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Sun 25th Nov 2012

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dmdsoftware commented on Wii U Skylanders Bundle Deal Heading to GameSt...:

@mmarkster -

In the summer, Target Canada and Costco Canada had the 8GB non-bundle for $149.99.

Hold out and maybe Best Buy and Walmart in Canada and USA may follow the lead one day and liquidate the 8GB systems.



dmdsoftware commented on Guide: Using USB Storage with the Wii U:

@sun, @blinder2, the comment about flash is incorrect. Perhaps if the author can cite his sources where Nintendo claims not to recommend using flash. Their internal memory is flash memory itself, so if the author was right, which he is not, then Nintendo is recommending you not use the internal memory to play games from. The fact is flash wears out after many thousands of writes to the same cylinder. It has nothing to do with reads. You can, in theory, read millions of times without causing any damage. You can use flash, and unless someone can cite with written words from Nintendo indicating otherwise, please go ahead and use your SD cards (over USB) or flash USB cards. If anything, reduce your writes to the internal system flash storage!