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Fri 14th Sep 2012

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diim commented on Kojima Productions: We Aren't Thinking About M...:

Having no interest in this game is one thing, but not porting it even though there is a perfectly capable controller that can be used is another. Seems like everyone is saying the same thing about the WiiU. Makes no sense to me. Are all these game devs that rich that they don't need my money?

Anyway I also agree with hityoaZZ, to me is seems like the 360 is now the standard for games and that worries me a bit. Man did that system ever luck out...even with the RROD!!!



diim commented on Talking Point: Games That Need Wii U - Dishonored:

Any game with weapons and equipment as large as Dishonoured would benefit from the WiiU. I love what they did with Zombie U. It just seems natural on the game pad when selecting things. It doesn't have to be fancy in anyway, just convenient for the gamer. Boarder Lands is another good example, Splinter Cell, BioShock....



diim commented on THQ Enters Forebearance Agreement With Creditors:

What I don't understand is wouldn't it make sense to port the game to as many consoles as possible considering their in all kinds of financial trouble? Instead they choose to make excuses and blame the wiiu CPU? With this much confusion within their organization, I personally think their done.



diim commented on The Wii U CPU Is "Horrible" According To Metro...:

There is nothing wrong with the WiiU's CPU, its bad development and that's the bottom line.
I understand the company is in a financial crisis right now, but this seems more of a childish excuse to me. I may have believed them if I didn't try playing their first mess Metro 2033 that I sold after 15min of games play. What difference does it make if they make the game this month or next year? The CPU power of the WiiU is going to be the same regardless. They could have taken a more professional approach to abandoning the Wiiu instead of belittling Nintendo’s tech.
Don't get discouraged with garbage like this from developers. I have seen comparisons where the WiiU holds its own and then some as far as graphics go. In this new generation of console gaming though, it will not be about the graphics anymore, but about innovation and different interesting ways to immerse you deeper within a game and Nintendo already has the competition beat with the Wiimotes and the Wiiu game pad. Everyone else will be playing catch up.



diim commented on Wii U Mass Effect 3 Owners Cannot Retake Omega:

This has to be illegal somehow.
How does a company charge 59.99 for a game with little to no support for the system, then charge the very same price for all 3 games with full support on others? People had already bought ME3 thinking they would get the DLC for it.

EA are nothing but a bunch of low class thieves.



diim commented on Sony: Wii U is Targeting "Niche Early Adopter ...:

Sony is keeping a close eye on Nintendo...of course they are, where else are they going to get their ideas from. The PS3 was a fail. Third party support was horrible and the games were mostly broken but they cost the same as all the other though. I have learned my lesson from Sony their super expensive proprietary hardware. I'm hoping to get rid of all my systems for one WiiU.

C'mon Nintendo......more third party support. One system that does it all!!



diim commented on Gearbox Interested in Bringing Borderlands 2 t...:

After seeing all the third party support so far and the tablet like controller for this system, I am hoping to trade in all my 360 and PS3 hardware for a WiiU.

Nintendo needs the third party support.