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Mon 11th February, 2013

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danjohnson141 commented on Review: Hyrule Warriors (Wii U):

we all know not to expect a classic Zelda game when we play this, but lack of games and the fact I haven't played any other games in the series means it will probably get some serious play time especially if I have it downloaded. So im in come the 19th!!!



danjohnson141 commented on Watch Dogs Wii U Release Dates Confirmed:

I love Nintendo and all that but with the wii u being my only console I sometimes miss a mature game, so when a game like this does appears no matter how late it is I'm still likely to pick it up...even more so with no c.o.d this year



danjohnson141 commented on The Super Mario Bros. Movie Is Coming To Blu-r...:

I don't care what anybody says I actually like this movie, I remember going cinema to watch it so it brings back alot of happy memories for me shame I don't have a blu ray player but I'm happy enough with my DVD and I'm sure I have it on VHS somewhere too!



danjohnson141 commented on Hardware Classics: Sega Saturn:

My Saturn is sitting in my loft somewhere only ever had 2 games for it Virtual fighter and alien trilogy, there the only 2 i ever needed! I missed out on ps1 so the Saturn also introduced me to demo discs. Good times!!