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Fri 19th Jul 2013

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DBMONK commented on Super Mario Bros. Deluxe Set For 27th February...:

Got my 2 codes this morning (have 2 3ds's and thus 2 nintendo id's) and im not sure weather to redeem one or just pass on the codes to someone that will get some use out of them... i REALLY hated this game for the weird zoomed in thing they did.... if anyone wants a code i will have at least one spare as i dont need both



DBMONK commented on SteamWorld Dig Coming to PC, But Follow-Up Wil...:

AWESOME.... can't wait to see what they come up with next, steamworld dig is one of the best digital only games i have played in a long time, i have beat it 100% at least a dozen times and i still go back to it even now!



DBMONK commented on Nintendo Download: 17th October (Europe):

Sonic Lost World is out THIS WEEK??
How the hell did that slip my mind?
Pokémon X & Y and now this.... My Memory card is filling fast!
Will also be picking up the Wii U version, god it will be good to have a reason to turn that thing on again lol



DBMONK commented on Nintendo Download: 3rd October (Europe):

wait.... £50 for WW HD is the real price???
Nintendo must be stoned as hell charging this for a £35 retail disc game.



DBMONK commented on Exclusive: 3DS And Wii U Versions Of New James...:

oh god, i dearly hope this is one kickstarter that does NOT get the backing its asking for.... the games (apart from the first) were all utter crap and this just sounds like some guy trying to get money for something that was forgotten long, LONG ago.



DBMONK commented on Pure Chess Developer: Wii U Is "Quite A Beast ...:

@SanderEvers And that was my point.... it COULD look better than the PS3, but it does not even look as good 99% of the time. i mean even games that are on both consoles look worse on the Wii U. such a shame as this is one of the things that puts people off getting into the Wii U.



DBMONK commented on Pure Chess Developer: Wii U Is "Quite A Beast ...:

Don't get me wrong, i LOVE my Wii U, but a "Beast of a machine"??
please, be serious, its barely at ps3 standards graphically.
hopefully we get some games that will eventually push what it can do, but i doubt chess will be the game to do that! O.o



DBMONK commented on Nintendo Download: 22nd August (Europe):

Splinter cell..... £56.....
are ubisoft taking the piss or what??
its £35 boxed in store.....

on the other hand, at least boulder dash will be here for 3ds this week, cant wait to get my retro on



DBMONK commented on Review: SteamWorld Dig (3DS eShop):

Seriously, i got it the second it was released and have played it ever since, only taking time to visit my animal crossing town to get the daily stuff sorted, then right back to digging and exploring the depths of this fantastic game!



DBMONK commented on StreetPassUK Launches Tag-Finding Website:

Well, this is a god send for me, will be heading right over to sign up.... i live in a small town in the north east right on the coast and i am lucky to get 2 hits a week. so thank you so much for this info