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The hero of many fictional worlds.

Male, 18, United States

Dodger is an almost-adult who plays video games. He is from the American Midwest, but is currently stuck in Papua New Guinea, of all places. He got a 3DS for Animal Crossing: New Leaf, waited several very painful years and it was all worth it.

Tue 9th February, 2010

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Dodger commented on Head Teachers in the UK Issue Warning to Paren...:

Allowing parents to have the freedom to decide what content their kids can handle at what age cannot be so absolutely terrible that it is worth destroying families by setting the bureaucracy on them to take their children, especially if legal childhood is going to last until the age of 18, an age that some people are "mature" by and some people aren't. I stongly dislike the idea of parental freedom being criminalized and I strongly dislike the idea of requiring teachers to be the ones who spy on parents and children and report them. Maybe I'm just a crazy American (and we aren't much better sometimes), but I don't think a society where people report each other to a big government for any offense without handing anything on a personal, one-on-one level is really what we want, is it? Should we really make a society where people must be afraid of their neighbours and their government? Can't a teacher have the freedom to talk to the parents instead of reporting them right away if they are concerned instead of being legally required to report for offenses more minor then clear physical abuse?

On a less ideological level, are all games given M ratings in America given 18 ratings in Europe? In Australia, most were given 16 ratings. Almost all 16 year olds could handle Skyrim. It has enough morbidity and violence to make me question if I would give it to a 8 year old kid, but I think most "teenagers" (what a big category to lump every kid between 13 and 18 in) would survive without trauma. I know I did just fine. My dad and I played it together as well and he is a pastor and a respectable guy, so I trust his judgement. There are games with more offensive content than Skyrim (citation needed), but I'm picking an example here. I think most parents could find out a lot about if a game is alright for their children with a Google search and their own judgements. Can we start by encouraging them to do that and skip the part where kids get traumatized by going through a legal battle over whether they can be with their parents because they played Call of Duty? Imagine the guilt. I felt bad enough when I broke a window as a kid. This can't be the healthiest way.



Dodger commented on Review: PENTAPUZZLE (Wii U eShop):

I've read some of RCMADIAX's defenses of his games and why he releases them. I can appreciate that the Nintendo Web Framework lets people make some money off of the games that they make while learning even if I don't 100% agree. I get that I don't have to buy his games. I've still played enough Neopets in the past to tell the difference between a game that is worth $5 and an unoriginal flash game that isn't as enjoyable as a chai soy latte. A decade ago, this would have been free on the internet, so I think we may be going backwards here. Padding attempts at creativity with copies of existing ideas that were overly simple in the first place makes a customer base less likely to trust any good products.



Dodger commented on New Nintendo 3DS Exploit Makes Japanese System...:

This shouldn't be this complicated. Region locking is dumb and can't get them that many hardware sales, but they aren't going to change it yet. They want to sell the New XL hardware in US stores because they think it will sell better. Whatever. To the best of my knowledge, region locking is software based, not hardware based. As noisy as some of the people who would much rather buy the smaller model have been (I've stated my mind before, but I've never been furious), we probably are a minority. We aren't worth bringing a lot of stock over for. We are noisy though, and having a bunch of us shouting around the fanbase isn't great for Nintendo. If they would just let us import from Japan and Europe through NoA and get the region changed for the price of a new 3DS plus the cost of a low maintenance repair out of warrantee then NoA gets to satisfy their hardcore fans without looking foolish or having a lot of unsold systems. It isn't like faceplates are region locked, so I don't see the problem. I can't speak for everybody, but I'm willing to pay shipping and $50 to $70 for a NoA employee to switch the region in order to have comfortable hardware that I enjoy using.



Dodger commented on ​Style Savvy Sequel Lets You Accessorize Wit...:

My little sister loved Style Savvy. She has enough taste to not be into poorly made fashion games, but this one looked alright. I'll have to point this out to her later. It is too bad that there isn't a unique outfit for more of the amiibo though. Just four isn't very many. A small complaint though.



Dodger commented on Review: Mario Party 10 (Wii U):

I'm sure the car mode isn't that bad, but it really doesn't make sense to me why there couldn't be a traditional mode as well. The same mini games could be used. They would just have to make a few simple boards and a couple more difficult boards. It seems like an easy way to add content and take away an easy target complaint.

The amibo implementation sounds dull. I hate to say it, but it sounds way worse than in Smash Bros. The rest of the game sounds like a Mario Party game. I'm still happy with Mario Party 2 and occasionally the DS game, but maybe I'll get this Sunday. Can I just point out that the DS game had some decent examples of asymmetrical gameplay in the 1 vs 3 mini games? It had some incredibly unfair board design, but the mini games were fun.



Dodger commented on Review: Code Name: S.T.E.A.M. (3DS):

I like the numbers because they give a little bit of context at the end as to how important the reviewer thought any complaints were and how much the things complained about messed with the overall experience. The difference between "the game crashed once and only once but I feel like I should mention it" and "the game repeatedly crashed and it was really hard to have fun with it" for example. Like this game. Clearly, the slow enemy turns didn't stop Mr. Meyer from enjoying this game enough to suggest a purchase. It helps the reader to keep those complaints in context.

I've had my eye on this one since E3. I've never expected anything genre changing, but it looks like a fun, 20 hour turn based strategy game with a sense of humor.



Dodger commented on Review: Flap Flap (3DS eShop):

Bird Mania 3D is more fun and a lot cheaper if you are looking for this sort of thing. It has more complexity as well as a catchy theme.



Dodger commented on Review: Classic Card Games (3DS eShop):

Clubhouse Games for DS is pocket change if you buy preowned. I think I saw a copy for about $2.50 at Game stop a couple of days ago. It has more games and one cartridge download play. It has card and board games as well. Unless you just can't stand using a cartridge, it is the superior option.



Dodger commented on This Articulated Skyward Sword Link Toy Should...:

His hat isn't stuck inside of his shield? Non-Japanese companies just don't care about details like that. >:(

I would get it, but I can't spend any of these 20 rupees in just one place. I was told this many times.



Dodger commented on Famitsu Article Reportedly Inks Out More Splat...:

This isn't that complicated, really. I can understand Nintendo not using voice chat in random matches. The closest product currently on the market like Splatoon is Team Fortress 2. Team Fortress 2 is miserable to play with voice chat. Nobody uses it for strategy. Everybody uses it for inane/offensive trolling. Nintendo is more likely than Valve or Microsoft to get into trouble for having offensive dialog over voice chat in random matches.

The answer is simple. Allow voice chat in non-random matches between friends. An 8 on 8 TF2 battle with all players agreeing to rules in advance and with all players taking it seriously would be a blast. I imagine the same is true of Splatoon. Especially if teams have room to communicate mid-match privately. Doesn't seem like rocket science to me.

Also, the no-AI thing is rather dumb if it means that rage-quitting ends a match. Surely Nintendo isn't that behind the times...



Dodger commented on Ocarina Of Time 3D Reportedly No Longer In Pro...:

Good thing I already have a copy. I was living in Papua New Guinea and this one guy wanted to send us a care package and asked if there were any video games I wanted so I listed a few, including OoT3D. I thought that was nice of him though. My copy has been on a long trip, especially since I'm back in America now. It probably started in China too.

You guys can complain about one game or another that does or doesn't make it to your respective regions, but region-locking sucks most for world travelers. Thank goodness for the Eshop, I guess.



Dodger commented on Poll: Which New Nintendo 3DS Will You be Buying?:

I'm going to be honest, I was planning on getting the standard New Nintendo 3DS until I found out that it wasn't coming to NA. I have disliked all of the XL models of the DS and 3DS in the past so much that I now plan on simply repairing/replacing my Aqua Blue Nintendo 3DS through NoA for a lot less money. I understand some people love them, but I dislike the larger size, I dislike the lower quality visuals and I dislike the look of the system. I thought the faceplated model looked quite sharp with the plates on the outside and the SNES style buttons on the inside. I do appreciate the new features, but I'm fine skipping amiibo, playing Xenoblade on the Wii and waiting a few more seconds for Smash to load in order to have a system I like and want to use. This isn't something I feel like debating because it is completely a matter of personal preference.



Dodger commented on Natsume Thanks Fans for Strong Launch of Harve...:

Are you guys ever planning on reviewing Lost Valley? NL's preview sounded positive, but the only review I've read sounded really negative. Not very much is out there about this one. I would like to hear what Nintendo Life has to say about it.

If Natsume really is willing to listen to fan feedback and media comments and evolve the series or whatever they said, they could be doing better than gamecube/wii harvest moon games regularly. Maybe they already are. Maybe being repetitive and stuck in winter for a year is better then the corny mess that was Animal Parade. That game had a terrible frame rate and focused quite a lot on everything except the farming part of the game. The goal here for them should be to pass New Beginning, a recent Harvest Moon game that is good, not average or terrible.

New Beginning was actually good. I would like to see a new HM game with better graphics (looking at the same flat colors got really dull), a few more goals (hopefully ones that don't involve waiting around a year because you forgot to pick up 5 pieces of random junk in the springtime), functional 3D (this is one I played only in 2D), maybe a bit less random junk like the mechanical panda. That's about it, really. Harvest Moon doesn't need to have Skyrim levels of overworld and quest lines.



Dodger commented on Shigeru Miyamoto Confirms Playable Star Fox fo...:

"Wait until the right controller comes around" seems like code for "Let us reveal our next system first."

I'm not convinced it would sell very well. I think you can get the wrong idea about what does and doesn't sell by hanging around a Nintendo fansite. I mean, if everybody who has expressed interest in a new Fzero game on this site in the past 12 months bought a hypothetical, new Fzero game, we would buy what, 200 copies? Possibly less? That being said, there may be a market for a good-looking, high definition, futuristic racing game if it is marketed as being a cool, fast racing game to Mario Kart's goofy, multiplayer fun. Some realistic racing games on other systems are quite popular. If a new F-Zero had tight, satisfying controls and good marketing, it might sell. It is a risk for Nintendo to put much into it. The two F-Zero games I've played make me bounce around like a pinball until I go play Mario Kart. >:-/

On a side note, it is nice to see Nintendo working with popular Youtube channels. There are multiple games I have purchased after watching Chuggaaconroy play them.



Dodger commented on Video: Don't Feel Bad If You Self Destruct in ...:

I self-destruct the most as Zelda. Her Up-B is great for combat and keep-away, but it isn't always that great at recovery, especially since she can't move very well during the helpless state after. It is very easy to miss the edge and plummet because you are facing backwards and can't move to the left or right. She's been my second most played character. Not all that great in Brawl, but in this game, her specials are good against really melee based characters like Little Mac and Bowser and really projectile based characters. Her aerials are also really strong.



Dodger commented on 3DS System Update 9.4.0-21 Brings a Whole New ...:

I could be wrong, but I think either this update or the last one added a button to go to the E-shop from the brightness changing menu to go with the settings button. There also is a button to display NoA's contact information, and I would assume it is the same for other regions. I downloaded the last two updates at the same time.



Dodger commented on Masahiro Sakurai Admits That Super Smash Bros....:

He puts a lot of work into making Smash Bros. games high quality. I've put hundreds of hours into Smash Bros. Brawl, and I know I'm not the only one. It isn't that hard to ignore the "Goku! Ridley! Powerpuff Girls!" crowd. So what is exhausting about creating things for the Smash Bros fanbase? My guess would be that it is how the complaints never go away. In a year, people will have forgotten Sonic Boom. Nobody complains about Skyrim glitches anymore, anyone who plays Skyrim now does so because they like the game. Even with Kid Icarus, everyone who didn't like the controls forgot. People forget about other games. Nobody forgets about Smash Bros. People still complain about tripping and floating in Brawl years after the fact. It is a really good game with a lot of content, but you couldn't tell from reading the average discussion about it. That must get hard.



Dodger commented on Review: Alphadia Genesis (Wii U eShop):

I'm fine with turn-based JRPGs and I'm fine with action JRPGs or whatever something like Xenoblade is called. I'm fine with JRPGs that use a cliche story, as long as they have an interesting gameplay mechanic. I'm fine with JRPGs that use tried and true/overused (depending on how cynical you are) gameplay mechanics as long as they have an interesting story. I certainly wouldn't complain about a JRPG with an well-designed overworld, one that clearly had blood, sweat and tears put into it.

On that note, this game sounds mind-numbingly boring.



Dodger commented on Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley:

I'll admit, I'm a bit curious as to when the review will be released as well. I enjoyed New Beginning, and the previews made this sound a lot better.



Dodger commented on Let's Summarise the Remaining eShop Deals on W...:

If Yumi's Odd Odyssey was on sale for $10 at any time other than the holiday season, I would consider it. We're planning on getting three copies of Fantasy Life, at least, so between that and other Christmasy stuff, I am not rolling in dough. Not even rolling dough. No dough being rolled, by my body or a rolling pin, literally or figuratively. My mom has celiac disease. Gets sick if flour is around.

I still stand by my earlier statement that that game has terrible advertising. The review makes it sound fun, but the game banner just shows a picture of some anime girl. Nothing about fishing, or platforming. Does nothing to convince you that the price tag is worth it.



Dodger commented on Guide: Getting the Most out of Your amiibo wit...:

I've got to say, I am still not sure what Nintendo is doing, or why this needed to have toys . That being said, I can see myself gaining some longevity out of SSB4 with a harder AI, so once I have a new 3DS and/or a Wii U, I may get one or three. It looks like it works best if you have one that is your main and another that isn't. I may get Villager and Mr. Game and Watch. Possibly Shulk.



Dodger commented on Masahiro Sakurai Explains Why Mewtwo Isn't Pai...:

Nintendo is at least losing out on at least a little bit of money from this. My family has three 3DSes, zero Wii Us and three copies of Smash Bros for 3DS. Characters add a lot to the game, even just one. If they let people purchase it, they would be getting three purchases of the DLC. We aren't in a place right now where we can buy a Wii U, and even if we could, only one of us would get Mewtwo on their 3DS. Therefore, we miss out on a character and Nintendo misses out on our money.

Not that I care that much. I mean, Mewtwo wasn't even that fun to play as in Melee and Pokémon isn't exactly in my top 10 favorite game franchises. He's a pretty iconic pokemon, so I understand why people want him in the game, but I'm not going to be crying myself to sleep.

As far as DLC goes, if I was Nintendo, I would just keep the option open for now. In a few years, it can be used to revitalize attention for the game. Brawl would have benefited from an expansion pack a few years down the road, in my opinion. A few years gives them plenty of time to flesh out some ideas that were there in development, but never finished. Looking at the sound test makes it pretty clear that there were a few 3DS stages they were planning to make, but never finished (my guess is at least a Light World/Dark World stage, a second Kid Icarus: Uprising stage, possibly the Space Pirate Ship, and a second Mega Man stage). Sakurai has already said that they were working on Mewtwo, but didn't have him finished in time or something like that. Take some of that stuff, flesh it out a bit and release it in 3 years with a small dev team. Until then, the games have way more then enough content.



Dodger commented on Preview: Using amiibo with Super Smash Bros. f...:

"Nintendo may be following a path with amiibo that has already been well travelled by Activision’s Skylanders and Disney Infinity, but it’s arguably aiming to take greater creative strides with them, as evidenced by how they interact with Super Smash Bros. for Wii U."

I'm not looking to bash amiibo, but the quoted statement didn't seem to follow after the rest of the article. I don't think the article described something that is taking greater creative strides then the two aforementioned games. It mentioned that the figures are used only on character selection menus between matches, and that based on their limited playtime, they didn't think that the level 50 cpu was much better then the level 9. I've got to say, I am less likely to buy one after reading this article.

As far as appearance, I suppose I expected them to look a bit worse then the E3 models. Most of them aren't terrible. I do wish that they had made figures that stood directly on the bases. The thin poles on the E3 models already didn't look great. The leg cast on Wii Fit Trainer and the pillar for Link aren't that good looking. I can't say I'm a huge fan of that Mario amiibo's model either, with the fireball. . Other then that, I've seen some pictures where each model looked fine and I've seen others where one or the other looked messed up. I guess you can see them in the box, so you can choose which one to buy. Villager's face seemed to be messed up most often.

So far, the two reasons I might buy an amiibo are contradicting each other. I would get one for a character I like that doesn't get figurines often, like Game and Watch or Olimar, but there aren't any other games that will use those announced. I would get one because it is used in a bunch of games, but so far, a lot of the ones that are used even in just SSB and Mario Kart aren't that interesting. I don't feel the need to have a Yoshi or Donkey Kong toy, even if those are some of the better looking ones. I'm not ruling it out forever, but I need to see a lot more.



Dodger commented on Review: Donkey Kong Land III (3DS eShop / Game...:

Rare really gave up quickly on making a Donkey Kong platformer, didn't they? Diddy was pretty much the only character that you could beat the game with in the first game, then nothing until DK64. By this point, you are dealing with Kiddy Kong. I guess the level design is what matters, but I'm still waiting for a Mario platformer where you play as Princess Daisy and her nephew, Junior and go save the rest of the main cast. :P



Dodger commented on Video: Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Opening Cin...:

The opening cutscene from Brawl always annoyed me, because it was another thing to load and click through. Once I was to the 500th or more time loading it up, that got a bit old. Maybe there was an option to turn it off in the settings and I just never found it.



Dodger commented on Nintendo's Quirky amiibo Video Shows How They'...:

I'm not quite sure what is supposed to be so cool about these in Smash Bros. As far as I can tell, you unlock better AI that learns from your fighting style, adding more depth to single player with something that could have been in the game without toys, better AI then level 9 characters. I can't see anyone ever wanting to go to their friend's house and watch them play an AI character, so that's about all I can think of. I guess I may buy one someday for the above reason, that it unlocks better AI, but I can't say I'm excited about this piece of DLC. Especially since most of them probably will never have a use in another game.

That being said, they do look nice, and are cheaper then a lot of other figurines of comparable quality. Maybe another game will use them better.

Now that I think about it, I would imagine that they do the same thing in Mario Kart 8, unlocking a CPU character with a higher top difficulty then the normal CPU. Except they probably work with a smaller amount of figures. It is probably limited to Mario characters, although they might add functionality with the Link and Villager models. It seems pretty unlikely that you'll be able to play as Shulk or Mr. Game and Watch in Mario Kart. Too many character models to make just to keep up with a toy library.



Dodger commented on Review: Disney Infinity 2.0 (Wii U):

"with this comes more meaningful video-game death. If a character dies in the game you can no longer use them to progress for a good five minutes."

I do believe that's longer then most superheroes stay dead in the comics. Disney is being unfaithful to the source material.



Dodger commented on Mewtwo Returns to Super Smash Bros., Ridley an...:

As long as I can buy it with just the 3DS version, I'm cool with this. Mewtwo is a pretty iconic pokémon, even if he wasn't actually that good in Melee. :P

The Ridley stage sounds pretty frustrating though. I think that'll probably be one that I play on omega mode, if/when I get a Wii U and SSBU.



Dodger commented on Masahiro Sakurai Gives a Glimpse of Super Smas...:

It will be a bit disappointing if this big "50 Brand New Things for Smash Bros Wii U!!!!!!!" one introduces characters that I've already played as. Don't get me wrong, seeing the reveal video would be cool and all, but it won't tell me much about the Wii U version. Just stick it up on the website or something.



Dodger commented on Link amiibo Compatibility Confirmed for Hyrule...:

I'm not quite sure why they are making amiibos for every Smash Bros character. They want to show how they will be compatible with multiple games, eventually. Their first move is to release a set mostly consisting of amiibos that will never be compatible with any other game. There will likely never be a use for your Mr. Game and Watch Amiibo, or your Wii Fit Trainer Amiibo. The only think it might do is pressure developers to include Amiibo in a game they might not, because the character already has an Amiibo. Either way, the best way to get your money's worth for these things will be to buy a Mario one, even if others are cooler.



Dodger commented on Two Pokémon Game Boy Color Titles Dated For N...:

Headline: Two Pokémon GBC Games Coming To North American 3DS VC!"
Me: "What? They are actually adding Gold and Silver to the VC? Finally! Where is my wallet?"
Article: "Pokémon Puzzle Challenge and Pokémon Trading Card Game!"

I mean, I'm sure they are alright games, so I wouldn't say I'm complaining. But the article did get my hopes up a bit for some games I've been waiting a while for. :P
On a side note, it is pretty cool that my computer is autocorrecting Pokemon to Pokémon.



Dodger commented on The Club Nintendo Rewards for October Have Bee...:

@ikki5 I still disagree. I already listed several games that I wouldn't have tried if they hadn't been available on Club Nintendo, and that barely scratches the surface. I buy the games that I really want, through download and through retail, but Club Nintendo gives you a chance to try a game that you hadn't thought about getting before, or that isn't worth money to you. In my experience, having to spend cash on something makes me a lot more likely to decide that I don't really want it after all. Spending virtual currency given to me as a reward for buying the games that I wanted enough to spend cash is a lot easier.

Most people who pay attention to the Eshop do own Zelda, Metroid, Street Fighter, Earthbound, Etc. I'm happy with the service because I've used it to try games like Pilotwings, Xevious, Art Style: Pictobits, Art Style: Rotazoa, Mario's Picross, Mario Party 2, Mario Tennis, Sakura Samurai, Etc. Smaller games that may have a trophy in Smash Bros, but would be unlikely to get a stage or assist trophy.



Dodger commented on The Club Nintendo Rewards for October Have Bee...:

@ikki5 To say that you would prefer physical rewards is a fair complaint. They could do a better job with that. However, I still can't see this selection of games as bad. There are a couple that I already own, but there are plenty that I would actually like to have. Kersploosh looks like a fun score-based game in the vein of AiRace: Tunnel, a game I still enjoy. Kirby's Dream Course looks like an amusing twist on golf games. Startropics is a series I have heard about but never tried. Kid Icarus would be nice to try, especially if it has save points, simply to understand some of the stuff in Kid Icarus: Uprising, a game that I enjoyed. It seems unlikely that someone would already own all of these games and several seem worth a try. The coins last a year. It seems probable that in that year, a decent game that you haven't bought yet will be on Club Nintendo.

You seem to want a larger selection of physical rewards that they actually keep in stock. I can understand that. What confuses me a bit is when there are the same complaints about the game selection every month? There are plenty of months with incredible Mario and Zelda games, but on those months, people get upset because they already own those games. There are other months with a selection of slightly more obscure games, like Kersploosh and Startropics, which give you the opportunity to try something new. Ones like Pictobits, Mario's Picross and Gameboy Donkey Kong keep showing up because they are really good games that a lot of people haven't tried. I have seen a couple of genuinely terrible months, where your choices are between Solitaire and Brain Age or something like that, but they aren't that common.

Don't get me wrong, I don't actually expect people to not complain on the internet, and I've done my fair share of complaining about things. I'm just not sure that I am seeing the same collection of games, because I've found the selection to be rather impressive. I've certainly tried some good games that I wouldn't have otherwise, which I prefer to having Mario 64 and OoT every month.

@jjmesa16 That's a really good idea. I hope they do that. I expect they plan to, since they have the option to enter download codes.



Dodger commented on The Club Nintendo Rewards for October Have Bee...:

I can't really take complaints that there are no good rewards this month too seriously when 6 out of the 8 games are above 8/10 and of those games, one is a SNES cult classic, another is an well-done reimagining of one of the best arcade games ever, one is a classic (but difficult) NES platformer starring a character who would later be in Smash Bros and another is a golf game starring a first party Nintendo character who isn't Mario. I'm probably not getting anything this month, because I haven't had enough coins in a while, but I'm not seeing the problem with selection here.

Even Wrecking Crew and Brain Age Express: Math are pretty fun, for the rather small asking price (you know, buying Nintendo games and getting more Nintendo games extra. Not quite free, but pretty close to free, since I was going to buy the games anyways). Wrecking Crew is a fun enough puzzle platformer with a catchy song in the background and BAE: Math is the best Sudoku game on DSiware and if I remember correctly, it comes with Dr. Mario, doesn't it? I had both of the DSiware Brain Age games free with the Dsi bundle I bought, but I couldn't transfer them to my 3DS because I never bought them, I guess.



Dodger commented on New Nintendo 3DS Videos Show Off Compulsory Sc...:

Hmm. That isn't great, given how easily those screws strip. I need to fix one of the screws on my sister's 3DS sometime. I'll probably need some super glue and another screw, because I took it to a glasses store and even they couldn't get it out, and they pretty much do that for a living.



Dodger commented on Weirdness: Sears' Listing for 3DS is Wacky and...:

"The 3DS also has 3 cameras so that you can get a clear picture every time"

More like, "Despite having 3 cameras, the 3DS will never give you a clear picture unless you are literally standing inside of the sun."



Dodger commented on Review: Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS (3DS):

@ollietaro No, but they did give him a new final smash.

@Anyone-who-is-alright-with-spoiling-information-about-movesets-and-stages This page and the pages it links to have a lot of information about the characters, stages and what has been changed about them since Brawl. There is a fair amount that has been changed about veteran characters, so if you are really curious about if your favorite character has been buffed or nerfed or changed in any way, this is a good way to find out. There is even a page somewhere with most of the custom moves on it. Seriously though, if you don't want to know everything before you get the game, don't go to SSBwiki. I'm the kind of guy who is perfectly happy reading the end or middle of a book first to find out what it is like before I read the book, but I know not everyone is.



Dodger commented on Review: Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS (3DS):

@Franklin According to the Smash Bros. website, it looks like you can use custom fighters or mii fighters in online play with friends. There is a bit more information on this page.
Also, I agree. My family owns 3 3DSes and several of my friends own them, but I'm not in a good situation to buy a Wii U right now and only one of my friends owns a Wii U. I do want one eventually, I guess, but I am happy with the 3DS version for now.



Dodger commented on Review: Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS (3DS):

@Daruncic I played Mario Kart 7 a bunch just today while in Australia, with people from Canada, America, Japan and Europe at the same time. I had no trouble with lag at all, although I did drop out in between matches a few times. That was the fault of the internet here at this apartment though. Either way, Smash may be just a bit more intensive, but I have seen plenty of games which ran just fine no matter where the players are from.

From what I've seen, Smash online play is completely reliant on the connection speeds of the players involved. You could be playing with the best internet ever and if one player is playing with slow internet, it messes with everyone. It sounds like if you have good internet, you can expect a good match about 70% of the time.



Dodger commented on Review: Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS (3DS):

I could say quite a lot about every little thing that I like (and a few that I don't like) about Smash Bros 3DS, but I won't. Not here or now, at least. It looks like an exceptional game, held back just a little bit by the hardware that they put it on. 9 out of 10 was about what I was expecting. There are a few things that I am concerned about. I'm not the only person who has dealt with local multiplayer lag, from what I can tell. The items appear a bit too often for my taste, especially game-changing ones like the gust bellows (which lasts for about twice as long as you can shield, from what I can tell) and the super flag, and can't be adjusted. You can't adjust the length of Smash Run. None of these are that big of a deal though. I still am more hyped for this game then I have been for any other game in quite a while and I'm sure that I will put a lot of hours into it. I've already put a lot of hours into Brawl, which had some noticeable flaws, and even into the demo, which had 5 characters and one mode.

This was a well-written review. It did a good job of going into what you can expect from the game, mentioning the good points and putting the bad points into context well. It didn't spend hours elaborating upon every single feature, moveset, character, stage and mode in the game, but it gave a good idea of what you'll get if you buy Smash Bros. for 3DS. Well done.



Dodger commented on Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS National Op...:

Even if I was currently in my home state of Indiana instead of Australia, there is pretty much no way that I could get to Chicago before sixty other Nintendo fans from Chicago got there. Maybe they think that they have trouble getting people (although I have seen enough evidence to disagree), but I would appreciate it if they would find a second spot in the Midwest to host these kinds of events. Indianapolis, Grand Rapids, Toledo, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Detroit, even Fort Wayne. Just to spread the traffic out a little at these kinds of events. I did have a good time at the Zelda concert in Chicago though.



Dodger commented on Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS Demo Smashe...:

My sister and I both got codes from my buddy, so we've been playing it a bunch. If you haven't yet, you really should download this demo. I like Link and Villager best. Link has been so buffed since Brawl. They gave him more speed, better dodge animations (based off of OoT), a fast dash attack with killing power straight out of OoT and they made his ledge tether so much better. On top of that, he has less lag if he misses a grab attempt. I might just main him. I was a Toon Link main in Brawl, hated how heavy and slow Link was.

Villager has a lot of interesting moves. His side B is a great recovery and the lag period where it has a hitbox before it starts to move to the left or right is really useful for combos. You can get the rocket to hit at the same time as an attack, stop grabs and combo people into it. His up b has great distance, but no offensive or defensive options. It is easily punishable with any meteor smash move. Very balanced. His side air has good range, his grab range is good for a small character, his dash attack and side air have good range. His side smash is great for platforms and stopping recoveries, but for one of his few killing moves, it doesn't have much range. The tree is a bit too weak for how hard it is to pull off, but it can be used to hit platforms above and stop projectile spamming. The axe is a useful move away from the tree as well. His neutral B has good range and is great for punishing over-predictable projectile users and abusing items. You can use it to catch the side smashes of Villager and Mega Man, or steal Pikachu's thunder.. You can pick up the fairy or the super flag and save them. You can repeatedly throw the bumper and pick it up again for knockback. You can switch between Villager's normal A attacks and a good melee item like the beam sword or the ore club for killing moves.

I don't have much to say about the others. Mega Man's B attacks are weak, but he has some good smash attacks and air attacks. Mario is a lot better, and his hitboxes have been expanded by those white lines on the edge of his attacks. Pikachu feels a bit weaker with the new physics, thunder is certainly less useful. He does have a very long dash grab range, and that is useful. His recovery is as terrible as ever.



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The remaining unannounced characters are underwhelming compared to the previous announcements, but that makes perfect sense. You can't tell me that Sakurai didn't know that these characters would be all over the internet. It makes perfect sense to announce the new challengers that people would actually get excited for early. Wii Fit Trainer, Villager, Mega Man and Pac-Man are all different characters, while Rosalina, Palutena, Shulk, Robin and Lucina are interesting to those who already like their series. Nobody was going to get excited over Bowser Jr or Dark Pit, even if they wind up being interesting fighters, and people certainly weren't going to get that excited over Ness or Falco. He got more hype from not announcing them.



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Some of these might be good, but am I the only one that wants some GB Pokemon on the VC? I mean, I have been wishing for them since the VC was released, and they would have to sell well. I would pay $15 for the first two with online multiplayer and trading and $8 for just the game.

Either way, I should take the time to play Legend of the River King 1. It looks interesting, but I normally play for a half an hour and stop.



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Makes sense for families with two or more kids. It is dumb enough that you have to buy more than one copy of handheld multiplayer games when one console game can do multiplayer. I need one copy of Brawl to play with any amount of people, counting rotation mode, but between myself, my dad and my sister, we will likely be buying 3 copies just to do a 3 player match. Oh well, it will still be worth it.