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Mon 19th Dec 2011

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cypronia1 commented on Review: Cake Ninja (DSiWare):

comment from developer:
When we read the review, FRUIT NINJA would get the same score. It is the similar slice-them-up genre "with no progression, no more levels..." and demonstrate the same "genuine creativity". All you can do in FRUIT NINJA "is play the same level again and aim for a higher score, swiping away with no other goal". Ohh sorry. There is no multiplayer in the first version of FRUIT NINJA, so the reviewer would give 1/10.

BTW, we do not want to say that FRUIT NINJA is a bad game. It is so GREAT game, we like it so much. That's why we used it as an inspiration for our new Nintendo DSiWare game. And we are sure there are millions player who think the same.

“It's possible to see everything that this title has to offer within five minutes”. Hmm, it seems like reviewer invested 5 minutes to make the review. If he did serious testing he would find and mentioned about the bonuses like Slow, Double, Mirror Blade, Shuriken, Bounce, Flying Arrows or extra bonuses in multiplayer like Small, Gravity or Twin Blade.
He just wrote about shurikens and arrows( because they are mentioned in the trailer) but NOTHING MORE.

The game has “no progression”… Another proof that reviewer did not invest fair time to test the game. He would find progression (at least in difficulty) and he would find online rankings. If player achieves at least 4600 points, he will be allowed to submit the game score online (with special code). There is a contest connected to it with a chance to get 40.000 Nintendo Points, etc. But it is necessary to spend a fair enough time to get there.

The game price. FYI, we do not set the price and this is out of our control.