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Sat 23rd Feb 2013

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dennyiPad commented on Activision: New Skylanders Portal Of Power Dow...:

Skylanders vs iPad Toys

So stick a Skylanders toy on a piece of plastic.... then go play a video better than trying to move a toy through a maze on an iPad faster than your friends can, faster than your last time, the maze is changing under your toy as you move it...time is loudly ticking out... the hairy monster has appeared, a giant flash and explosion, the maze is blown apart under your toy... you lose......oh, but now lets go put a different toy on the Skylanders plastic and then go over and play a video game – how compelling.

Oh and thanks for asking “Why not use your finger?” Because the bases of the different toy figures have different shapes, so that I have to move through the thinner areas with one toy than jump across a brick wall to a maze with a different pattern than requires a different toy that I need to twist and turn to get more points-over-time. And when the maze gets hazy and drops down into the fiery maze I need to switch to a toy that won’t melt in the heat, then switch again to a toy that can kill fire monsters that are coming toward me. Then the maze gets thinner again through the underground pipes and I need to switch to the toy with the very small base that has the power to render me invisible when I press the button on top of the toy, or shoot monsters that are shooting at me which requires that I keep lifting the toy off an on the screen to redirect the toy while making sure the base still fits within the pattern on the maze, while time keeps ticking down…...oh wait a moment…….let’s get a glass of milk and a cookie, and change the Skylanders toy on the piece of plastic, the toy that requires no talent, no imagination, in fact could just be a menu choice, a click on a screen “WOW!!!”.

Oh…remember, this is a maze, which means sometimes you will be going in the wrong direction, especially if a rock slide blocks your normal path and you have to divert through a river, which again requires a different toy…so don’t get distracted…please…