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DESS-M-8 commented on Talking Point: The New Nintendo 3DS is Yet to ...:

@Varathius @CB85

Yes, yes you can. Supposedly.

The concept behind the NX is to evolve the ground breaking idea of the Wii U and replace both he Wii U and the 3DS.

The "New" 3DS is still a 3DS and is now 5 years old. It's old new. 3DS had it's resurgence part way through and had an incredible year during software such as Luigi's Mansion 2, Fire Emblem Awakening and Pokémon X/Y and is now all but done.

The NX sounds like it may be intended that a portable device (3DS successor) is to function the same as the Wii U Gamepad but have full portable functionality of the 3DS, with the Next Gen base unit running the show on the big screen.

This idea is already employed on the PS4/Vita set up and was a natural progression from what was Nintendo's innovative idea.

Another obstacle for the Wii U is that you can only connect 1 gamepad, meaning all the great functionality of the Gamepad cannot be transposed into local multiplayer games as all other players are demoted to using whatever other Wii compatible devices they can find to join the fun.

Now, you have an NX, you're brother has an NX, his best friend has one and you all go to a friends house gaming on Pokémon Z on your Portable node of NX on the way there. You arrive at the friends house and all of your portable node of NX can now partner to the friends NX base unit for a party session on Battlefield 5 (hopefully) all in one squad, communicating fully and all have the full functionality intended in your dual screen NX/(3DS/Wii U style gamepad).
You then wait for a bus to go home and then continue to play the game being streamed from your home NX base unit in full HD on your portable node of NX.

This is very probable solution that Nintendo may be about to launch, but we'll have to wait and see.



DESS-M-8 commented on More Details Emerge on the Launch of My Nintendo:

as long as it operates similar to the iTunes account, in that I can download to a limited number of devices owned by me and registered to me, and I can edit this list and authorise/unauthorise as I see fit to manage my account, then I'm happy. If it does not operate in this manner, it's a waste of time and no actual improvement has been made.

The console owns the games I pay for????? That needs ditching like a bag on anthrax and fast.



DESS-M-8 commented on Talking Point: Learning Lessons From the Past ...:

This was exactly my point the other day. Nintendo cannot launch with just their first string franchise IPs. Mass market isn't interested unfortunately and while fans (like me) love them, it will not move hardware.

These types of games are guaranteed on Nintendo hardware, that's why WE buy them. But there is LOADS of room on NX, from launch, for more scope, especially if they want new adopters to take note. The Wii u very much obliged with fan service; the sales figures are appalling. Nintendo traditional IP is no longer enough to move hardware, they need more, WAY MORE, breadth in what they offer to attract more custom.

While fans moan and say they are happy and they don't care, that's short sighted and just flat out ignorant.

Nintendo are here to make money, they like money, their shareholders like money, they would all like to have more of it. As an investor of sorts, me buying the console, I want them to make money. The more hardware hey sell, the bigger the online user base, the larger the market for developers, the more games get released, ultimately I get more choice. Rather than a £300 brick solely for booting up Nintendo games.

Nintendo NEEDS gamers. Surely they realise this by now? I'm not saying Nintendo should attempt GTA, grab turismo or Virtua fighter; but I have always wondered what the worlds best quality developer could produce if they left their comfort zone and attempted to deliver an experience that truly surprised us and potentially surpassed their peers in 15-18 rated games.



DESS-M-8 commented on Feature: Five Key Reveals and Releases That Wi...:

@NintendoFan64 I've not mentioned pre orders for anything at any point, I think you're possibly getting confused between a number of different arguments with different people, where everyone is saying you are wrong.

My point is that MORE than 50% is pointing toward what im saying and further away from what you're saying.

Either way, if by Christmas, you're sat playing the best version of zelda Wii u on your amazing and spanking new NX.

Think of me.



DESS-M-8 commented on Feature: Five Key Reveals and Releases That Wi...:

@NintendoFan64 😞 Sigh,

IF zelda is a launch title with NX it will be a port of the Wii U. The release of a zelda game at the very end of a consoles lifespan almost guarantees a release on the successive hardware. Nintendo did exactly this with twilight princess and are renowned for moving almost finished games to the next console when they are due for completion at the end of the current hardware life: eternal darkness, star fox adventures, zelda twilight princess, banjo kazooie. Just several titles that were all originally developed for the hardware previous to their actual release format.

The NX is pretty much confirmed as being a hybrid system. The Macronix chips will be required in the controller element of the NX. They may release two separate units that are 100% compatible, or one lumped together gaming solution. Either way the handheld/NX controlpad WILL require the Macronix chipsets. If the handheld has rumblings of release this year (50% of he NX design) then the manufacturers of the console unit are either more leak protected and are at the same stage, or will not be far behind.

Either way, these are ALL factors that are constantly tipping the scale for an NX release in 2016. Which is the perfect time to launch it.



DESS-M-8 commented on Poll: Which Nintendo Franchises Do You Most Wa...:

@LetsGoChamp sonic, panzer, NiGHTS and streets of rage(done with same okay mechanics as Arkham Knight) would be AWESOME and is buy all day one, minute one.

Will never happen though as sega has had a whole host of idiots steering it's sinking ship since 1998 and most have never even heard of these intellectual properties.



DESS-M-8 commented on Poll: Which Nintendo Franchises Do You Most Wa...:

@Kevlar44 unfortunately for you, the market is bigger than you. The market doesn't get on board with this, that ultimately results in less games to choose from NX for you. It's that simple.

I'm not saying no to mario, and I'm not saying no to Nintendo. Nintendo has never stopped being number 1 in this industry. But you want to attract a bigger instal base than just fans like yourself, you need to appeal to more people and have something to offer them.

Nintendo gets one chance to shout at the world "buy an NX!" Before a response of "no way, it's for babies again!" Is given or not. If they go all fund blazing with Mario, zelda and Kirby? Seriously; nobody will care or listen and you'll own a very very expensive Wii U 2



DESS-M-8 commented on Poll: Which Nintendo Franchises Do You Most Wa...:

Come on people. How can you have a vote like this and still plump for a 3D Mario and zelda!!!??? Those will come anyway!

There won't be a zelda unless it's an NX version of zelda wii u, (which is obviously happening anyway)

This was one of those occasions to show there is an undying love to bring in a new metroid! A new fzero!

A new and main series Pokemon to home/portable/cross console would be HUGE and literally sell millions of consoles.

Nintendo gamers get a chance to show their diverse taste, then they still say mario and zelda please, then wonder why that is all they get and third parties can't be bothered and moan that there is no support or diversity and just keep getting given Mario/Kirby/yoshi games.

NX is Nintendo's chance to try and break the stigma of a console for babies. Slapping it with repeated staple titles of high colour and nothing else will guarantee it flops hard, the market doesn't want just that anymore.



DESS-M-8 commented on Rumour: Super Smash Bros. Planned as NX Launch...:

A port of smash Wii u would make sense. That game carries full functionality for the vast majority of the current amiibo roster. That guarantees their relevance and continuance onto NX from launch day.

I would however hope/expect that it would an "ultimate" edition that had ALL released DLC.

I do however sincerely doubt this is the only title Nintendo has in development for NX. They have something like 10 software development teams, not to mention that Retro Studios had released nothing for close to 3 years.

Having 3-4 first party launch titles would be amazing 2-3 more likely. If one of these is a full smash, that's a smart move.

A strong launch virtual console with some good surprises would also be a winning move. (GameCube!!!!! And finally confirmation of why Nintendo renewed ownership of the Eternal Darkness IP)

Not changing the game at all, but making it compatible against Wii u



DESS-M-8 commented on Editorial: Nintendo and Virtual Reality Aren't...:

@Santa thanks for deleting his comments finally. What started off as some form of on topic discussion basically end up with me getting replies full of nonsense, abuse and profanity. Was getting very hard not to write something that would result in an instant ban.



DESS-M-8 commented on Rumour: Intelligent Systems Is Working On New ...:

I hope it's a new game as good as the original and thousand year door.

I secretly wish it's a HD remaster of thousand year door.

I ultimately wish it turns out to be a GameCube virtual console development and one of the Frits three titles to be announced for the GameCube format for download on Wii U and NX. (Along with eternal darkness that was curiously renewed recently and luigi's mansion)



DESS-M-8 commented on Reaction: Nintendo Titles Miss the UK Top 40 O...:

@Xenocity I get that and you're not breaking anything to me. I've been gaming as long as you have compadre.

But I do feel like the NPD receives back-handers from Sony sometimes.

To label Chavs with no real insight or taste in gaming and literally buy whatever the TV tells them to buy should not be labelled Hardcore.

Nintendo did create a rod for their own back by making their increasing more colourful and simple. What happened to the Nintendo that brought us Eternal Darkness, Metal Gear Twin Snakes, 1080, F-Zero X, courted deals for Resident Evil REmake, Metroid Prime?

None of that anymore, now we get Woolly Yoshi, Kirby and Smash. All games that can not and will not ever sell big numbers to a gamer market.

They have so much talent at Nintendo, they need to branch out and get their hands dirty



DESS-M-8 commented on Unreal Engine GoldenEye 007 Tech Demo Gains Th...:

Would literally soil myself with Glee if Hollis, Doak and Kirkhope joined Playtonic Games and re-made goldeneye or a "spiritual" successor if this would be contractually impossible.

To me, Rare dies a long time ago and Playtonic is very strong possible re-birth of the real Rareware Ltd coming back into the game.

Yooka Laylee followed by a multiplayer FPS would be AMAZING!!!!



DESS-M-8 commented on Reaction: Nintendo Titles Miss the UK Top 40 O...:

"It's quite simple.
The data shows that those who play AAA games, M-rated games and sports games, ignore most other games."

These are the gamers are identified in my post, these are not hardcore gamers. these are chavs and children.

These are called the "hardcore" (Correction: Chavs) gamers and they identify Nintendo with being a kids, family and "casual' company (since the early 1990s).

"They wouldn't take a Nintendo system if you paid them."
Chavs wouldn't as they deem it to harm their "street cred"

"They are put off by bright colors, E-ratings, most T-ratings and non AAA non sports games for the most part."
Not part, entirely.

"This is why non AAA games",
Nintendo make AAA games

"non M-rated games and non sports games struggled to breakeven on PS3, Xbox 360 last gen."
I agree.

"Everything is struggling hard on PS4 and Xbox one that isn't AAA games, M-rated games and sports games,"
Hardcore games struggle on all formats, Muramasa Demon Blade, King of Fighters, Ikaruga. these are hardcore games. These sell Poorly as they are not easy, run of the mill regurgitation fodder from activision and EA that chavs so religiously purchase.

"Traditionally AAA games, M-rated games and sports games do horrible on Nintendo systems dating all the way back to NES."
This was primarily due to the introduction of online gaming and Nintendo's reluctance to follow into it until they could provide it free of charge. You wan to play competitively online? you need players. The higher the gamerbase for that game, the better the online experience. Establishing this base on a Nintendo system from literally zero users is a mountain of a task just not really worth the investment from any developer. Shame really.

"On the other hand all games that aren't those tend to do better if not well on Nintendo systems." because their userbase is more willing to try new games as they don't have the option of the AAA titles, are also tend to be gamers that follow the industry more closely for potentially good new upcoming titles as there is such a wait between these types of games on Nintendo that people snap them up when they do arrive.

"Those who play AAA games, M-rated games and sports games aka the "hardcore"/real gamers are a very different market than those who don't play them aka the "casuals", nerds and kiddie gamers."
The REAL gamers!!!????? I actually laughed when I read that. All gamers are gamers, A lot of people who play any format will be what you label nerds, you may be one yourself, I could be one; it's subjective. Being able to shoot people dead is not what constitutes a "hardcore" game.



DESS-M-8 commented on Reaction: Nintendo Titles Miss the UK Top 40 O...:

I'm sure you can think of other words to use if you think hard enough.-Morpheel

The MAJORITY of the UK gaming market are children trying to one-up each other at school, or under-informed twenty somethings who were those same kids ten years ago. These gamers religiously walk to Game in their DROVES and instinctively purchase CoD, GTA, Assassin's Creed, FIFA.

If your console has not a limited selection of these, let alone literally NONE of them, then it stands zero chance of being bought by that market.

The opposite edge of this unfortunate sword is that the UK market is tiny. In terms of Europe it's a decent slice, but in the global market the UK accounts for almost nothing when compared to potential sales in Japan and America. If companies can continue to make way more money with little investment in bigger markets, why would they stretch themselves so thin to appease such a small market?

There are true and some great gamers in the UK, but these are a minority of a minority. This is why you see excellent titles that are not TV ad fodder AAA stallwarts, but far superior games get really poor sales figures.

Every time that happens to a game, that instantly shows you the gaming demographic of this country. Not a bad thing, but unless your console caters to both types of gamer, how can you expect to begin educating the masses if you can't even get their attention in the first place, with providing the thirs party games they are clearly going to buy??? By not including them from the outset, you immediately exclude them



DESS-M-8 commented on Oculus Founder Palmer Luckey Believes Virtual ...:

@Kirk actually using one is not relevant to any point I have made. The facts I have pointed out are health warnings issued by Oculus. I wouldn't even have to put the thing in my head to support anything I've said.

I have also not doubted the quality of the experience, I have no doubt it is amazing. It is the inherent health risks introduced with its current application method.
I'm boring myself now I've typed that sentence that many times, would help Out if you read it once and understood.

I tell you what, I will actually look at that fiction piece you've written and give you an honest opinion.



DESS-M-8 commented on Oculus Founder Palmer Luckey Believes Virtual ...:

@Kirk every point I have made is no dependent on trying them, neither is the product is released yet.

My point is that:
A) the product can not be used for longer than 30 minutes at a time,
B) it can have severe damaging effects on a wide range of people.
C) it can not be used by people under 13 and those between 13-18 must be closely monitored while using it.

All these points are 100% fact and narrow down the potential market massively before it's even considered on a shop shelf. As an engineer reviewing this product under a decision matrix, it would be at the bottom of the pile. The only reason it is going ahead is that there is a niche market of people desperate for this experience regardless of its effects. A bit like crack-heads really.

It is there money invested direct through Kickstarter that has made this happen which means oculus will make a return on investment guaranteed. Without Kickstarter, it wouldn't have seen the light of day.

The experience for sale is enticing, but the inherent health risks and potential damaging effects of its use when not used to the letter of its own health and safety documents, will prevent it from penetrating the mass market.



DESS-M-8 commented on Oculus Founder Palmer Luckey Believes Virtual ...:

@Kirk what are you talking about now? That has nothing to do with anything or even been a point raised by anyone.

At no point have I disputed the quality of the experience. My point is that the delivery method and its application is not suitable for sustained periods of time and the entire product is just too cumbersome.

The restrict the focal length of the human eye at less than 100mm for an extended period of time is going to cause long term damage and unnecessary strain. In addition to this, the fact it is a helmet and closing you off from the space around you is something that will never be adopted at a general level in a home lounge entertainment centre.

Beyond this, there will be people who feel uneasy using a product like this, some it makes feel ill, some who don't trust the potential damage it will cause, some who sitting your house with a helmet on is just ridiculous and those who really aren't that bothered about it. Add to this the product costs over a £100 for something that only enhances a product you already own and it will be written off by a majority worldwide. The only remaining consumers of this product are technophiles and "gotta have it" geeks. It will sell but it will not penetrate mass market as it is currently applied and positioned within the market.

They have a chance of breaking a serious market share if it is issued as standard with PS5. Beyond this, this product is way way way in its infancy, and in my opinion, is not the route that gaming should attempt to go. It will serve a niche over the next two-three years and that's it.



DESS-M-8 commented on Oculus Founder Palmer Luckey Believes Virtual ...:

@Kirk bother what? Learning to read? Use logic? Learn how to answer a question? Not lie? Not talk utter rubbish?

I hope Rare take you back, they're gonna need your amazing ideas for VR when it rules the world by end of next year. You are the VR guru and nobody knows more about with you. Steam, Sony, Google, Microsoft; they should all get you in their payroll to advocate VR, especially with your eloquent crash of English and untouchable ability to convey any sense of knowledge. You should be head hunter by them all. I'm surprised they haven't already, they all need somebody as technologically minded as you, the way you can break down reality and explain science with fiction. It's a unique skill. When you die, the world is owed your brain so we can all learn from your vast knowledge for eons to come, even though we won't have you, your technical mind will still be with us, so how could you be dead!!!????

Glad this has come to end. Especially with a lack of retort from your yourself. Speaks volumes to be honest and is the most intelligent thing you've typed this week.

Live long and prosper lawnmower man.



DESS-M-8 commented on Oculus Founder Palmer Luckey Believes Virtual ...:

@Kirk I am vastly more intelligent than you. Fact. You are clearly a complete idiot and most junior school students will undoubtedly have a higher IQ, but let's continue. Let's try and break down these walls you retarded mind has created for you and break this down into single sentence bullet points. We'all number them aswell for assistance with reference.

1) virtual boy has damaged the VR industry, making current VR's more difficult.
DESS-M-8: no it didn't in anyway. People's perception of VR is based on VR itself. The mass market will have little recollection of Virtual Boy. Even people who played VirtualBoy are able to make the distinction that it had zero to do with Virtual Reality; they may aswell blame Virtua Fighter while they're at it.
Kirk: you have not passed your opinion on this at any point.

2) Will VR be a success over the next two years?
DESS-M-8: no. It's current form it will not be adopted by the mass market. Some VR devices will have industrial application like microsofts augmented reality display. But this is totally different tech. I believe it will not be a success because it is cumbersome and it is not able to be used for sustained periods of time; console gaming is played for sustained periods of time. Wearing a helmet will never work. NOTE: this does not mean the only alternative is a full Holodeck! This was your assumption, not mine. This assumption belongs in the realms of your comparison of using "psychohistory" as sufficient reference material to validate your and I do not work in consumer electronic R&D so have no clue what alternative methods are. My statement that a helmet is out stands; it does not however, rule out wearable technologies.
Kirk: says yes it will be a success within two years, supporting this with "because I am smart and I say so"

3) Will VR ultimately succeed?
DESS-M-8: Maybe. I can see way more potential in Augmented Reality with this having some serious developments in industry and home retail for entertainment and function. With this developing further, a true next generation "virtual" reality application may evolve from that. Closing your entire headspace off inside a helmet and willing signing away the long term health if your eyesight is just a no-brained and resounding no.
Kirk: VR will reign supreme and literally consume all electronic interfacing on a global scale within 10 years. - if anybody else is still reading this painful thread please do comment on this with directing any insults or fun making at @kirk. This is what he believes and he is entitled to his opinion.

4) you worked for Rare who snubbed you and stole all your ideas.
While this is off topic, I do feel it adds some relevance when it does direct a light on the viability of any credibility to anything you say; including having a right to question anybody else's intelligence levels and to justify your opinion with literally no reasoning or explaination beyond "I am right because I am right and you are wrong you f'n moron!".

That closing quote from you does actually sum your entire pathetic and flawed argument up in as little as 13.5 words"

Please stop, or if you do continue please do it calmly and logically without swearing or "spittin' barbs like the hardcore Scottish g'man" you so wish you were. I know you like to think you "roll" like some journalistic renegade, and when you "go off" there's a chance you hurt people's feelings but you're "down with that".

But you just sound sad, childish and it makes reading anything you've written difficult to read without immediately discrediting any valid point you could possibly be making.



DESS-M-8 commented on Oculus Founder Palmer Luckey Believes Virtual ...:

@Kirk you are an utter spastic and it is hilarious every time you refer to yourself as a smart person.

I have never mentioned a holodeck. I'm saying helmets are a no-no for mass market.

Nothing about oculus is an instant success in terms of taking over the world as you claim it will.

You STILL have not said why you think it will be a success. You "wrote" ALL that and it still basically sums up to
"Oculus will be a mass market success because I say it will"
Can you not see the inherent failure in every word of that sentence?????



DESS-M-8 commented on Oculus Founder Palmer Luckey Believes Virtual ...:

@Kirk I'm not stating to what future tech future VR will use. I've not discussed that, I've discussed why helmet wearing tech won't penetrate mass market. Commercial market I'm referring to industrial application, domestic market I'm referring to retail of units to be used in domestic lounges and bedrooms on a daily basis.

To reason you are right cause I'm a moron for not agreeing is just retarded and pathetic.

I get that you think oculus will be a success, I'm asking you to explain WHY you think that is. You still have nothing apart check a box for "yes" and the proceeded to soil yourself that somebody dared tick the "no" box



DESS-M-8 commented on Oculus Founder Palmer Luckey Believes Virtual ...:


"You aka moron"
That is your opinion of an opinion made with supporting reasoning.

"Me aka the smart one"
Your opinion of your own opinion where you claiming a guess is the same as a fact????? Please just stop.

I have tried a couple of times to engage you intellectually on this subject which you're either ignoring because you can't qualify your own reason, or you are too stupid to read and write correctly.

VR will be a success in the future!!!!! Right. OK. Why?

My statement is claiming VR, whilst constrained to deployment in a helmet will not be a success. This is qualified in numerous posts over the last few days.

If you are arguing counter to that, you are stating devices such as oculus (not lawnmower man non-existent future VR technologies), just oculus equivalent devices will be a success.
If you believe this, please explain why. I'm interested.



DESS-M-8 commented on Oculus Founder Palmer Luckey Believes Virtual ...:

@Kirk all the ignorance and idiocy is solely at your feet my friend, so is the position of being "f'n wrong"

Can you please type something that displays some form of viewpoint, supported by a glimpse of knowledge and reason on the subject in hand?

If this escapes you, then please refrain from continuing to hurt yourself in this way. It's slowly become less entertaining and more pitiful.



DESS-M-8 commented on Oculus Founder Palmer Luckey Believes Virtual ...:

@Kirk speaking of morons not being able to read properly. Read what you just wrote.

"VR is a gimmick" further qualified by describing the hardware employing the VR experience as a helmet. I stand by this as it is my opinion and most often proven as true. Much in the same vein as the Wii remote.

The hardware offers an experience, which in its current state, is a gimmick.

VR, ultimately, could be a success if the hardware evolves from having to wear a visual closed off helmet. It is this as pax that has not evolved in the last thirty years. How this could be achieved, I've no idea; neither have the industry specialist as they still fall back to the helmet design every time.

VR will hit a stride in mainstream deployment until optic technology advances to a point where the helmet is not required. THIS is a long way away and could even be after our lifetime.

VR in the sense we are talking about is a gimmick as the only source available is the helmet design; this ultimately will not be adopted in mass market. You believe it will, therefore what we are discussing is the ultimate success of oculus. Claiming you are discussing technology that has not even been invented yet is just childish/idiotic; label yourself.

Virtual Boy has not damaged the perception of VR as a whole because while the experience delivered by virtual boy was flawed, the inherent problem with the devices failure has not been addressed by oculus; the goggle/helmet.

The krux of my argument is solely that point. You've not addressed that at all, maybe because you have no words to argue that point and feel falling back on "I think it's brilliant, some other people think it's brilliant therefore everyone must think it's amazing and it will be" which in another way also states you have nothing to say.

I am not the only one with this viewpoint, there a strong voice in all the forums singing the same tune as this. It's just me still typing because I find you floundering around on a keyboard mildly entertaining. Which is infinitely more than I can say for you trying to describe how an amiibo works on YouTube.



DESS-M-8 commented on Oculus Founder Palmer Luckey Believes Virtual ...:

@Kirk calm down LawnMoron Man, you're embarrassing yourself. I Would love to see which part of what I have written is desperate.

Neither have I changed my tune. My point has remained the same throughout and my opinion of VR remains unchanged.

You have yet again failed to put forward any thoughts on the subject and now getting beyond boring.

Which ideas specifically did Rareware, your previous employer, steal from you again??????

Joking aside:

Why will oculus be a huge success? Genuinely asking you your thoughts on this, why will it be a huge success?



DESS-M-8 commented on Oculus Founder Palmer Luckey Believes Virtual ...:

@Kirk there is no counter argument because there is no counter argument to be made?????? I would leave to see you "tear apart" my argument. Maybe you'd actually put forward some thought instead of ranting and moanig about nothing. I also have no doubt it would be hilarious to read.

You are an idiot beyond all comprehension, you still have not really said anything.
I have checked your blog and the YouTube videos you have made. They are further evidence, to me, that support the argument that you are complete retard who doesn't actually know what he's talking about. You have made no "mind blowing" or "sweet" ideas at any point in anything you've typed online; ever. It mainly consists of the ramblings of a child, ranting about what he would love to see and that the entire industry should be centred on "exciting" you, and you alone.

The best bit was when you claimed you used to work for Rare; then when you left Rare they stole all your ideas and gave you no credit.

I've not taken anything you've said personally, you've not said anything personal. I've never disputed VR being a success. I think VR maybe a success I maybe 20-30 years from now. This generation of VR will not be a success; which is the actual topic under discussion before you disappeared on ever tangent you could grab. Nothing ignorant has been stated by me (plenty by you), a complete lack of knowledge has not been evidenced by me (an abundance by you) and the only thing that remains a fact is that your beyond a shadow of doubt a complete idiot with absolutely no reason to be so conceited (fully evidenced on your YouTube channel). The fact you constantly mention your blog like it is a tome of genius and deep insight into the industry is hilarious, it is utter garbage and devoid of any sense and thought. It also reads like you should probably re-enter education. As soon as possible.

I requested that if you wanted to continue a discussion on the topic, to at least broach the subject of discussion. You have completely failed to do this again, so bye bye LawnMoron Man.

If you grow a brain at any point and have anything sensible to say in the future I may see you again, but I doubt that.

I also suspect this won't be the last post in this thread from you as you will now no doubt reply to this with some more illogical, arrogant, misinformed, childish and utterly purile raving nonsense.

VR is still in its infancy and not ready for domestic market release if they expect success.
This is not down to anything attempted by the Virtual Boy or any other hardware in the 90's. It is down to the fact people won't wear helmets to play games over using a TV, plain and simple. In that respect, as many advances as oculus has made over devices 20 years ago, the main problem has not been addressed: the peripheral itself.

Using oculus long term will have inherent health risks that are impossible to address using the hardware as it is. (If you are someone who argues this at this point, leave well alone as you do not have a full understanding on what is happening to you physically as you use an enclosed visual device such as this) It is disorientating, clearly damaging to eyes if used for prolonged times (which will happen no matter how many warnings are displayed). This leaves it as a niche peripheral not intended for extended use, at which point the price of entry is too high for something that is not a core element to gaming.

The experience of oculus is astounding. Same as afterburner was in arcades twenty years ago. The experience delivered is a short term blast to the senses as is recommended everyone tries it. Using that technology as a new platform for the 100's hours of gaming at home people undertake in the spare time is not the place for devices such as this.
It will ruin you.
I'm not saying oculus is rubbish, I'm saying it is damaging is used long term. If it is released for home consoles, that is how it will be used. It will ruin you.



DESS-M-8 commented on Oculus Founder Palmer Luckey Believes Virtual ...:

@Kirk what is truly funny is your complete failure to understand the concept of a counter argument and every single point made is 100% valid including all your counter arguments against yourself.

You typing anything is truly a waste of your own time, let alone anybody unfortunate enough to read them.

Funnier still is the fact that run a blog and think anybody would be interested in reading it when you can't even hold a simple conversation together. I'd rather read the small print off a shampoo bottle than a blog by you. It will clearly be as mis-informed, illogical and pointless as everything you've written on here so far. I can't believe you've referred to psychohistory as a legitimate support to your drivel at one point. I suppose you also believe the science of a "lightsaber" and they too are possible.

It is amazing that you continue to write and think it is quality material of professional journalistic quality that people will actually want to read when it is quite clearly the non-sensical ravings lower than that frequently in fanboy level scrawl.

Can you please either discuss the actual subject matter or shut up. In everything you've said so far you have not actually said anything more than:

" VR will be a success because I say it will, so there"

This is literally your entire argument summed up in one sentence.



DESS-M-8 commented on Oculus Founder Palmer Luckey Believes Virtual ...:

@Kirk here my complete response and dissection of your stupidity:

"Kirk said:
@DESS-M-8 It's laughable that you seem to confuse whatever I choose to say in our argument with what is a separate and objective reality."
Things you say about things that haven't happened are subjective opinion and the furthest possibly thing from an objective reality - fact

Whether I play silly word games with you or throw childish insults about is completely irrelevant to the point. That's just how I roll.
"You sound pathetic and the reading age of an 8 year old.

"And the point is that VR will be a success and it will ultimately be a new category in interactive entertainment going forward--easily as much as consoles are right now. That's not even debatable at this point; you just think is. The exact hows and when are up for debate--that I grant anyone--but not the eventual outcome of VR ultimately being a successful new product category. Again, you just think it is."
The ultimate outcome of VR over the next 20 years is not up for discussion, the application of particular VR technology in a domestic market in 2016 is. It will fail. My subjective opinion, but based more on market and technology analysis rather than the

VR is not just an interface with how you control a game. That's like saying a smartphone is just an interface with how you control a game, or a handheld console is just an interface with how you control a game. VR is not just a peripheral controller. VR is an entire platform in and of itself--just like homes consoles, smartphones and tablets, and handhelds--that just happens to have a control method built directly into it (just like smartphones, tablets, and handhelds).
Oculus IS a peripheral. Fact.
The way it mechanically interfaces with a game uses same tech as move. Fact.
It does more than move on a technical level. I never disputed, the point I made is supports by: fact.

Again, it's honestly like you don't have the slightest clue what virtual reality is. Virtual Reality is the whole experience. The headset it just part of VR, and in almost all cases of modern VR, the headset is just one part of multiple parts that make up the VR experience. The interactive, immersive, and virtual experience is what defines VR, and it's achieved via a combination of the headset, controller(s), and software. At a bare minimum, the headset and software.
VR is everything I said it was, the fact the "experience" it gives you, is you interpretation of that "simulation"

"The similarity in mechanical operation at a motion control level with Move is almost completely moot"
You counter argues this point yourself; let's move on.
"The motion controller for VR is like Move"

", and in Sony's case it actually is Move"
Sorry, couldn't resist.

"but the headset is an entirely independant unit from the controller, even though it too has input capability."
Oxymoron anyone???? It nothing to do with it, but everything! Dude, you should write fragrance commercials.

" Move is "Move". Vive motion controller is "Move". Oculus Touch is "Move". The Balance Board is "Move". The PSVR headset, Vive headset, and Oculus Headset are virtual reality headset devices in and of themselves, not peripheral controllers for some other actual main device. And just because they tether to PCs--currently only--that doesn't change this fact"
Whatever THIS is, is your own mess to sort out.

"If you think Move is a flop then you're just living up to the short term, short sighted, and small minded thinking I'm talking about. We can talk about whether Move is/was a failure a few years after PSMove comes out. Until then any comment that it's a failure is coming from someone who simply doesn't know what they are talking about, because the product is still on the market, still selling, about to see a major new use implementation, as well as many more games that support it too. Unlike Wii U, Move isn't close to it's retirement day."
Where did Wii u come from after you immediately invalidated your own endorsement of move? Wii u never gave virtual physical interface, it merely carried on what was pioneered with Wii remote over a decade ago. (Copied poorly by Move)

"And, for the record, PS Move has already sold over 15 million units (even before it gets a whole new surge of life with PSVR), which is more than the Wii U has to date (and probably more than it ever will):"
This is peanuts against the tech it copied. Wii mote.
How many games released today use Move????
How many in the last 3 years of PS3 advocated Move?????? Fail.

"No, my whole point is that you are wrong because you are wrong."
Subjective, not objective.

"You just don't know you're so very wrong--yet.
And that's not my opinion"
Yes it is
"PS. I am a grown man with a child's mind--but not in the way you mean--and I'm entirely proud of it."
I highly suspect it's the former.



DESS-M-8 commented on Oculus Founder Palmer Luckey Believes Virtual ...:

I believe VR hurts itself and Nintendo noticed that first hand.

VR is a gimmick and certainly doesn't have any mainstream, mass-market long-term application. The minute you have to wear a helmet to use it, you've lost and it belongs in an arcade with all the other huge clumsy peripherals that are a blast for ten minutes.

Unless the emerging tech is playable/usable straight out of the box without wearing anything, it will not succeed.

Keep working on this, developing this, apply in the commercial sector, until it has developed to a adequate level for domestic use.

Oculus and Playstation VR? ,,,,,,,,,,, No, Just, no.



DESS-M-8 commented on Feature: Five Key Reveals and Releases That Wi...:


developers will have had 18-24 months on developing a launch title. That is MORE than enough time. When developers take on new hardware, they are not starting from scratch and they are not writing reems and reems of raw code; they are utilising existing engines and Nintendo's development tools. An aspect of Nintendo throughout the Wii U has been their willingness to offer full support in the use of their tools and systems. Launch titles are predominantly re-hashed port's which have a minimal development time. Then you will a handful of exclusives that have had more time with the hardware and been more experimental. These first and third parties will have been involved from an earlier point. There will be games for NX right now, close to being finished.

"Nintendo working on a new console for a couple of years is normal. They work on the next console almost immediately after one’s already been released."
I know, I just told you that.

They have announced the system already. This E3, as I have already said, is what dictates where you can expect the NX launch date. If Nintendo show a static piece of hardware, without the new controller and don't show any software, then you are looking at a 2017 launch. If they show the hardware running in full, it's gonna be 2016. End of.

"-Once again, the whole part about third-parties being shown the system and getting dev kits at those particular points in time are RUMORS."
They did show it, and development list have been distributed, it is not a rumour.

"Literally anyone can go on the internet, make something up, and spread it around"
I am well aware of the definition of a rumour, but thank you for spelling it out, just on the off chance your comment was over my head.

Just wait for E3 and see what happens, everyone will be more informed then, including you and I. What I am saying is that there are a lot of different sources, including Nintendo themselves, that indicate we should not be surprised if we see NX by the end of 2016.

In my opinion, for Nintendo, the NX cannot arrive soon enough.



DESS-M-8 commented on Feature: Five Key Reveals and Releases That Wi...:

Because I am a 33 year old grown man with a full time job, a wife, two children, doing a degree and my own interests to intend to. Reading the Internet and compiling references on behalf of you is not one of them.

Iwata announced the NX in March last year. This means Nintendo had been building the platform long before then, at the latest development started in January 2013 when they merged their hardware development teams. Especially as in June 2015, Nintendo had a closed door conference with a number of third parties to demo the new hardware with prospective developers.

3-4 months later, Nintendo were sending out development kits to third parties that hadn't already received one. Some select third party companies had development kits prior to E3 2015 June.

Nintendo have been developing software for NX for last two years, this may include some third parties (that is just speculation but does tie in wth some third parties having full knowledge of NX in early 2015, square soft were one)

The development time frame, the re-structuring and merging of the home and mobile hardware development teams in Nintendo 3 years ago along with slipped information from third parties all point to NX as near completion now.

Nintendo have confirmed the NX will be at E3 this year. Given their 100% track record of only showing new hardware at E3 if they are releasing in that year would suggest it will be out before Christmas this year.

My opinion is that the new account system and mobile apps will launch sometime between May-July and using E3 as spring board to start drawing attention. Then using the newly releasing account management and marketing software they can drive a steady stream of hype to give the NX the best possibly chance for the best sales period of this year.

Expecting to sustain this hype for a further 12 months while their ideas are stolen is not a good idea, they have never done that and I highly doubt they ever will.

End of 2016 is THE best time to launch NX, they know it and the market is telling them that. Releasing first party titles to a dwindling small user base is not a viable business model in a market where they need to draw new attention constantly. The NX is the only chance they have at having a successful financial 2016 after such a poor 2015.

All of what said is reference able if you are bothered to research and to read.



DESS-M-8 commented on Analysis: Assessing Why NX Needs to Take Over ...:

I think it will be next gen home hardware with a pack in controller that realises what the GameCube invented 15 years will be next gen hardware with the Wii u Gamepad being assymalted into a 3ds successor.

Think a PS4 with vita in one bundle, but the handheld is infinitely better.

The smartphone integration is for distribution and account services aswell as Nintendo apps and comms.



DESS-M-8 commented on Feature: Five Key Reveals and Releases That Wi...:

@NintendoFan64 no, because there is more chance I am right than you.

Maybe you should think about what you type before you have a melt down like a ten year old. "Shouting" and swearing just makes you seem petulant and irrational, main reason why I don't consider it worth my. I happy enough to leave this alone and reply to you at the end of the with dozens of hyperlinks proving I am right including list prices and pre-orders for the console and zelda u..... On NX.

Nintendo have STATED they will be announcing details on NX in next few months and it will be showcased at this years E3. Nintendo would not showcase the NX at E3 if they didn't plan to release it within 12 months of the show. Historically Nintendo have delivered the console to market between September and December of the same year they showcased the same console. Nintendo are famously secretive to the last minute. They would not public detail out their new hardware and then shelve it for 18 months giving competitors every chance to rip it before they launch.


  • showcased at the E3 1996,
  • launched September 1996


  • showcased at the 2001 E3
  • released November 2001


  • showcased at the 2006 E3
  • released in December 2006

See a pattern???? Nintendo show their hand at the LAST minute, always have alway will. If thy show it at E3 this year, it's coming before end of 2016. They have confirmed it will be at E3 2016.