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Dazza commented on Event: Join Us At Our Summer Nintendo Life Gam...:

@TheSwagMaster98 It's a shame that so many of our readers simply won't be able to make it over to England for this event, of course we totally understand! The museum does valuable educational work and is a registered charity, if anyone would like to support this event but cannot attend then we'd recommend making a donation to the museum via their website:

@123akis hope you can make it sir. Cambridge is only 49 mins away from London Kings Cross so we hope lots of folks from the big smoke might join us!



Dazza commented on The Nintendo Game Plan - How the NES Slowly Wo...:

@Ristar42 to be fair the Mega Drive version of SF2 felt like an absolute eternity to come out at the time. As I recall lots of us imported it following the Mean Machines review in July 1992. Then the PAL version came out for Xmas 1992 and it was a massive seller with a SNES bundle pack.

The Champion Edition on the Mega Drive didn't come out until October 1993. I honestly only knew one person in my entire school who actually bought it. Then to add insult to injury they didn't have the new 6 button controller. Imagine trying to play SF2 having to press START to switch between punches and kicks!



Dazza commented on The Nintendo Game Plan - How the NES Slowly Wo...:

@Peach64 it's true that Nintendo got off to a slow start in the UK thanks to their arrangement with Mattel, however by 1990 the NES did start to make a big impact with the Ninja Turtles NES bundle:

SEGA had a big lead with the Master System and carried that momentum into the launch of the Mega Drive in the UK. However I would say the SNES launch in the UK was actually pretty strong. It can't be compared to the way the NES was handled, and by the time Street Fighter II was released every man and his dog wanted to own one.

The N64 and the GameCube's marketing didn't feel nearly as effective as that of the Super Nintendo in the UK. But then they faced much different challenges in their time.



Dazza commented on Nintendo Download: 2nd October (Europe):

We've had a problem with moving the site to another server and have lost all our articles from yesterday due to a corrupted backup, so we're adding them back one by one! Sorry all the comments from yesterday cannot be recovered!



Dazza commented on Ninterview: We Talk Bits and Beats With Mega Ran:

It was great to meet Random for a chat before his gig at the computer history museum in Cambridge. He's a super nice guy – we had a few games on the Street Fighter II arcade and he totally devastated me with his crazy Ken skills!




Dazza commented on Review: Chimpuzzle Pro (Wii U eShop):

@smikey - Thanks for your feedback.

I have checked with Karen and our proofing team and would like to clear up a few things as it seems there are a few crossed wires here:

  • You say the review has been changed to remove false statements in your edit but this is not the case. The review was published last night at 10pm and has not been altered since.
  • We can only report on the bugs which we experienced when play-testing the game. You say you did not play the game levels in order, however we did and we encountered a level loading problem. We appreciate it's possible to play levels in any order you want, but when we use the ‘next level’ button (which is a reasonable thing to do!) we found this recurring issue.
  • We consider the spawns of the blocks in places where they can make progress impossible to be a game-breaking issue. You may have figured out a system to minimise the problem, but we still feel it exists and we feel that it’s unfair to ask the player to work around this sort of bad design.

I hope that helps to clear things up a bit.



Dazza commented on The Man Responsible For Reviving Nintendo's Re...:

This news is a crying shame as I honestly believe that without Dan working behind the scenes that the coolest indie games such as World of Goo and the Bit Trip series (as a small example) would not have come to Nintendo platforms.

Dan has an amazing rapport with the top tier of indie talent and a natural openness with the gaming community, which seemed to me to be a great asset to NoA. It's a shame that NoA's senior management felt they had to keep him quiet rather than letting him do his job effectively.

It was a great pleasure to work with Dan on this interview back in 2012. I think it nicely conveys his passion for the job of bringing the very best of indie content to the eShop and moving things forwards in the way Nintendo interfaces with indies as a large corporation.

Best of luck for the future Dan!



Dazza commented on Feature: Where Are The Super Nintendo 3D Class...:

@Tops You make a good point about GBA games on the 3DS, that's been phrased better now.

We suspect the reason that SNES games aren't on the 3DS yet is due to the difficulty of emulating them which we hint on in this article. A remaster might be the only realistic option if Nintendo ever wanted to release SNES games on the 3DS, especially ones which use the Super FX chip.



Dazza commented on Hardware Classics: Sega Master System:

I have such fond memories of the Master System. As a UK gamer of a certain age, this was the console which me and all my school chums graduated to when our ZX Spectrums, Amstrads and C64s began to show their age. The NES was a mysterious beast to me at the time, no one I knew had one. The only place I ever saw them was on the demo pod at Boots the Chemists!

In contrast the Sega Master System felt like it was everywhere. There were no shortage of indie game shops pushing the system and magazine such as CVG and Mean Machines certainly made it's ever growing catalogue of games feel irresistible.

I got my Master System with a light phaser, Rambo III and a Hang-On card as I recall. Some games which really stood out to me during the time I had the console were Wonder Boy 1,2 & 3, R-Type, Shinobi, Outrun and California Games. There were tons of great games and as most of the kids at school also had the system it was easy to swap and get to try out the majority of them.

Of course the Master System's dominance in the UK would change when the Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles NES bundle was released in Christmas 1990. I got one and quickly familiarised myself with the gems of the NES back catalogue which could helpfully be purchased at bargain bin prices by that time.

Both the Master System and NES were wonderful 8-bit consoles. But I will always have the most fondness for the Master System due to the obsessive amount of time I spent playing it as a kid. I miss the old SEGA!