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Sat 14th Mar 2009

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Crazed commented on Review: Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story (DS):

10/10 is the score that this game deserves. The story is brilliant, the gameplay is a ton of fun, and I agree with everything that Corbie said about the game. I just beat it a few days ago, and I was entertained the whole game. This is a fantastic game for anyone that is a Nintendo fan.

@Corbie- Excellent review! You made me like the game even more than what I already did. However, I'm surprised you didn't mention Fawful. Fawful is absolutely hilarious in this game, and he didn't even get mentioned as the reason why Mario, Luigi, and Bowser are together in the first place. He has really grown as a character, and I would be extremely surprised if he didn't end up in the next Super Smash Bros. game (whenever that is.)



Crazed commented on Review: Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Ga...:

I really liked the first game, but was unable to play most of the dream events due to the fact that I had to return it within a few days. Hopefully I'll get to the dream events in this game. Excellent review, Prosody.

Also, to add an IMO to the topic of IGN reviews, there are video game reviews, and there are video game reviews. IGN, for me, is the former, and NL is in the latter. However, I know that there are people who like both IGN and NL. For me, the trick to seeing if a game is truly worth it is to create your own mini-Metacritic of 3 or 4 review sites and use those scores to determine if you like the game (I've also grown fond to Thunderbolt and Nintendo Power). If you don't like IGN, ignore it (like what I mostly do), but don't torch it, since there could be "fanboys" that could easily torch NL if they wanted to.



Crazed commented on Review: A Boy and His Blob (Wii):

This game looked so good from the commercials, but I was concerned that this game would be too easy for $50 dollars. I'm glad to see that this game is a challange even to people who have played the game before, which eases my only concern about this game. Thanks again for the fantastic review, Corbie.



Crazed commented on Review: Mini Ninjas (Wii):

Excellent first review, Black Dragon!
Also, I'm glad that this game is doing well. Thankfully adult gamers are giving this game a good amount of credit, which is always a good sign of a good "kids" game.



Crazed commented on Yes, Silent Hill: Shattered Memories Will Have...:

May not be an art scroll, but I'm always a fan of (legally) free music, and Silent Hill is known for great music, so I think a pre-order is worth it.

"Plunking down some of your hard-earned (or stolen) dollars"
What's THAT supposed to mean?



Crazed commented on Gaijin Games Announces BIT.TRIP VOID:

This video looks really good. However, I still need to beat the last level in Beat, and need to buy Core. However, I bet this is going to be a great game, and I'm excited to play it.



Crazed commented on Nostalgia North American Release Date Announced:

I think this is a very good move on Ignition's part. They can focus on Muramasa, then once that is released, they can put more quality polishing on Nostalgia. Of course, this also means that we're going to have empty pockets for the next two months, but I think I can deal with it.



Crazed commented on Gaijin Games Releases Teaser for New Game:

Well, if I remember correctly, the previous two games were inspired by classic games. If this game has to do with space, could it be a Space Invaders-esque game? (Ikaruga also comes to mind...)

My best guess is that this game is alot like Bit.Trip: Beat, but beats are coming top to bottom instead of right to left, with the occasional target. My best guest for a name would be Bit, Trip: Space, but Bit. Trip: Invade also comes to mind. Whatever it is, I hope it's good.



Crazed commented on Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver Get Western Relea...:

I love this news. This series introduced so many new aspects into the game, I think I would still be playing the originals had they never been screwed up. This is defidently a buy. Now all I need is a Drill Dozer remake (or sequel).



Crazed commented on Little King's Story Creators Want A Sequel:

This is the best game I've played all year. It is a masterpiece. For anyone that hasn't bought this game yet, buy it, since it may not be in stores for long, and this game is certainly worth $50.

On the sequel - It would be fantastic if LKS gets the sales it deserves.



Crazed commented on Sega Releases Super Monkey Ball Step & Roll Tr...:

I'm actually not looking forward to this version at all. I am a huge fan of SMB 1 and 2, and I somewhat liked Adventure (played it on my friend's PSP), but Banana Blitz was just awful (IMO). Plus I play SMB 1 and 2 with my friend all the time (same friend with the PSP), and he only has one leg, which basically excludes him from playing this. For me to consider getting this, I would need a video of an actual level (since the horrible level structure and graphics made the BB awful for me) and confirmation that there will be some other type of control scheme for this game. Until then, I won't touch this game with a ten foot stick.

Sorry for this rant. I'm just frustrated that there hasn't been an SMB game that has come close to SMB 2, and seeing this franchise go downward since then (in terms of quality) makes me sad. Hopefully this is good so that I can take this rant back, but it would need to be incredible to do that.



Crazed commented on Brand New Liight Gameplay Trailers Released:

This game actually looks quite nice. I'm probably going to wait for a review for this game, but I was waiting for a good video to ease any suspicions of this game. Now, I'm convinced that this game is going to be good. Good luck at the Penny Arcade Expo, Metal Slime!



Crazed commented on No US Plans For Black Wii:

As much as I want a black Wii, I would still have to keep my white Wii for all the games I've downloaded and the for the memory of the other games I've played, so in that respect this would just be a novelty item.



Crazed commented on Review: Wii Sports: Resort (Wii):

I don't know what game to get. I've been saving up my money for Little King's Story, but Wii Sports Resort looks just as good. Why must you do this, Nintendo?

Oh, and excellent review, Corbie. Great detail in all the sports, and you got me extremely excited for this game. Fantastic work.



Crazed commented on Prepare to open Pandora's Box in September:

@8- According to wikipedia (not the most credible source, I know...), Japan has "The Last Time Travel" and is getting "The Specter's Flute" this fall. There was a picture of the latter on Level 5's site, but the text was all in Japanese...

Anyway, I can't wait to get this game. I played the first one through Gamefly, and I'm just going to buy the second one. If it's like the first one, I'll be happy for quite some time.



Crazed commented on Two New Mini Ninjas Trailers:

This game looks perfect for the Wii. With Project H.A.M.M.E.R dying in development, it's good that the Wii gets their own hammer swinging game (not counting M&S at the Olympics.) Also, it's a ninja game for the Wii that looks good. Count me in!



Crazed commented on Review: Moon (DS):

For anyone that is worried about the budget about this game (or anyone trying to find it, like #29), I got it at Best Buy for only $20, and it's quite good. I haven't been playing alot (I've been really busy), but with what I've played, it's quite fun.



Crazed commented on Gaijin Games Releases BIT.TRIP Teaser:

I'm thinking that the next game would look alot like Geometry Wars: Galaxies, but instead of shooting shapes, you run into beats. The game would be cursor based, and you would be able to stop time (which, in a way, would be like going to the future.)

Bit Trip Space



Crazed commented on Nintendo Download: Bits, Tanks, Ants, Commando...:

Week in hindsight
Pulseman- Looks amazing, and from Game Freak!
Ant Nation- I forgot about this game... Near the bottom of my "to-get" list
Incoming!!- Great review by Chicken Brutus...
Secret Commando- Not that interested.
Bit Boy- My "to-get" list is too long for average games.



Crazed commented on Review: Incoming! (WiiWare):

Does NintendoLife have a beef against their new reviewers? First you gave Sean Karate Phants, then you give Chicken Brutus Incoming. It's almost like reviewing a 1/10 game is part of the test to become a NL reviewer. Harsh...

@Bloodcat- I think Bibberishly is refering to Bomberman Blast, but I'm not sure. However, I know for a fact that sword-fighting is one of the mini-games in the upcoming Wii Sports Resort, and that's technically violence (it's very mild, but still counts as a loophole )



Crazed commented on Review: Ant Nation (WiiWare):

I forgot about this game. I read about it and thought it wasn't going to come for quite some time. Glad to see that it's out (and glad to see that it's good.)

@31- Welcome!



Crazed commented on Review: Karate Phants: Gloves of Glory (WiiWare):

Great first review Sean, but sorry that your first review was with a 1/10-caliber game. To be honest, as I was reading, I thought it would get a 2 or 3, but a 1 seems fair. I'll just wait for Toribash.



Crazed commented on What SEGA games do you want to see on the Virt...:

Wow, I think I know about 5% of the games that everyone is talking about. Now I feel bad that all of these good games have come out that I have had no idea what they are. Is there a site where I can catch up to all the great sega hits by chance?

Oh, and so that my post is on-topic, I do have a small list that I would like (for VC and for possible Wii extensions.)

1. Power Stone (only have seen videos, but looks really cool)
2. Outrun
3. Crazy Taxi

1. Jet Set Radio sequel (this would be amazing!)
2. Wave Runner (This plus Wii Sports Resort will calm my Ski-doo craze)
3.Warsong (many people seems to really like it...)



Crazed commented on Rygar and Moon Slip Quietly Onto Euro Shelves:

I've played through a bit of Moon, and I can say that I like it. Although I've only played about an hour of it, I'm already getting vibes of older Metroid games (with multiple weapons recieved over time and a map that expands as you progress through the game.) The controls work very well, and the music is great, but the graphics are a bit blocky. Overall, I would recommend it for shooter fans, particularly those that like Metroid and Doom.



Crazed commented on Suda 51: I'd Love Travis Touchdown to Star in ...:

It's important to remember that Sonic and Snake were voted in through Japanese gamers, so even if Travis gets on the ballot, he'll probably get trumped by other hopeful brawlers. At best, I can see Travis being an assist trophy (like Waluigi with a sword), but even that seems far-fetcthed.



Crazed commented on Brutal Legend Wii Cancelled:

I could see this doing extremely well on the 360 or PS3, but a Wii version would have been awkward and probably wouldn't sell as well as it will on the other counsles. I'll look for it on the 360, but this is probably for the best anyway.



Crazed commented on Carnival King Coming to WiiWare:

I'm not interested in carnival shooters, and I kinda want to call this subpar, but it's doing everything right. 2-player, online leaderboards, zapper compatibility. If you are interested in shooters like this, this looks great, but not for me.



Crazed commented on First Impressions: Takt of Magic:

At first I thought this was a Tak sequel, but I'm very relieved it isn't. I haven't played LostMagic, but I know what it is and sounds like a no-brainer for the Wii. Japan doesn't know what they're missing.