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Re: Talking Point: An Open Letter To Nintendo


Ill admit I whilst I don't agree with many things in this letter there definitely is a bad aura around the console. For every positive bit of news (of which there have been quite a few recently) there are 10 bad ones. It has just become a general thing on the internet to troll and badmouth the console and the influence of this I feel is growing. Whilst I would never normally pay much attention I am finding it difficult not to when I am browsing looking for new news and find nothing but negative articles. This has generated a negative stigma and then more people jump in who have no first hand experience of the console and flame the negativity. There just seems to be a vicious circle and tbh I find it quite depressing. Hopefully something will change that shakes this off and people will move on.

Re: Wii U Price Cut Isn't in Nintendo's Plans


I love my wii u but its becoming more and more disheartening reading all the bad news day after day even if some of it is extremism.
My main concern is 3rd party support. Right now devs probably dont want to spend the extra time enhancing the Wii U versions over xbox and playstation due to the relative install base so even if a game could look much better or have great features on the wii U they will essentially be held back by the other versions.
Then the other part of this is that if the next Xbox/PS4 are significantly greater powered than the Wii U it will likely be left out for any multi plat releases.
I am looking forward to the games Nintendo announced and think they are working hard with partnerships etc but I don't see how they can win over the 3rd party support.

Re: Broken Rules "Had Higher Hopes" For Chasing Aurora


I didn't buy this because all of the reviews I read said that it relied heavily on multiplayer and I being the sole gamer in my house means I wouldn't have anyone to play it with. If the games focuses so much on its multiplayer aspect then they should have made online multiplayer part of it. Then I would have bought it.