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Sun 9th Mar 2014

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deaddiamondz commented on Capcom Is Aware That We All Want A New Mega Ma...:

I've been waiting for anything new for the megaman battle network series even if it was for the ds because I don't have a 3ds and I'm sure not a lot of ppl have bought into that or the ... 2ds.... But honestly bringing back anything except those star force versions would be just fantastic, I want my son to enjoy the games of the future also being able to know that the games I grew up with are still worth looking at again. I'm not sure what u's will do with either the megaman x collection or mmbn collection but I'm looking forward to that as well as trying out this new mighty number 9.. it may not end up being my cup of tea but I'm down for trying new things even like starforce, which was great, but it just didn't have the same nostalgic feeling as when I would play the original 9x9 side view battle zone and with the big hype of revamping old games I think for the handheld systems the hub version of megaman would bring back the great experience just like watching the show or playing through the beautiful storylines .. also as a player who hasn't been aware of megaman my whole life, I can't say that the x collection wouldn't be a better choice, but I bet either game would get just as many old viewers as it would new ones.. more so new ones which is the way to look at it. I don't mean to tell u how to do anything but I just love what this has come to and would like to see it split in every direction.