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Sun 3rd Nov 2013

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cscara commented on Pokémon X & Y Patch Now Available On The 3DS ...:

Ever since I downloaded this patch, my game crashes randomly when I either open up my menu, try to access my Pokemon or try look at their summaries. I still haven’t found a link for why this happens because it’ll happen in any city/area. When this issue does come up, I’ll delete the patch and redownload it and the bug is fixed for bit. After a few hours of gameplay though, it crashes again. So I redownload the patch and it’s fixed again but never permanently. The screen goes black when I open the menu and a message comes up saying something along the lines of “An error has occured. Restart the console. If the problem persists go to” Is anyone else having this issue? I’ve never experienced the Lumiose City glitch but I downloaded the patch because eshop said my game needed the repair, so I did it to be safe. But ever since, I’ve been experiencing this crash issue. Anyone have any info on this?