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Mon 6th August, 2012

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DefHalan commented on Watch Dogs Wii U Release Dates Confirmed:

I really hope the DLC will be supported on Wii U, I think any DLC released before November 18th should be free for Wii U owners but it won't stop me from buying it if the DLC is at least coming to Wii U



DefHalan commented on Dahku Creations Announces Departure From Game ...:

I understand what they are saying but I feel people want a meaty experience on consoles. What I mean by meaty is the length of the experience. The amount of time it takes for the consumer to get the "full experience" RPGs do this by having a long story. Shooters do this by having online multiplayer. Puzzle games do it by having random-ization.Soon Shine looked like it didn't offer much gameplay. I watched the Trailer and felt they showed everything in it.Just my opinion

EDIT: Just to add on, it doesn't have to be a long experience, Steamworld Dig does a good job of having a meaty short experience.

EDIT2: Can't believe I didn't say this before. Sorry to hear you are leaving the industry, I hope the best for you



DefHalan commented on Nintendo's Unity Presentation Confirms Critica...:


Ok, I am not saying everyone needs to like the game. I am just saying it is a good game. I think playing a game with the same mechanics but with the story of walking around a castle finding out why it is deserted, would be equally as good and I think more people would be interested in such a game, mainly because of its story.



DefHalan commented on Nintendo's Unity Presentation Confirms Critica...:


Well it is actually a good game, it doesn't have much in terms of gameplay but that doesn't stop it from being a good game. I like the exploration in the game... well the whole game is just exploration but I like it lol. Not sure if it is worth a second playthrough and don't think it is worth the high price.



DefHalan commented on Capcom Releases Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney -...:

Why do developers/publishers devalue their work so much on smart devices? I get that most smart phone users won't buy "expensive" games (generally anything over $5) but then how is it worth it? Do you really make that much money off selling it for so cheap on those devices? (I know this isn't as bad, so take this as more of a general statement)



DefHalan commented on Rain Games' Upcoming Wii U eShop Title Teslagr...:

I would rather get ondies on console. I find consoles indies are normally a better experience than on PC. I just hate how indies will be a part of a humble bundle before they release their game on all target platforms. Because of that I get their games for super cheap and aren't really supporting them. If they waited to do Humble Bundles until after they release on all target platforns then they would catch me twice, once on console and once on Humble Bundle



DefHalan commented on Skylanders Trap Team on Wii Will, Surprisingly...:

I think I would be more interested if the Wii U version came with a free download code for the 3DS version, pretty sure it is the same portal for both systems. Not that I would buy it but I would be more interested. I am already doing Disney Infinity and Amiibo when that happens.