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Thu 4th April, 2013

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danielflugt commented on LucasArts Shut Down By Disney:

I remember when I read about Disney taking over and thinking: "Oh, Disney have made some popular mobile games in the past. Wouldn't it be cool if they remade Maniac Mansion and optimised it for touch input?"

A man can dream, can't he? Apparently not. Thanks Disney.

And less sarcastic, thank you LucasArts for some of the good games of my childhood. Sorry to see you go and thoughts go out of to any developers who now find themselves without a livelihood.



danielflugt commented on Amazon Promoting Rival Consoles On Nintendo Pr...:

Well, there's also the possibility that Amazon simply isn't able to get the consoles they require to keep up demand. Amazon's original business model has always been to buy cheaply in bulk and pass the savings to the customer. If they aren't able to do that and thereby are unable to keep up stock it would only be logic of them to try flogging us a similar product. Either that or maybe they make more money selling Sony products.