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Male, 49, United States

I'm fairly new to gaming, but have really been enjoying the Wii U and now the 3DS XL.

Tue 5th Feb 2013

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cspell commented on Cross-Generational Software Sales Show The Eme...:

First thing that bugs me about sales numbers is that why should any company expect unlimited growth forever? That's just crazy, and will never happen. So shoot for realistic goals and be happy. But don't get me started on this...

What I wanted to say is regarding "new gamers". Well I'm one. And it's because of the Wii U. I don't know if my story is common or if I'm just odd, but here it is.

Years ago I picked up a PS2, since it was a 1st gen version of the console I guess it wasn't too long after it came out. The thing is I never really got into it as it never impressed me. Maybe I never got that one game that blew me away. I had it plugged into a 64" HD TV back then. I got my first HD TV in 1999.

So with that experience when the PS3 came out and was HD I wasn't all that interested in messing with it and well no thanks Xbox. Don't get me started on M$. But somewhere along the way the Wii came to my attention and I really did want to pick it up, but it wasn't in HD like the PS3 & Xbox 360 was. So I thought Nintendo has to put out a new HD console eventually. Well, I guess I have been waiting three or four years for that Nintendo HD console. I almost broke down and got a Wii last year sometime, but just couldn't do it since it wasn't HD.

So I have a 4 year old daughter and a 2 year old son and so I thought they would enjoy a video game (and it gave me an excuse to get one) so I started looking again early last December for Christmas. And I was happy and excited to find that Nintendo had released their new HD console!! So for me it was a no brainier, that was what I wanted to get. But wait this new console had a nice secondary screen on the remote. Wow, now that's progress I thought. I had no idea what games were out for it, but I knew when I saw that second screen the possibilities would just be endless with it. Fortunately for me I ran into this new console a day or two I suppose after the deluxe set was released so that's what I got.

So I couldn't stand to wait for Christmas and I let the game console out of the box before to let the kids start playing with it. I tried to wait, but I just couldn't do it. I found the Wii U so interesting and fun. I know you hard core gamers are going to laugh, but NintendoLand has really sold me on the Wii U and my kinds absolutely love it. NintendoLand really shows off the possibilities of the game pad. We play it together every day and it's been fun to watch my daughter go from barely being able to play anything to occasionally beating me in some games in NintendoLand. Even my two year old son has learned his way around NintendoLand and likes to play with it. And my wife loves playing NintendoLand. So for us it's a fun family activity.

While I'm still not a hard core gamer and probably never will be, but who knows I might become one. I did buy a 3DS and liked it so much that I bought a 2nd one so both kids could play with it without fighting over who gets it. And I'll probably buy a third one so I have one that's all mine.

I've been really impressed with the Wii U and the 3DS and so I do not see how Nintendo doesn't have a real winner here. My only real complaint is that I would like to be able to buy software from the eshop and be able to use that purchase on any Wii U I own. And especially would like this to be the case with the 3DS. Why can I not have it on all my devices? The kids want to play what they want to play without having to trade consoles around to play a game. This keeps me from buying downloadable software.

So unless I'm the odd one here I think the Wii U will bring in lots of new people as time goes on and that the future of the Wii U is very secure. I have to wonder if the reason why sales have been lackluster at this point is because of Nintendo's marketing. I knew nothing of the Wii U until I saw it sitting on the shelf in Toy's-R-Us and I bought it that day. I've never seen an ad for it anywhere to this day. But on the other hand if I were Nintendo I think I would be waiting until a few more blockbuster games came out and then do a massive marketing blitz for it.



cspell commented on Nintendo of America Offering Free Retail Game ...:

This has got me wanting to get another one for my kids. Right now until the 16th you can get a $20 gift card from ToysRUs and yesterday I saw Target was giving you a $25 gift card, but I don't know how long that sale going on. My guess would be until the end of the week.



cspell commented on Nintendo Set For Yearly High In Download Sales:

My problem with downloads is that they are currently limited to the console they are downloaded on. I bought a 3DS XL mostly for the kids, but decided that I really like it and want one and I want to get one for both my kids. So that's a total of 3 consoles. I'm not interested in buying 3 copies of every software title so they can be on all three consoles. I certainly would want the kids games on both their consoles and I can't do that now. So I would rather have the cards for now so they can swap them at will.

Now the discounted download codes from retailers sounds great! But I have got to be able to put them on all my consoles. I certainly would rather have all downloaded software so I hope this gets worked out in the future.