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dizzy_boy commented on Talking Point: The Fragility of Buying Downloa...:

I honestly don't see why people are so worried about games being deleted from systems if a company and/or their servers go down it's just not going to happen. The only thing is that you make sure that you back up all copies of your games when Nintendo eventually takes down the eShop, and those games will become unavailable.
Once servers are down, the games will remain on your system or where ever you've stored them, they'll remain playable, albeit without online capabilities.
The only way Nintendo or 3rd parties will ever step in is if you're found to be illegally copying, distributing, or modifying the game.
And where physsical copies are concerned, you still don't own the game in it's entirety, you only own the media it's printed on, the developers own the game code. Even then, I'm pretty sure you're not legally allowed to rent or lend out your games,.



dizzy_boy commented on Reaction: There is a Positive Angle to Nintend...:

I was unable to get a match in, after the first half hour I gave up. If I knew about the second hour I would have tried again.
I can understand Nintendo testing the online in real world rather than testing in the studio. They get far better results and can adjust the settings before it gets released, that way day one online should run alot smoother. Which is better for everybody.



dizzy_boy commented on Nintendo is Discontinuing the Basic 8GB Wii U ...:

Even with a bit of dlc, 8 gig should be fine for people who only want to play disk based games.
Thing is, if Nintendo went with putting more memory into the WiiU, they would have had to charge more for it. And how many people would then look at the WiiU and not pay for it if they had done that.
Basically, the WiiU would have been an even bigger disaster if they had done that. Even so, how many people are buying downloads only, most people on here are whining about download prices anyway, so it can't be that many.



dizzy_boy commented on Nintendo Focusing on Multiplayer Fun at the 20...:

MCM used to be really good. It's become so busy now that it's difficult to actually enjoy browsing the stalls without being pushed and shoved around.
TBH, the organizers really need to look into booking up the whole venue and spreading everything around a bit more. They're making enough off ticket sales alone to be able to do so.
Also, they need to bring back the wresting. That was one of the things that made the day out worth it.



dizzy_boy commented on Horizon Chase Pays Tribute To SNES Classic Top...:

The WiiU needs more racers, and this would definitly fill a slot on my menu. This along with 90's Arcade Racer and Road Redemption if they ever get released will be great additions to the WiiU library.
If the do make it, all it really needs is a bit more stuff to fill out the back ground to give it a bit more life.



dizzy_boy commented on ​The Prices of the Remaining Physical Goods ...:

And you Americans moan about the European club Nintendo, yet you get that ddeal. And we never got Doc Louis Punch Out neither, and probably never will.
Also, how can anybody complain about being an early adopter for the WiiU, Nintendo had the premium promotion for those with the premium bundle, and they extended it for an extra year when they didn't have to.
And they did a double promotion on Mario Kart 8. If you downloaded Super Mario Kart, Nintendo took that price off Mario Kart 8. Then they gave away a free digital copy retail game if you registered MK8 within the first week of it's release. And that free game added points to the premuim promotion too.
If you didn't take the opportunity of those offers, that's your fault and you can't really complain. I know that I won't, I've had over £105 worth off free games, and that more than makes up for the lack of an ambassador programme.



dizzy_boy commented on Nintendo Outlines 2015 Software Plans, Star Fo...:

I just wonder what eShop and VC games will fill the gap.
And another thing, we still haven't heard anything about 90's arcade racer or Road Redemption for quite some time. I would like to know what's happening with those.



dizzy_boy commented on Does Call of Duty Belong on Nintendo Consoles?:

What about wiimote support huh? Ever tried that? Plus we've got touch screen support for quick weapon selections, the mini map, and off screen play. What else can really be added when a game like this is made.
Tbh, I just want the 3rd party support, I don't really care if a game gets gamepad support or not, the option is there for them should they wish to use it. I don't think devs should have to be forced to use something if it's not necessary.



dizzy_boy commented on Comic Workshop Update on the Way to "Mark the ...:

@Yoshinatsu I agree with your point, but where swapnote is concerned, Nintendo as a business can't be seen as an enabler for some perv to send and recieve child porn. Unfortunately, due to one selfish disgusting person, the rest of have to suffer.
Just a thought, would you continue providing a service knowing that some scumbag was abusing it as a way to get pictures of children.



dizzy_boy commented on Comic Workshop Update on the Way to "Mark the ...:

I can understand Ninteno's stance on not allowing questionable material popping up on miiverse, but, how often does it really happen.
This kind of worries me when Mario Maker gets released. What will happen if people make and share stages where blocks spell out swear words or in the shape of male bits.



dizzy_boy commented on New Safari Event Now Live In Pokémon Shuffle:

I've been using Mega Gengar (level 8), Scyther (level 7) and Volbeat (level 6). These have been pretty effective for me so far I've caught Carvanah, Spinda, and Cherubi. I did come across one other, but I didn't catch it, or it's name.
Also, they seem to repeat alot, so I'm trying to figure out a way to see if more will turn up.



dizzy_boy commented on Video: Greatness Awaits In This New Project CA...:

I was just thinking about this yesterday actually. As long as the WiiU version is atleast visually on par with Need for Speed most wanted, I'll still be happy.
I'm still wondering what's going on with 90's arcade racer and Road Redemption, we haven't heard anything new about them for a while.



dizzy_boy commented on Guide: Improve Your Wii U's External Hard Driv...:

@Mogster try Maplin, I got my 500 gig WD My Passport Ultra external drive from them. I've had it for about 18 munths now and it works perfectly, although I did need to get a Y cable as it's a portable drive, not plugged in.
The drive was about £60 (there probably cheaper now) and the y cable I payed about £4 off amazon.
As for the menu think, it makes me wonder what other little menu tricks there are that we aren't told about.



dizzy_boy commented on Microsoft Once Had Some Pretty Wild Ideas, Inc...:

Considering that it's APRIL 1st, it's hard to take this article seriously.
If it's true, I'm glad Nintendo aren't und Microsoft management.
Also, it does seem odd that Microsoft were after the casual markert with there console when there wasn't exactly a casual market at the time.