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Fri 29th Mar 2013

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dereq commented on Weirdness: Female UFC Champ Was A Huge Pokémo...:

The headline should read: "In between crushing cans, Ronda Rousey enjoys Pokemon occasionally." Seriously, I'm on MMA websites all day, I figured a NINTENDO website would lay off the undeserved Rousey hype train. She is a "superstar" by virtue of competing in a sport with a talent pool that is diluted as cheap margaritas. Color me unimpressed.



dereq commented on Xbox Boss Phil Spencer Reckons "It Would Be Co...:

Thank you, I was pretty sure that was why, not "Nintendo being a jerk". That said, Quorthon is the biggest Negative Nancy I've ever seen in my life. Every comment of his just reeks of pessimism and criticism for the sake of negativity, nothing more. Maybe his Vitamin D levels are low due to lack of sunshine, from spending so much time on the interwebs spewing bile inflected "commentary".



dereq commented on It's Not An April Fool, The Binding Of Issac: ...:

I'd like to know why people think religion is somehow above criticism. Every day you hear people insulting other people's culture, sexual orientation, or politics, but somehow religion is believed to be on an untouchable pedestal. Even when said religion is used to justify prejudice toward others (which has been the case for millenia). Furthermore, I guarantee those complaining about it's targeting of Christianity wouldn't feel the same way if it was targeted towards Islam, 'cause you know, their Quran has many violent passages and blah blah blah (Oh wait, the Old Testament is filled to the brim with violence and morally bankrupt stories).



dereq commented on Nintendo Secures Second Patent Win Over Creati...:

I love how companies always "vigorously" defend themselves in court. The UFC said the exact same thing this week. Hopefully the card tonight will have "robust" content. Oh wait, Reggie already owns that. XD



dereq commented on Video: Which YouTube Star Is Best At Mario Kar...:

@Tonyc1991 If that was an insult towards me, than I suggest you look up the definition of the word "hipster". It takes a hell of a lot more than using a trendy (?) term such as "sheeple". I just feel that the whole trend of "following" anyone you have a passing interest in shows a passive herd mentality.



dereq commented on Video: Which YouTube Star Is Best At Mario Kar...:

Ugh, the Youtube generation. Afflicted with the desire to film mundane, everyday experiences under the guise of creativity. And the whole "subscribe" thing I'll never understand. Look, I've enjoyed plenty of vids on Youtube but I will never subscribe to anyone's channel. It just screams "sheeple"!!!



dereq commented on Nintendo 64x64: Forsaken:

Wow, the PAL version had different boxart than the NA version. I love this game, still have the cart and the strategy guide!! And psychedelic mode was awesome!!!



dereq commented on Nintendo 64x64: F-Zero X:

X was better than GX IMHO. GX completely broke the power slide technique and the AI was incredibly inconsistent. Plus, the cars all had a tendency to oversteer and the control was far too touchy.



dereq commented on Mercedes DLC Confirmed for Mario Kart 8 in the...:

It seems kind of funny that a car so expensive would choose to advertise in a video game. The percentage of players that would want and/or afford a real Mercedes is prolly staggeringly low. That said, is there anything that the Negative Nancies on here won't complain about?



dereq commented on Review: Another World - 20th Anniversary Editi...:

Did you even read my comment? I said nothing about cross-buy at all, I agree that N needs to introduce such a program. But no, Nintendo does not set prices of third party games on the eShop, that's why devs can put their games on sale whenever they want. FACT. And why doesn't anyone talk about the cons of account based systems? Someone could steal your username/password and take all your games. As it is, you would have to break into my house to steal my games/systems, and they're covered by insurance. I can't insure an online account.



dereq commented on Mario Kart 8 Speeds Into Second Place In NPD M...:

@Faron "I probably know a lot more about the Wii U, have played it more, and own more Wii U games than you do." Dumbest comment I've ever read. How would you have any way of knowing this? BTW, we already have several trolls on this site, there isn't room for you too. Go home dude.