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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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Don commented on Metroid: Zero Mission Looks Set for a 14th Jan...:

Currently: European gamers complain about not having Super Mario Advance 1 and 2 while North American gamers complain about not having Super Mario RPG and Kirby Mass Attack. The Chinese and Indians gamers complain about not having any VC games to download while the Japanese gamers complain about having too many VC games to download. The Martians way out complain about not having any gaming devices to download VC games on.



Don commented on Get Ready for Light Gun Action in This Week's ...:

Don't quite understand why some people want Mario RPG over these VC games. These games have never been released on VC before and you can still download Mario RPG on the Wii shop channel on the Wii menu.



Don commented on Nintendo Download: 31st December (North America):

No thanks I rather play a VC game that takes me down Midas River, into Moleville mines and up Booster Hills and into Smithy's factory than on an icy slope. NOA you fail, can't they just make Reggie retire already?



Don commented on Super Mario Galaxy May Arrive on the North Ame...:

Oh how sweet, thank you so much NOA for releasing a game I could just buy a physical copy of at the same price instead of releasing those obsolete hard to find in store games that nobody wants such as SMRPG or Metroid Zero Mission. NOA you have the best VC releases out of all regions and Reggie you rock making sure we get the best VC releases.



Don commented on Medabots: Metabee and Rokusho Arrive on the Wi...:

Why is EU always getting better VC and earlier new game releases (Mario & Luigi Paper Jam, Yoshi's Woolly World) than NA? Must be karma for NA getting all the SNES RPGs that missed EU market in the 90s.



Don commented on Nintendo Download: 25th December (North America):

Ok I hate to complain but wasn't Super Mario Bros DX for VC free as a promotion of some sort in EU? So in NA we have to pay for it? Not to mention EU gamers also got Brain Age DS VC title for free as well and if it hits VC here it most likely won't be free. Could Reggie just step down as have someone equivalent of Nintendo EU CEO take his place? It's really unfair they give free VC games in another region and here we get them much later and have to pay for what was free elsewhere.



Don commented on Nintendo Download: 23rd October (North America):

What's missing-DKC and DKL games, Super Mario Bros GBC deluxe, Brain Age and Game and Watch Gallery 3. At least bring Super Mario RPG to NA VC while we wait for VC games released in EU and JP.