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Fri 24th May, 2013

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Cyberbotv2 commented on Nintendo 64x64: Killer Instinct Gold:

Oh Nintendo Life! How you continue to punish me by showing me games that will never pop up on the VC! This just reminds me of all these great games we may never see again, especially the licensed stuff.



Cyberbotv2 commented on Hyrule Warriors Horses Around with Epona in Ma...:

@Melkac: I don't see a complete edition popping up for a long time. Maybe never. If this was Eidos, EA, etc, you'd see it in 6 months at half the price with all DLC included. With Nintendo, I'll say 10 years from today. 😄 @WanderingPB. what? That DLC is ridiculous! That's like an entire extra game!! I had hesitated picking up my pre order from Gamestop, but I'll be doing so tommorow. Thank you!



Cyberbotv2 commented on Video: Nintendo Goes For Drama and a Deep Voic...:

That's a nice ad. I actually pre ordered this a month ago. If you want to talk a bad commercial, look at the recent PS4 Destiny one. I guess they thought putting actual players voices in would appeal to me. I actually got de-hyped.



Cyberbotv2 commented on The GameCube is 13 Years Old:

Greatest system ever. The thrill of Eternal Darkness and Resident Evil haunt me to this day. And the controller was essentially a piece of clay in my hand. It molded to anyone's hands I put it in. And those games...NBA Courtside, Super Monkey Ball, Timesplitters, Metroid, Rogue Squadron, damn. Happy Birthday Gamecube!



Cyberbotv2 commented on Watch Dogs Wii U Release Dates Confirmed:

@yvanjean: I don't think the average Wii U owner would purchase Watch Dogs this late at a 40 dollar price tag. My unrealistic price and packaging would be Ubisofts best bet at attracting Wii U owners. In the end, it doesn't matter because it probably won't sell well anyway. Ah well.



Cyberbotv2 commented on Ubisoft Executive Talks Up Super Smash Bros. a...:

It's looking increasingly likely that Super Smash will destroy the competition this holiday. I usually don't care much for the Smash games, but this is actually looking amazing. I have friends that buy consoles specifically for one game. None of them plan to update their PS3 or Xbox360 to their respective counterparts because of missing that big game. Specifically for my friends it's Halo 5. But SSB has these guys primed. I actually think Nintendo is building positive momentum. All of a sudden, I'm pumped about getting Hyrule Warriors, Bayonetta, SSB, and whatever virtual console surprises moving forward. I might pick up Watch Dogs too, if the gamepad is utilized. Too many games!!



Cyberbotv2 commented on Talking Point: A Virtual Console Revival Could...:

@Agent721 : I think the EA one access is a sign of things to come. If it is successful, Activision, Ubisoft, Capcom, Bethesda, etc will all throw their hats into the ring. And as more folks sign up, I'm sure they will require you have an access the game you just bought at the store. Dangerous territory.



Cyberbotv2 commented on Talking Point: A Virtual Console Revival Could...:

@TrueWiiMaster : Exactly. I thought I was the only one that disliked PS plus. But the Wii U requires a beefed up VC, and wider selection if anything. It blows my mind that no GC or N64 games are available yet. And then there are those rare games from way back in the day that the VC is made for. Stuff like Michael Jackson's Moonwalker, Superman vs Doomsday, etc. I guess I'll just keep waiting.



Cyberbotv2 commented on Resident Evil Revelations 2 Assets Spotted:

Well, it could just be a timed exclusive with Microsoft. I was really considering an Xbox one or PS4 the last month but got scared off. Paying for online access is ridiculous. And that EA Access deal really freaked me out. If it works, I could see Microsoft and EA only allowing you to play games with that type of account. And what would stop Capcom, Ubisoft, etc to follow that route? I think I'll stand pat with my Wii U.



Cyberbotv2 commented on Feature: HD Remasters That Would Be Perfect fo...:

I literally could care less about any Mario or Metroid remaster. Eternal Darkness remains that overlooked property that for me was the best GameCube game ever made. And why would they only have one remaster set for 2015? Their schedule is likely to be barren.



Cyberbotv2 commented on Mario Kart 8 Passes One Million US Sales as Wi...:

@IceClimbers : If Nintendo thinks a five year old is going to look at a Mario amibo figure and ask his parent to buy a Wii U, they are out of their mind. The brand is strong but not that strong. The child will likely get Disney Infinity 2.0 because they recognize Jack Sparrow. Plus he/she could keep playing that on their PS3 with GTA. Otherwise, I'm glad sales are improving. All I know is every time I play Mario Kart online, there's always people to play it, so it must be selling. And if they want to push more million selling units, bundle Hyrule Warriors and Bayonetta with their own Wii U and pro controller.



Cyberbotv2 commented on Nintendo Unleashes An Awesome Trailer Showing ...:

@AndyWARbear: I never considered buying all three consoles either, but the PS4 and Xbox One appear so much more appealing. The Xbox one had me with that Halo collection, and their multimedia aspects caught my attention. And everything looks good on PS4, and it's like they have every game! I've adored Nintendo, but there's no way I can stick it out with just one console anymore. Not when the release schedule is this barren.



Cyberbotv2 commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Ambitious amiibo Pla...:

I'm not too interested. I could see it being big for collectors, but we know so little about its implementation that I don't think it will be a big hit. Nintendo seems to preach patience but eventually drops the ball with stuff like this, i.e. the VC.



Cyberbotv2 commented on The Trending #WiiUDroughtAid Shows That, Actua...:

I complain a lot, but the eshop has been somewhat steady. There are 3 or 4 major retail releases the rest of the year. The eshop may have to carry them moving forward. I wonder if it will though. Nintendo spoke about n64 and ds games, and they have yet to appear. I'm hesitant to invest any more time and money if Nintendo plans to leave the Wii U bare. I've found myself looking hard at a PS4 namely for the sports games. And I'll likely pick one up in the near future. I wouldn't have too if Nintendo was devoted to their eshop or god forbid have a sporting division. Damn, I miss Ken Griffey baseball, and NBA courtside. 😞



Cyberbotv2 commented on Capcom Is Remastering The GameCube Resident Ev...:

@IceClimbers : I never got the chance to play The last of us. Also, the sports games. NBA 2k15, WWE 2k15, NBA Live 2k15, Madden ( which I haven't played in a decade), little big planet. And as I mentioned, PS Now with previous generations of ps games is a huge deal. I'm just waiting for the right bundle. The Wii U has been my primary console, but has gradually become the dumbest decision I've ever made.



Cyberbotv2 commented on Capcom Is Remastering The GameCube Resident Ev...:

Damn, the Wii U gets nothing. I'm already considering a PS4 anyway namely for the stuff coming in the fall. And I had hopes Capcom would release all RE iterations on the Wii U, but with no N64, no gamecube, no genesis, no dreamcast, etc support, I have zero hope of anything meaningful being released on the VC.



Cyberbotv2 commented on Nintendo Download: 31st July (North America):

@mrchills : this is a legitimate gripe. Where the hell are those DS games they promised? Where are the genesis games? Why haven't they unified the account system yet? I'm actually finding myself getting turned off by all the promises. We've heard jack since E3. And the competition is looking better and better every day.



Cyberbotv2 commented on Feature: A Cross-Platform Look At E3 2014:

Sounds like all the companies did their thing. I was surprised at no Resident Evil announcement. Does anyone know about the other things like Ouya, the steam machine or amazon fire? Otherwise, I enjoyed getting a release date for Bayonetta, my most anticipated game this year.



Cyberbotv2 commented on Talking Point: The GameCube Controller Adapter...:

@vamkar : hahahaha! That's hilarious!! I had the same reaction when I saw the gamecube controller re-displayed. More important though is that there must be Gamecube VC being set up. Nintendo is in no way going through releasing an adapter and old controller for one game. The GCN VC is coming. My only request would be wireless, but I'm still good with this.



Cyberbotv2 commented on 3DS Tops Japanese Hardware Chart as Wii U Secu...:

It's rare I really think about the console sales, but MK 8 must absolutely dominate all territories and those hardware sales have to go through the roof. We need a bigger install base, so I can get Superman vs Doomsday SNES version on the VC!