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Dodger commented on Feature: Time For a Super Smash Bros. New Chal...:

Some rather interesting background events are in these screenshots.

Zelda: What is she doing with that phantom? Moveset? Final Smash? Item? Maybe more information has been given and I missed it. I always thought they could make a Toon Zelda character in Brawl and base it around Tetra/Spirit Tracks Zelda. Give her pirate themed attacks and add the phantom as a final smash.

Mario: Darn it. FLUDD is back. I was seriously hoping they would reconsider Mario's moveset. He was one of my least favorite characters in Brawl and Melee. Heavy, no range and FLUDD is useless. He is nothing like he is in Mario games. Galaxy, for example, is a game where it is very rewarding to more around and fight enemies.

Wii Fit Trainer: Male Wii Fit Trainer is a confirmed alternate form for Wii Fit Trainer. I always found the female version was a bit preferable to look at while doing pushups.



Dodger commented on Review: Yumi's Odd Odyssey (3DS eShop):

I think the issue with the price isn't the game not being worth $30, but with the advertising not making it clear that the game might be worth $30. I had never heard of this game series when I saw it on the eshop. I didn't know it was a puzzle platformer from the eship banner. I saw a picture of an anime girl and a high price tag. Nothing made me want to learn more until I saw this review. I would assume that others who browse the eshop might have the same experience.



Dodger commented on Super Mario RPG Command System Inspired by a L...:

Bowser's Inside Story is my favorite DS game by far. The writing is incredible and it switches from platforming to puzzle solving to turn based battling seamlessly (and sometimes just has all three at the same time). Dream Team is a blast so far even if the writing isn't as top-notch.



Dodger commented on Review: Spin the Bottle: Bumpie's Party (Wii U...:

I can't see many scenarios where you have enough people for a game like this to work where you wouldn't just decide to play Wii Sports. Maybe I'm wrong though.

Those characters in the banner look like the weird puppets from Homestuck.



Dodger commented on Satoru Iwata Cites Poor Basic Wii U Sales To R...:

@NorthLightSuplx While selling a system at a loss isn't the best case scenario, I think there is one thing that might be getting overlooked. A system is a one-time sale but once you have a system in your house, you are likely to buy many games over the next decade. Their current plan is to sell the system at a loss and count on one game but I think they could count on at least 10 games per person per year. Maybe I am wrong, but I expect that most of Nintendo's profit comes from software. If that is the case then the number of systems in houses seems more important then how much they make or do not make on each system.

Iwata isn't getting it. The basic and deluxe versions aren't really different in price. The difference is the cost of one game and you get one game. There is no reason not to get the deluxe. A system with 8gb and no game or a system with 32 gb that is $50 more and comes with a game and some accessories? Since everybody is going to buy a game with their system, this seems like a rather easy choice to me. The basic system really should be cheaper. Heck, they could get rid of it and sell the 32gb system without Nintendo Land for closer to $300 and let you choose your game.



Dodger commented on Review: Mario & Luigi: Dream Team (3DS):

I'm excited about this one. I'll buy it on the 11th and play it on the plane on the 12th. It doesn't have to be better then Bowser's Inside Story as long as it is a good game.

What I haven't liked about Sticker Star:
The puzzles (all about happening to have the right sticker),
the battles (all about having enough stickers, little complexity due to the lack of partners)
the story/characters (both almost completely charmless, especially compared to the other 3 games which had a surprising amount of depth)

What I have liked about Sticker Star:
The graphics,
the music.

Tl;dr It looks and sounds great but isn't any fun to play.



Dodger commented on New Smash Bros. to be "Something Right in Betw...:

Melee is way too heavy and fast, even compared to other "hardcore" fighters. I can play it but I don't like it as much as Brawl. Still, I'm fine with it being a bit less floaty. It really weakens characters who aren't like Link and Ike too much.

I'm a G&W main mostly because I like the floaty physics more then heavy physics. He has some great downwards approach moves, the ability to bucket break and some really great aerial attacks. That third jump that doesn't send you into a helpless state also really helps.



Dodger commented on Bethesda Has No Current Plans For Wii U or Han...:

While I'm not sure if it would run well or not, I can imagine Skyrim being fun to play with a gamepad for the inventory menus. Still, I would rather play on a PC where I can fix glitches using console commands, mod things if I want to and quicksave easily.



Dodger commented on Talking Point: The Effortless Social Charm of ...:

The online features are great except with one thing. The only good thing added in City Folk was the ability to send wii connect 24 letters to your friends. With spotpass being better then wii connect 24, it surprises me that they took that out. That would be my only complaint about the game and the online features. The best friend feature is great once you manage to actually schedule the first visit with a friend. :/



Dodger commented on Smash Bros. Director Pushing Himself "To The B...:

It sounds like a difficult task. SSB has a huge fanbase and a very noisy one too. Anything annoying will be remembered for years and years and years.

They really could stand to switch up some of the current characters (especially clone characters). There is no reason Ganondorf has to be a clone of Captain Falcon. Buff Mario. Buff Samus. Buff Link. None of those characters feel anything like they do in their games. Mario is too slow and has two moves that aren't very useful (FLUDD and cape), Samus has no fast projectiles, is almost entirely melee based and is too slow and Link is way too heavy. Wolf should be changed up or leave, 3 identical star fox characters are too many. Nerf Meta Knight. Buff Sonic. All of his moves do the same thing (not much) and he isn't that fast. I'm not saying they need to all be god-tier but a lot of their biggest franchises are really low in the tier list. If they put time into reconsidering the moves for every character, I would be fine with no new characters.

That being said, new characters would be cool. :P I think Bowser Jr. would be surprisingly unique (the only thing he would keep from Bowser is the fire breath). He is small and has been a major character in many Mario games. Tingle could be fun. He has been in several Zelda games and has had a couple games to himself. Those that don't like him could use him as a punching bag. Shulk could be fun. He could use Monado powers. I would replace Ike with an Awakening character. As Chrom would be too close to Marth, I would add Robin and have him use a mixture of swordplay and magic. I still think Mii could be a very fun character.

I would keep the new characters simple and add other requests as assist trophies. Use the assist trophies as free advertising for some of the third parties that have been very loyal to Nintendo over the past generation. Professor Layton, Maxwell from Scribblenauts, Rayman, Commander Video, Amaterasu, Etc. Also a good way to give downloadable games a cameo without a lot of work.

In the end, they don't have to add a lot of new stuff. Just get rid of some of the clunky moves from Brawl and replace them with better moves and they'll have the best SSB yet. Even if it isn't the best SSB yet, it'll be a fun game and a solid seller. No need to overthink it.



Dodger commented on Impressions: The Best Buy "Nintendo Experience":

It would have been fun (mostly for the streetpasses) but I would have had to drive down to Indianapolis with a car that needs some repairs. I thought about it, but the games on offer aren't that exciting to me.



Dodger commented on Wolfenstein: The New Order Looks Set To Skip W...:

If it is hitting next gen and current gen consoles then power-wise, there is no reason whatsoever why it couldn't run on the Wii U.

I could imagine a couple other reasons though. Nintendo and Bethseda have never really had much of a partnership in the past and you could look at that and say that a Bethseda FPS isn't likely to have much of a market on a Nintendo system (a company that spent the entire period between the Gamecube and the Wii U without a second analog stick unless you count the classic controller). You also could look at the Wii U sales numbers and decide that it isn't worth your time. I'm not saying either reason is good or bad or anything but I don't think it is power related.



Dodger commented on Nintendo 3DS Image Share Now Available To Use ...:

When my sister went to get a copy it was sold out. Tip, Gamestop sells digital codes. You don't have to use the cards. That's what she did. Another tip, check places other then gamestop for the cards. I got two $20 cards from the CVS down the road.



Dodger commented on Video: Monolith Soft's X Given More Epic Footage:

As far as being able to find Xenoblade at Gamestop, I have done it recently. You have to use the find@store feature to see where it is and then put it on hold to have any chance but it still is the cheapest option even if you have to drive a bit.

Looking forward to it. I'm curious if they can maintain the same scale while having to develop on an HD system.



Dodger commented on GungHo's CEO Wants To Surpass Nintendo's Sales...:

I expect the average sales for a mobile game are larger then the average sales for an NES, SNES, N64, Gamecube, Gameboy, Gameboy Color or gameboy advance game because of the larger market. Even so, they have a lot of catching up to do. One or ten popular games will never let them catch up given the massive amount of popular games Nintendo has made even if the sales per game are higher. Still, they are a popular company and if they exist for the next 25 to 30 years then they might come close, I guess.



Dodger commented on The Upcoming Okami Announcement Isn't For a Se...:

Well, that is kinda lame. 3DS or Wii U would be perfectly suited for Okami and to be honest, Okami is a franchise that would make me buy a Wii U. Maybe they are porting Okami HD to something else.

I don't think it would be an iOS port. If it was a 2D platformer then maybe but the controls are almost too complex for a Wii remote and nunchuck setup. There are so many different buttons needed that I can't see it being functional on an Iphone.

@Game0ver_Gavin Either has advantages. The Wii version looks fine and while the pointer controls may mess you up a few times, it isn't a hard game and they are a lot faster then using the control stick. The PSN version does look nice in HD though.



Dodger commented on Developer Interview: Ubisoft on the Expanding ...:

I really get why people are mad (I've already commented about this so I won't repeat myself) but I think supporting the developers who seem to really get how to make a good platformer and didn't make this decision should come above boycotting Ubisoft. Not by much, but the developers don't deserve to have their careers damaged over a delay.



Dodger commented on Iwata Asks Delves Into Animal Crossing: New Leaf:

I think Resetti is hilarious. Quite clever. That being said, making you type messages exactly right with capitalization and punctuation included before you move on is a bit much for little children who can't read quickly. That wasn't exactly smart. Make it a text option where you can choose to repeat it or say something else but don't confuse small children anymore then you have to.



Dodger commented on Animal Crossing: New Leaf Pricing Emerges On N...:

@Meety-cheeky I don't know about 1 (although I'm guessing unlimited times) but given that Nintendo let you transfer downloadable games from the DSi to the 3DS and from the Wii to the Wii U, I would be willing to bet they would consider that a priority in 5 or 6 years. I don't think that is your biggest worry with downloadable games. Your biggest worry is losing your system or your memory and having to rebuy it, but the same could be said of a cartridge, so I wouldn't worry too much.

Anyways, I'll be getting the downloadable version. I get downloadable versions when it is cheaper and/or when I know I'll want to play the game anytime and not want to sell it. I don't download adventure games like Luigi's Mansion 2 because sometimes I do want to sell them. Animal Crossing is not only one of my favorite franchises but a game I want to be able to play anywhere at anytime.



Dodger commented on Rayman Creator Michel Ancel "Wasn't Shocked" B...:

If it was just any old delay, it would be less frustrating. This was Ubisoft giving the finger to Nintendo. Nintendo was counting on this game. They made the (rather stupid) decision to make it the only demo on their demo kiosks. They really pushed it as an example (the example, even) of why the Wii U is worth your money. They wanted it to be a launch game. That didn't happen. Fine. Nintendo has pushed back launch titles too. So it is about to launch. One week till launch, wasn't it? They announce that it isn't a Wii U exclusive (meaning all the features about the game they hyped and said were only possible on the Wii U weren't important after all, they don't think the Wii U is going to make them enough money and they don't care about a partnership with Nintendo) and it isn't out until September. There goes the game that everyone who walked into a Gamestop, Best Buy or Walmart tried when they tried the Wii U for the first time. I can understand 30 levels not being enough to get over that kind of insult and that kind of wait.



Dodger commented on Talking Point: The Next-Gen Console War is Wii...:

@Reala I don't think it should be by the same amount as the PS3 either but I think a price cut would help.

There is a basic understanding in advertising of the way people process numbers. $299 feels cheaper then $300 and $350 feels like a lot. That's why you see so many things priced at X.99 when you go to the supermarket. People tend to round down without thinking. Placing your price in between 299 and 399 doesn't make much sense to me. Price it at $299 and count on what really makes you your profit, games.



Dodger commented on Talking Point: The Next-Gen Console War is Wii...:

@Sanquine I love Smash Bros, don't get me wrong. One of my favorite game series. But I'm trying to look at it through the eyes of a business. Galaxy sold about 10 mil, NSMBW sold about 30mil and Nintendo is making even the 3D Mario games since NSMBW more like NSMB which makes me think that Nintendo doesn't think Galaxy or SSB are in the system sellers brigade. They launched with a NSMB game, announced a Wii Fit game and have a Mario Kart and a Pokemon game in the works. I expect they see 3D Mario, Zelda and SSB as class 2 games at the moment. About 10 mil.

Of course, I could be wrong. Sales on Smash Bros. games have progressively gotten better which is surprising since the N64 game seemed to be the one that achieved the most popularity. The first one was about 5 mil, Melee was about 7 mil and Brawl was about 10 mil. (I have no idea how regularly the wikipedia article is updated on best selling games)

Of course, you can see how much more profitable the Wii was last gen by looking at sales. Microsoft has 2 games with 10 million or more sales and the PS3 has 0. I'm willing to bet that it will be a long time before any system achieves that level of popularity again, if ever.



Dodger commented on Talking Point: The Next-Gen Console War is Wii...:

@Waveboy Have you ever heard of Sturgeon's Law? I've actually found it to be a rather helpful thing to keep in mind when dealing with art in general.

It isn't really fair to knock gaming by saying that there are a lot of terrible games, especially if you've ever walked into a Barnes and Noble. Even indie games. Nobody can argue with the fact that there are many terrible indie games but there are a bunch of good ones. Braid, Bastion, Papa and Yo, the Unfinished Swan, Etc. The problem is the definition. Any Bob and Joe who make a flash platformer can now call themselves an indie developer. We can't change that, but it is rather easy to sift the flash platformers from the good stuff.



Dodger commented on Talking Point: The Next-Gen Console War is Wii...:

@Sanquine I like to think I am rather reasonable, so I'll reply. While I don't agree that nintendo fanboys would buy a box with wii painted on it (and you know that isn't true also. It was meant to be a below-the-belt jab but it is so overused that it just sounds silly, people use that to attack any group of fanboys they don't agree with), I do agree that the PS3 library is better then the Wii U library. There are a bunch of great games on the PS3. It is a bit hard to compare a system that has been around since 2006 or so to one that came out this Christmas. I would expect a Sony fan would sympathize with people saying a system is overpriced and has no games in the first couple years.

And I agree that SSB4 will probably not be a system seller. It sold about 10 mil on Wii and 7 mil on Gamecube. Great, but not incredible.



Dodger commented on Talking Point: The Next-Gen Console War is Wii...:

Games alone won't fix it. It isn't worth making games for the Wii U if they can't make a profit on the games because there aren't enough systems out there. There needs to be a balance. When they have a system seller (not pikmin 3, as much as I love the series, most people have no idea what the heck pikmin is) then also drop the price by $50 to $80.

It doesn't matter if they make a loss on the system because the system is a one time thing but they can expect at least 20 to 30 games that sell over 1 million and probably at least 10 that hit 10 million or higher, not counting third party. The Wii sold about 90 million units at a profit and I'm sure that helped but I'm willing to bet most of the profit came from the games. MKW and Wii Sports Resort were about 30mil, Wii Play, NSMBW and both Wii Fit games were above 20mil, Smash Bros and Mario Galaxy were about 10mil, I could go all the way down the list. What they don't want it to be is another gamecube (Melee at 7.09mil as the best selling game from what I can find). Gamecube had a whole bunch of great first party games but not enough people owned it. The Wii U won't be another Wii but if they release games and drop the price together then I think that will really help it not be a repeat of the Gamecube.



Dodger commented on Miyamoto: Game Development is Still About "Sta...:

Personally, I like games with a balance of story and gameplay. Gameplay is more important in that every game needs good gameplay but not every game needs a story however the games that stick with me most tend to have a memorable story in the background. A subtle story, but an interesting one. Games like Braid, Portal and Mario Galaxy 1.

I have a lot of respect for Miyamoto. He makes games right. I don't agree with his decisions on Mario Galaxy 2 (make a smaller hub world, add a completely uninteresting story that doesn't involve death or ancient protectors of the universe) or Paper Mario: The Sticker Star (add a completely uninteresting story that doesn't have any interesting or amusing characters or any really memorably moments, take focus away from the RPG battles), but those are two games.



Dodger commented on Club Nintendo Rewards Updated With Some Retro ...:

Nobody can complain about the quality of the rewards this month. The 3DS ones are rather lame, but Mario 64 and Super Metroid more then make up for it.

I have Mario 64 already so I'll pick up Super Metroid. That game has always been on my to buy list but always too low to actually get it.



Dodger commented on Inafune: Japanese Developers Are "Too Proud" A...:

Western and Japanese games can learn from each other, for sure. There are better western games then Call of Duty and better Japanese games than Final Fantasy. Learning from the good and the bad will only help.



Dodger commented on Ubisoft: Players Will Let Us Know When They've...:

If they continue to do yearly releases then the series will eventually be driven into the ground but it will survive for a bit longer. They could try not doing yearly releases and maybe keep it alive for another 20 years instead of another 5 years, but its a free country.



Dodger commented on Talking Point: What Games Are You Playing This...:

This weekend? Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon and Fire Emblem Awakening (still. My little sister and I combined are past 200 hours since launch day) mostly. Probably will watch my Dad play Twilight Princess (his first time) and maybe some Secret of Mana with my little sister. We just got it to play together after finishing NSMBW.



Dodger commented on GameStop: Wii U Marketing Strategy Has "Not Br...:

@SkywardLink98 Of course the people who pay money to buy the systems and then resell them for more in order to make a profit think it isn't selling enough when they aren't selling the systems they payed money for. I don't like using sarcasm to prove a point, but it isn't like Gamestop is getting these Wii U systems for free.

I don't think it helped that the only demo was for Rayman Legends for so long. Now there is a NSMBU demo, but still no others. Was Rayman Legends really the best game to show off the Wii U to the average gamer? Why not Nintendo Land or NSMBW from the getgo if Nintendo titles are what really sell Nintendo systems? Doesn't make sense to me.



Dodger commented on New Research Claims Wii U Success Hinges On A ...:

@Koto I'm not saying I don't believe you, but I would love to see that article. I'm curious.

First of all, I don't get why everyone is responding to anyone who says what they think would help the Wii U or what they think is keeping the Wii U from exciting the general public or even what might make the Wii U better by comparing them to people like Pachter (who often makes unintelligent, uninformed statements), assuming they think Nintendo is doomed and even attacking them for daring to think that they know better then Nintendo. Getting overly defensive isn't helpful to an honest discussion of what might help the Wii U appeal to not just the type of gamer who reads this site but the average person. I don't mind dismissing comments that Nintendo is doomed, but most of the comments about the Wii U (including that letter earlier) aren't saying that at all.

There is no one solution to making a good system. We are beyond the Gamecube/PS2/Xbox generation where nobody expected any features beyond playing games from a system. The Wii U has a decent feature set, but it could still get even better and it would only help. A partnership with Skype would rock, for example. I do think that the price is scaring away some customers. That may or may not be solved when prices are announced for the PS4/Nextbox. I still think Nintendo can count on the average Wii U owner buying many games, not just one or two. They need enough systems out there that a fraction of the people that own Wii U systems can buy a game and still have it be worth it for the developer, be it Nintendo or a third party. It is an annoying paradox, they need systems so people can play the games and games so people will buy the system. Lower the price so the system will be worth it for Nintendo Land and NSMB until there are more games. At least, that is what I would do. Use up some of the money from the Wii and DS to buy time.

Like I said, games are a huge thing. What worries me is that there aren't many games announced that seem like they will sell to all audiences. Wii Sports was fun for almost everyone. Nintendo Land isn't. My friend and I are huge Nintendo fans and have been for a long time but we weren't having any fun with Nintendo Land. We tried every game at least once for good measure and went back to playing Skyrim (because that is a good game, doesn't make me a nintendo hater). We played Wii Sports for 6 hours straight when he got a Wii.
There are some games that have sold well in the past coming to the Wii U in the next couple years, but I'm not completely convinced that it has a game that will sell systems until I see sales numbers.

Last point. I promise. I know this is a long post, but I've been saving thoughts I've had from all of these types of articles. When the 3DS was announced and over the next couple years, I didn't care much about the 3D. I was super excited because of the games. Animal Crossing, Fire Emblem, Mario Kart, Mario 3D Land, Kid Icarus, Zelda, Nintendogs, SSB4, Etc. Most of my favorite franchises were coming to 3DS and I wanted one. It took a while for it to get good, but it did. I have been treated to not only my favorite franchises but a bunch of new ones. Nothing about the Wii U excited me when it was announced and only a few games have excited me since (pikmin 3, the new Zelda, SSB4, Lego City Undercover and Scribblenauts Unlimited). Some of the features have excited me since (miiverse, google street view and the new way of doing VC, for example) but I still am not as happy about the Wii U as I am about the 3DS and I never was as excited about it as I was about the 3DS and I really wanted to be because I love Nintendo. I really want them to do well. They understand games in way no other company does.



Dodger commented on New Research Claims Wii U Success Hinges On A ...:

If the Wii U is selling at a loss but somebody buying a game makes up for it, I think they can afford to budget for everybody buying two nintendo games. I get wanting to make a profit on a system, but I don't think that is what really matters. Systems are sold once to each person but each person with a system buys a bunch of games and accessories. My family has probably spent several thousand dollars on Nintendo products over the years after buying one wii, one DSi and two 3DSes.

I don't think Microsoft is dumb. The next Xbox will likely not be as powerful as their fans hope and I doubt it will be that expensive. Sony will probably be dumb and sell the PS4 for $600 despite the fact that the Vita is struggling too. The Wii U might pick up some if it is the cheapest system.



Dodger commented on Feature: A Short History of Luigi:

I think my favorite game with Luigi in it is Bowser's Inside Story. From the moment where Luigi hops into the castle on one foot for no good reason and trips, you know you are in for something special. Luigi Galaxy was also great. I still remember when I managed to triple jump to the fountain before it was unlocked. I didn't get anything, but I spent so long trying to do that and I was quite proud. I often play as Luigi in SSBB (still a Mr. G&W main through).

I haven't played Luigi's Mansion, but I watched Chuggaaconroy's LP and I want to play it. I'm enjoying LM2 though.



Dodger commented on Review: Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (3DS):

@DSishere OK, thanks. As the online play in the wii version is shutting down, I'll pick up the 3DS version sometime. This is a game I've wanted for a while. However, I doubt I will have anyone to play local with. Is the game worth it as an entirely single-player experience? :/

I don't get why you would do the Wii U cross play anyways. If you are willing to sit down in front of your TV to play online, why not get and play the Wii U version? It'll probably have more dedicated online anyways.



Dodger commented on Review: Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (Wii U):

I'll wait for a 3DS version review as I don't have a Wii U. While I wish it had online, it still might be fun in single player. The demo was boring, but it seems everyone thought so and the entire game isn't like that. The Monster Hunter demo was still better then the pokemon mystery dungeon demo. Sit through what feels like two hours of poorly written dialog for 15 minutes of gameplay, ugh.



Dodger commented on Fire Emblem: Awakening's US Sales Are The Best...:

That's really cool. I hope it considers to sell. This isn't that bad especially since it wasn't around on launch day anywhere.

I downloaded it. I wanted it without having to switch game cards and it wasn't in any stores so I got it on launch day. I'm on my 6th playthrough now.



Dodger commented on GameStop: Wii U Will Need Great First Party Ti...:

Pikmin isn't going to be a system seller no matter how great it will be. Get SSB, get Wii Fit, get a 3D Mario and get a Zelda. Most of all, get a Wii Sports game. Nintendo Land isn't going to get people excited the way Wii Sports did.

Also, despite the fact that the system will be at a super loss, I think a price cut might help. Making a profit on the system doesn't matter or not if you don't have it in any houses. If getting good sales on a game requires selling it to pretty much every system owner then you are probably not going to make a profit.



Dodger commented on Launch of Professor Layton's Final Adventure F...:

I'm glad to see a series end gracefully for once. I like Professor Layton even though I've only played Unwound Future and Last Specter. Unwound Future would be on my list of best DS games, if not best games I've ever played. The story was incredible and there was so much to do. Last Specter was a bit underwhelming. It never got as hard as Unwound Future and ended just as it did get difficult. I'll probably pick up the entire series at some point.