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Sun 8th Jun 2014

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damainman69 commented on Insanity's Blade Release Date Changed to "TBA":

@Usagi-san There is no WebGL support at the moment and we used it for special effects. They are adding it, but we aren't waiting around. Also Unity can be ported to a lot of other things. We have been getting heavy demand for a 3DS port and Vita as well. Even PS3/4 and XBONE. I love my handhelds so I'd be happy if we can get onto either!



damainman69 commented on Insanity's Blade Release Date Changed to "TBA":

@Tsurii897 Sorry to hear you're done. And you're right - it is a lot of work to make a game. Especially since we've rebuilt it half way through development because of all the crap we took for it looking/playing like an NES game.

We've made it exactly how we wanted it now, but our play testers have found that the controls are "too hard" or "not smooth enough". The controls are exactly like a real retro game - you look left you immediately look left - you shoot, bullets are right there on the screen etc. As of now everything is working the way we wanted it too, but we need to listen to the reviewers and beta testers.

The kickstarter backers are getting the game as intended. When we have their feed back and are satisfied we will release the game. It was only ever the PC version coming out at the moment anyhow so I don't understand what the big deal is, The Wii U version isn't being coded by us, we're having a unity port built to push to Wii U and possibly other consoles. There has never been a Wii U release date - But it has been in development for roughly 2 months now.

And yeah, we are just two guys. I'm the lead dev and art and sfx - the creative director. And up until the December I was working on other projects. The other developer was going to school full time until April, and is working a full time job.

We do this because we like doing it, and if you think we're being ridiculous because we don't want the game to suck, well - that's too bad for you I guess. I usually put in 15 to 22 hour days on the game now. I have hardly taken a day off since January.

But for the most part - this is to polish the game a bit. We're not re-inventing the game for a third time. It could only take a week maybe two. But that will not affect the Wii U release date as it doesn't exist and the changes we make now are easily added into the unity build. We have already made a few of the changes (difficulty on Easy mode - less snappy camera) and at the most we may add a different control option/camera mode for people that want to play it in a more modern retro way. I'm just tired of giving the release date and then having to push it back again.

But again, I apologize for not wanting to half ass our game.