probably means no N64 for EU in September as well though NA may get Super Smash Bros.



Don commented on Super Star Wars:

"All three games will be released during August."

What makes you so sure Bass X0?



Don commented on Nintendo Download: Kindred Spirits, Rock N' Ro...:

WOW! Super Star Wars was COMPLETELY unexpected! That more than makes up for the poor VC releases of the last two months since we can anticipate more treats from LucasArts like Rogue Squadron for N64.



Don commented on Another Legendary Starfy Commercial:

Do buy this game! The developers said that they'll bring over the previous 4 Starfy games that are released in Japan only if this sells well here.