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Male, 24, Jordan

Tue 15th Nov 2011

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CureM commented on 3DS Web Browser MMORPG in Beta Development:

very excited to see the end-product and future development of such games!
creativity & originality good job!
I also would like Nintendo to enhance the web browser to support more things like this in the future!



CureM commented on Review: Bird Mania 3D (3DS eShop):

I think it fits perfectly on the 3DS.. I always wanted games like this beside larger and deeper games, sometimes I just want to relax and only "play" that's why I'm enjoying this game a lot! hope to see more direct games that are easy to get into and hard to put down..



CureM commented on Three New Stages for Pyramids Available Now:

Pushmo and Pyramids are two completely different games, once you get familiar with controls in pyramids they become natural and the challenge level is much higher than Pushmo.. so for only a "casual" puzzle game Pushmo is good but for a "serious" puzzler Pyramids is better imo..

Pyramids gameplay has 2 parts, figuring out the puzzle AND executing the solution perfectly to get the 3 stars.. I can now do all puzzles I spent over 30 minutes trying to solve in my first run now with 3 stars and still have some time on the clock.