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Mon 1st Jun 2009

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dibsy commented on Nintendo Download: Icarian, Let's Catch and Br...:

Hi everyone,

Downloaded this game about an hour ago and am completely entranced so far. Very nice graphics, artistically and for wiiware technically. Bear in mind I'm still on the first level but the music is beautiful and haunting. I would define it as 2D platformer / puzzle hybrid, set in mythical Greece, but sans the GOW gore.

With the likes of Swords and Soldiers and now Icarian, Wiiware is really laying down the goods!



dibsy commented on First Footage Of The Grinder Unleashed:

@Calculon: "..HVS are pushing their Quantum3 engine in a whole range of mediocre games" What?!? Excuse me, can you honestly say you have played even one of HVS's games? Have you even tried the Conduit, Gladiator or the Grinder? So how can you possibly know that these are/ will be mediocre games. I mean everyone's entitled to an opinion but try and make it an informed one, eh?