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Discostew commented on Nintendo of America Confirms Its Black Friday ...:

They really should throw in more VC, and reduce the price even more. Years ago for the promo of VC on Wii U, 7 titles were $0.30 each. I'm not expecting that again, but seriously, if you're looking for people to buy these games, you gotta drop the price down more and do it for more VC titles, because people can just shrug it off and play the games through "other means" without a cost.



Discostew commented on Poor Odds of The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth ...:

I'm calling bull as well, because it's been found that the Vita's 4 CPU cores are clocked at max 444Mhz, which is not only less than the Wii U's 3-1.2Ghz PPC cores, but also less than the n3DS's 4-804Mhz ARM cores. Architecture does play a part in overall performance, but not THAT much to push Vita up towards Wii U performance, considering Vita has to deal with portability. The Vita does have a good GPU for being a portable system, but again, not THAT good.



Discostew commented on ​Hardware Review: Gamepad Digital GPD XD:

lol, this has something from all 3 of the main game hardware manufacturers. The obvious being from Nintendo with the 3DS clamshell design, but if you look at the face buttons, it not does it have the XBox arrangement of ABXY, but the smaller icons on them are arranged like Playstation.



Discostew commented on Video: Here's How Much Those Data Packs for Xe...:

@ULTRA-64 Thought for sure it was because they didn't want to use dual-layer, considering reading from a dual-layer disc is slower than from a single-layer disc, and that would have just caused even longer loading and delayed pop-up. Double-disc could have worked, but it would require that they duplicate everything except the main story elements to both discs.



Discostew commented on Video: Here's How Much Those Data Packs for Xe...:

@zionich This is what I'd like to see

@sillygostly I'm pretty sure they could have dual-layer discs if they wanted. It's just that would be a lot of empty space if your data filled just a little above the single-layer maximum. Multi-layer discs are more expensive than single-layer, so it would add up in manufacturing costs.



Discostew commented on Valhalla Game Studios is Being Sued Over a Tra...:

I will say that they probably have a case, but considering in Norse mythology, those who die who are to be sent to Valhalla are transported by boat, much like both show. The idea of making your logo in black and white like that is nothing new to society.



Discostew commented on Zelda Fans Vent Anger At Nintendo of America O...:

We just had a massive complaint week regarding NoA with Fatal Frame 5 for their localization, which turned out to actually be that NoE did it, so then the complaint went on about why they took from NoE instead of doing it themselves.

Now here we are with people complaining about why NoA did this and not just take what NoE did....



Discostew commented on Red Fly Studio is Trying to Resurrect the Canc...:

What I would personally go for is bringing the finished, yet never released, Rogue Squadron trilogy meant for the Wii. Factor 5 may be no more, but it would be nice if whoever has a claim over that to talk with Nintendo about bringing it to life on the Wii U as a Wii digital title, since there's practically a 0% chance of it being remade for the system.



Discostew commented on Yes, Fatal Frame's Lingerie Outfits Have Been ...:

If the lack of those costumes is the main reason why anyone initially interested in the game would now not get it, then they've got bigger problems than Nintendo does.

With all the places I've been, seeing so many whining and crying over this, I'm glad Nintendo did what they did. These regions aren't ready for it. They need to grow up first.



Discostew commented on SmileBASIC is Heading to Wii U, With Cross-Pla...:

@Chaoz It's just unfortunate that I cannot port MM2PTC over to SmileBASIC on 3DS (or even to this), because unlike PTC where programs are distributed through un-moderated QR codes, these are stored/published to their servers for public accessibility, and they don't tolerate the use of copyright material.



Discostew commented on Nintendo Life Weekly: Skull Kid Confirmed as P...:

The person getting sued by TPC had actually lied about the deadline according to documents he released, and his gofundme page was based on that lie. With this, as well as making this out to be bigger than it really is, and TPC having every right to sue him, I wouldn't be surprised if during those previous years of him infringing, TPC was already on his case, and this was the final straw.



Discostew commented on SmileBASIC Releases on the North American 3DS ...:

@Snader but you make it sound like BASIC hasn't evolved since then, no matter what form it takes. That is simply not true. But you know what people also say? That pointers are evil. Does that mean C/C++ is no longer a good language because of what some people say? Most programming languages back then were really no better. Dijkstra just wanted to take a bite out of something he personally didn't like.



Discostew commented on PS4 and Sony Enjoy Dominant Week in Japan With...:

You'd think a price cut for the PS4 would have brought forth more sales than that after weeks of people waiting for it, which had numbers down to the 4k region. If this continues with high numbers, then ok. But from the look of it, it's just showing delayed accumulation of sales from those who would have likely gotten a PS4 anyways without a price cut.



Discostew commented on The Pokémon Company Sues Fan for Copyright In...:

Seriously, if you're going to use a company's IP to promote anything, you'd better get permission first. People nowadays (forgive me for my bluntness) are stupid because they think they can do whatever they want with someone else's property, and think they should be allowed to do it because "I'm helping you!".

Is $4000 harsh? Sure, for us, because we aren't rolling in the dough, including who is getting hit by it, but there are many things the company has to do when protecting their property after such situations happen, and it doesn't come cheap. If a company doesn't protect their property, they can lose it. If they didn't sue, then they'd take the cost with all the procedures that they are required for protecting their property when these situations occur. Since when is it fair that the property owner be penalized for protecting their property when you infringe upon it?

If anything, this would serve as an example that you don't mess with someone else's property for your own benefit.



Discostew commented on New Patent Sparks Talk of Potential NX Details:

I honestly think it's a patent for a dev kit. The server likely holds the development builds the companies make to test with. No optical disc slot for a dev kit doesn't mean the finished consumer-level product will lack one. Also, the memory card, as said in the patent, only has an OS kernel and GUI program. No game stuff. This is not something that would be part of a consumer-level product.

Scratch that about no connection to the Internet, as the patent does state the communication unit can connect to it, via Description [0022]



Discostew commented on 3DS Homebrew Hacker Turns to YouTube App As La...:

The guy doesn't support piracy, but he likes to be able to get into a system and work it to activate homebrew. People say he's doing a bad thing by exposing the system like this. IMO, it's a good thing because it lets developers know that they need to secure their products more carefully, and actually keep it up-to-date.

I mean, just how old is the Youtube app on the 3DS? When was the last time it was updated? From what I understand, it's basically an older version of the internet browser, as people have been able to use it to browse through some trickery. Using an old browser means far more vulnerabilities.

I look at the Netflix app on the Wii U, and I am just sad, because Netflix figures it's not worth updating anymore (oddly enough, the Wii app has profiles which the Wii U version lacks), yet what would it take for them to update it? Someone using the current version to hack into the Wii U?

With all the variations he's done, I'd imagine that he could get a job at Nintendo to help do the opposite of what he's doing now, since he seem to have the knack for finding holes.



Discostew commented on Nintendo Download: 13th August (North America):

@DarkEdi It's just not possible. There is no real OS on the system. Unlike your computer or other systems, each game and app provides the necessary drivers (known as IOS modules) for interacting with the system, whether it's for a specific set of controllers, access to the WiFi for internet connectivity, etc. It's the system's way of not bloating up memory requirements. The Wii System Menu is nothing more than an app for navigating the system, that gets unloaded when another game/app launches, and gets reloaded when that app/game gets unloaded. When you press the HOME button, you're not seeing a background process running. You're seeing a menu built into the game/app. These drivers on the game discs cannot be changed or replaced for obvious reasons.

The reason why Wii digital titles on Wii U can be launched from and exit to Wii U menu, use the Gamepad as a controller, and be stored on Wii U's internal storage or ext HDD is because these drivers it has were altered to be able to recognize the Wii U. They still run under Wii mode for compatibility reasons.

The closest thing to allowing Wii game discs to run in the same manner as Wii digital titles, imo, would be to make individual Wii U "loader" apps that contain the altered drivers for the specific game it is meant to load, and launch the game that way. Of course, because each game has its own collection of drivers that aren't necessarily the same as another game, they couldn't really make a universal loader.



Discostew commented on Xenoblade Chronicles X Wii U Bundle and Specia...:

I know numerous people in NA want to have XBC release on the eShop for them to get, but I have my doubts it'll happen, mainly because of the exclusive deal with Gamestop. Might still happen, but I not real confident concerning it.



Discostew commented on Video: The Original Starter Pokémon Look Simp...:

It might be just me, but it seems that while these look nice, it seems "too easy" to do. The landscapes are all the same default environments that come supplied with the engine, and these added models/animations have probably been made long ago, and are just thrown in with a few effects here and there (like the fire effects). The Mario one at least had reactions to the environment, like jumping off of walls.

All in all, it doesn't seem like it's taking much effort to do these. Just simply having some understanding of the engine and resources that already exist to use. These "tests" are nothing by comparison to an actual team using the engine to make a full game, complete with their own models, scripts, landscapes, all with original designs.



Discostew commented on Speculation Grows That AMD Will Provide the Ni...:

That VentureBeat article must have been edited recently, because the last time I read it, the 3rd paragraph after the separator literally stated (and I quote).....

"Nintendo has already made the leap from IBM’s PowerPC to x86-based (AMD and Intel) architecture. That means that games written for Nintendo’s current Wii U console are x86 compatible. It would make sense for Nintendo to continue its relationship with AMD and continue to use x86 architecture in its next-generation design, which Nintendo announced would be called the NX."



Discostew commented on Mojang is Still Open to Bringing Minecraft to ...:

Wii U? Likely not.
I believe the reason why it's on PS4 is because it was already in development before Microsoft acquired them, so perhaps as part of the deal, they may have requested that they continue with it.
3DS? IMO, it's a matter of if it can run it. From what I understand, Microsoft has no problem putting their games on Nintendo's or Sony's handhelds because they don't have a handheld of their own to compete with them. It's just not something they eager to pursue.

This is not to say the Wii U couldn't run it. In fact, it may be perfect for it because of the Gamepad, but because Microsoft owns the IP and have a competing console, that's why it's unlikely imo.



Discostew commented on Talking Point: Raw Power Isn't Vital to Ninten...:

@ShanaUnite Hah. As it is, what gets talked about most on the internet? Things that are negative. Well, the NX is getting plenty of coverage and attention for the "negativity" surrounding it, even though we know practically nothing about it. So if at the reveal it was announced to be superior than what exists now? The NX was already in the spotlight, but now people (and a lot of them) would look at it differently.



Discostew commented on The Current State Of Virtual Reality Just Isn'...:

I agree with Reggie. VR may be the future, but right now, it is just a fad because a bunch of companies are trying to push it. VR has existed for decades. It's nothing new, so just because it can support stereoscopic 1080p @ 90fps doesn't mean a thing other than you'd need significant resources just to use it. Not only that, but the use of the tech already has problems. For one, you strap it onto your head. That already causes instances with neck problems. Second is things like motion-sickness and headaches. Third are people who can't even use the headset because they lack depth-perception, whether they only have one eye, or something else. If the 3DS can cause problems with people, then certainly VR headsets will too. The difference between the two is that one has a switch to turn the effect off, while the other basically means not using the headset at all.

Not only that, but it's optional. Consumers aren't just going to pick it up because it exists. Only the true hardcore are gonna pick it up, and that'll be such a minority that developers would end up not worrying about designing games around it. As said, it takes a significant amount of resources to run it, so whatever amazing game a company would make would all of a sudden need to drop the quality a generation or two to have it running on the VR sets.

I'm not saying the tech isn't cool, but so many things are getting in the way of it for it to be a staple in gaming that at this time, it just won't take off, and there's no guarantee it ever will. It's a risk.



Discostew commented on Next Metroid Prime Home Console Title "Would L...:

Nintendo is known to be deceitful when it comes to what they're working on, plus....

"If we started for Wii U now, it would likely take three years or so."

If they started "now", but what if they started a couple of years ago?