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Thu 26th Oct 2006

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cronotrigger913 commented on Wii Wheel Available As Standalone:

I was worried about this recently. I really want this peripheral, but the two games that come with it aren't tickling my fancy very much. GT Pro seems the most interesting, but my funds are somewhat lacking. Thankfully, Ubisoft did the right thing.



cronotrigger913 commented on Nintendo Brand To Take A Backseat?:

Actually, I went to the Nintendo World Store after the big Nintendo conference in NYC, and I ran into Kotaku's Brian Crecente. He said that The Regginator was very adamant about separating the kiddie image from the Wii. That's why the game boxes say nothing about Nintendo, and only say "Wii." So your article is right on target. If you want, I wrote up the whole experience of meeting Mr Kotaku at my site I work for, videolamer (I can't help myself with the selfish plug), so check it out.