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41, Austria

Mon 25th Nov 2013

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deadaccount commented on Review: Sea Battle (DSiWare):

Well, Yoshi got a 4 here, so Ill enjoy this game also.

Personal note to the head of this site: You should take care to keep the quality of this site. Recently some reviews are just bad. Same on BitBoy Arcade aso....Sure I know reviews are just personal opinions, but dont forget that some people use your reviews wether to buy a game or not. Now go and imagine what the last case could mean for the future. And Yoshi surely isnt that bad, same on BitBoy. Did some reviewers actually play the game or just went through their text to be finished?



deadaccount commented on Pure Chess:

booh! Slow online, no zoom or camera turn on 3ds, bad resolutions on all texts and a overpriced dlc (15€ tree set) is just a booh! Beside this, the eshop descriptions promises HD graphics on the 3DS...

Stay on iOS-the place where you belong! Wondered how Nintendo QA failed such big?..



deadaccount commented on Feature: VooFoo Studios and Ripstone on Pure C...:

Disappointed with 3ds version: slow online mode, no camera movement for upper screen, lag on drawing the board on topscreen, sometimes bad touch screen recognizations, very bad resolution on topscreen and touchscreen (for descriptions specially - check statistics for example, thats just ugly!) and the graphics are not in HD. The eshop description says could say thats a lie!

After all, I would say, Ripstone failed on the 3ds version. Im very disappointed wirh the game and its praisrn features (ll) and will surely remember such a company. sorry 2 say, but its my opinion.