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Sat 16th Apr 2011

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darlenevile commented on Review: Hello Kitty Kruisers (Wii U):

And how old was the little girl you had play this game and give you their opinion? Or is this just another review by a player who is not part of the target audience? This is what makes it hard to buy video games for children. Even the best gamer websites are full of reviews by 30 year old men who think they can just somehow imagine what they would think of a game if they were a 7 year old girl, like that's the same thing. The best movie reviewers take their kids or a neice or nephew with them to the latest Disney flick. Gamers should hold that standard as well. By the way, my little girl thinks this game is the cutest thing on the entire planet and plays it all the time. I'm so glad I ignored these adult gamer reviews and bought it.



darlenevile commented on Review: Brain Age Express: Arts & Letters (DSi...:

whoa, i'm a bit shocked at the high number of positive reviews. much of the games are too rigid, too short, and too dependant on your ability to write numbers and letters perfectly. ugh, I got so many wrong because it translated my 'c' as an 'o', and whatnot. the game that tells you to draw a certain object is kinda fun, but flawed as well, since your answer depends on your perception. what you see as the most important visual feature of an object might be way different than someone else's idea.
anyway, there are so many other puzzle games you could play that sharpen your mind that are much more entertaining than the brain age games.



darlenevile commented on Review: Art of Ink (DSiWare):

i'm so glad they're putting effort into the character development. granted, I'm not a fan of the whole cardboard cut-out on wheels character that rolls on and off-screen as needed (like in trauma center or mystery case files for example), as opposed to sprites that move and emote (phoenix wright). but this looks like a pretty good quality game. as always, thanks for the in-depth reviews, guys.