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Discostew commented on A Keen Retro Gamer Has Produced a Handy Virtua...:

My theory behind why Wii digital games on Wii U can support Gamepad controls only if they support the Classic Controller is because they use modified IOS modules that are packaged with the game. These modules are how software on the Wii/vWii can interact with the system. On boot, base modules are loaded, like Wii System Menu. When a game is launched, many (if not all) loaded modules are unloaded, and the game loads up its own modules prior to running. The "Home menu" you see when you press the Home button is not a background process. It's part of the game.

The theory is that Classic Controller support is part of an IOS module that comes with the game, not in a base module. Nintendo went and altered this module with the Wii digital titles because the module itself is likely non-unique among all such CC-compatible titles, making for a universal change, and thus leaving the actual game unaltered and compatible with no additional bugs. Games that lacked CC support from the get-go probably did not have this module in the first place, so the game was not programmed to use it, and they'll continue to lack that support. Retail games on disc can't be altered like the digital titles can be, so they're out of luck regarding Gamepad control support. WiiWare/VC are likely not going to be altered because they continue to be obtained from the Wii Shop (not eShop), so they must maintain compatibility with last-gen Wii hardware (because there are differences between the Wii and vWii).



Discostew commented on Mega Man 2 Fan Remake is Now Available to Play...:

@nessisonett We'll see. I had thought about porting this to the 3DS's SmileBasic when it becomes available in NA, but I'd need to know more information about it. It certainly has more features than this current Petit Computer does (and it is faster), but it also is missing various features, like color palettes (used for color animation without having to copy in all new graphical data). It's all straight-up direct-color, with each pixel representing a color rather than an index to a palette. There are plenty of differences that would require some in-depth planning.

I will say this though. If I do make a port of this project to the 3DS SmileBasic, it will be a heck of a lot easier to get as it would simply be downloaded rather than scanned in one QR code at a time.



Discostew commented on Mega Man 2 Fan Remake is Now Available to Play...:

Version 1.0.1 is now available on the website. Contains various bug fixes, and uses the Megaman 2 font. Some bugs may still crop up, but I hope most have been squashed.

@iphys Heh, I have it too, even after I began the project. Of course, I did include various other things, like making your own levels (and being able to share them), a Boss Rush mode, etc.



Discostew commented on Shulk amiibo Listed as GameStop Exclusive in t...:

I can imagine that the only reason it would be exclusive to Gamestop in the states is likely because it falls under the same contract agreement with XC exclusiveness to Gamestop, not a new contract. I'm having doubts that XCX will be a Gamestop exclusive like XC was because that is an entirely different game.



Discostew commented on Nintendo Outlines Confusing amiibo Save Data L...:

@Yorumi @AVahne NFC chips simply do not have the storage capacity to hold the amount of data that other storage solutions can. There aren't NFC chips that are MBs in size, let alone GBs, that could fit in such a small package. They're all in the byte to KB range (max being around 4-8KB). They aren't like HDD, SSD, or even Flash chips like you'd find in USB drives or the Wii U's internal storage. These are un-powered chips that can only communicate with NFC devices because those devices produce an electric (or magnetic) field that powers the chips so they can be read (or written to).



Discostew commented on Poll: Should Nintendo Follow Microsoft's Lead ...:

Microsoft has the means to allow this with all the money they have up the wazoo. Nintendo does not have nearly as much to make such a change at a moment's notice.

@ElkinFencer10 The problem with Nintendo changing the Wii U to work without the Gamepad is that the Kinect for XB1 was something very few games used. The Gamepad is used by all games, so they would not only have to make a change to the system, but also to each and every game, many of which hey do not have the power to do because they're made by 3rd-parties. By making a change to not make the Gamepad required (and selling systems with a different controller) while 3rd-parties not doing a thing with existing games, it will practically break the system, putting Nintendo in deeper water.



Discostew commented on Video: How Much Faster Is The New Nintendo 3DS?:

I'd imagine the eShop speed is more about better WiFi hardware (regular and XL use 802.11g, whereas the N3DSs are 802.11n?), allowing faster download of data and greater range from the router.

With Smash, that's down to RAM mainly. In a regular 3DS or XL, the OS is being swapped with one from the game itself that does less but doesn't require as much (hence why you see when exiting that it looks like it has to reboot itself) so the game can use up as much of the 128MB of RAM the system has. With the N3DS and its 256MB of RAM, the system's OS doesn't require swapping, so that time for swapping is completely cut.

Whatever the case may be, I'm likely not going to get an N3DS mainly because of next-gen not being far off. It will be 4 years come February for Japan (March for all other major regions), so it's possible in about 2 years, the next-gen handheld will be out, which has all the N3DS has, plus actual next-gen stuff. Already made one upgrade this gen (from 3DS to XL), and this is the first time I have ever done so with so many revisions done with past Nintendo consoles/handhelds.



Discostew commented on Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty Wii U Delay Seems to b...:

Even with mentioning the Vita (which had 4GB cards are the smallest form) to argue against this excuse, there are plenty of Wii U digitally-distributed games that take up more than what the 8GB SKU has (after taking roughly 5GB for OS operations).

All in all, the 8GB SKU is a budget SKU, and not meant to be the de-facto standard for the Wii U. And as it is, anyone that got the 8GB SKU and wants to go digital will have bought a companion ext HDD (like me), so this is no excuse.



Discostew commented on Video: Footage Surfaces of Cancelled Wii Star ...:

Corn on - the cob!!!!
Corn on - the kabob!!!

Now seriously, I would love it if these were brought on to the Wii U as eShop titles. I honestly don't care if they did nothing else but made them 1080p and had Gamepad/Pro controller support. The Rogue Squadron games have been one of my most wanted series.



Discostew commented on Turns Out The GameCube Controller Adapter Won'...:

@Yorumi But the Wii U OS is running in the background. It's running on a separate dual-core ARM CPU in the system and the other half of the 1GB of RAM the system has, and has the custom WiFi hardware active. That's how we can get Wii games streamed to the Gamepad in the first place.

Technically speaking, they could launch Wii games from the Wii U menu if they wanted to, much like the 3DS can with DS/DSiWare. I think the reason why they didn't do it in the first place is because of clutter and a lack of time. As it is, Wii mode was added as a Day 1 patch for the system, so they were really stretching it for getting it ready for launch. With clutter, there are over 800 Wii digital titles available for the Wii. That's huge compared to DSiWare. While no one can have that many at one time on the menu itself, many have likely run out of channel space. If they were to have merged the channels onto the Wii U menu, it would have been a cluttered mess. This is why I believe folders are a first step towards that. As far as executing them from Wii U mode, it would be no different than what the 3DS does. Boot to the correct mode, and just launch the game, and when you want to exit, it'll boot back to the Wii U mode. I don't think it has to worry about the Wii System Menu because that in itself is just like any other program/app on the Wii. It doesn't run in the background. It closes when you launch something else, and launches when you close the program/app you were running. The "Home menu" that pops up in games and apps is actually built into each game (which is why if you've tried homebrew it won't act the same way). The hooks that you mentioned could redirect to where ever they are needed, including going directly back to Wii U mode after closing a Wii game.



Discostew commented on Nintendo Confirms GameCube Controller Adapter ...:

We kinda had confirmation a while ago about Wii-mode compatibility via email, but having it compatible with the original Wii is new to me. If this were to lead to GC VC on the Wii U, then I have one request....

.......Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader........

We know Disney owns the rights to Star Wars (LucasArts), so would Nintendo need to go through them for this to be possible?



Discostew commented on Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate's Questionable Expo ...:

That's unfortunate. A few others and I would have liked the big-screen presentation of it. As it is, I can't play the MH3U demo on the 3DS very well because of no 2nd circle pad (I abuse the camera a lot), and I honestly don't feel like getting a CPP just for this game. As it is, the CPP takes about 5% of system resources (or whatever), so it is possible that it may affect it. I'm also not very interested in the n3DS because if it's anything like scheduling of the DSi, the upcoming next-gen handheld will be just a couple of years away, so I may get MH4U at that time. I've already double-dipped by getting an XL 2 years after getting the regular 3DS. I'm not about to triple-dip by getting an n3DS unless there is something extremely important that would require me to get it.



Discostew commented on Super Smash Bros. on 3DS Lacks Circle Pad Pro ...:

So, anyone with a CPP wanna boot up MGS3D to see if there's even more of a dip in performance?

I'm still not likely to get a new 3DS because of the timing. In a couple of years, we're likely going to see Nintendo's next-gen handheld, and that'll incorporate everything the new 3DS has along with its own stuff. It's the same reason why I never upgraded to a DSi from a DS.



Discostew commented on Nintendo Confirms Development of Games That Wi...:

I don't see myself upgrading to this. I already upgraded to the XL long ago. I understand that some games can only be played on a N3DS, but from the sound of it, others will still be playable on a regular 3DS. they just won't be "enhanced", much like games that supported both GB and GBC. When the true next-gen handheld comes out, it'll have what the N3DS has and more, so any games that I didn't get to play "enhanced", I will then.



Discostew commented on The Original Final Fantasy Is Getting The 3D C...:

Looking at another image (in the King's throne room), it seems it'll have the artistic style of the PSP version, but with actual 3D environments and displayed with perspective (even if the camera is in a fixed position).



Discostew commented on SmileBASIC Will Bring Petit Computer Game Deve...:

@EaZy_T There won't be an automated process, I can tell you that much. Many things were changed (like % becoming MOD because the % character is used to identify an integer with PTC3), so you'd have to port it over manually. If you used your own graphics, you'll have to do those over again because the format there has also changed.



Discostew commented on New Nintendo 3DS Delays Planned Homebrew Channel:

@BSFsontails1012 Homebrew is not necessarily piracy, but can potentially lead to it. This particular homebrew lacks the permissions that are required to load ROMs, and it is not known whether it will ever be capable of that. This is more for people who want to make their own stuff on the 3DS to its full extent.