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Mon 24th Feb 2014

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crankyfunk commented on Video: F-Zero Gets the "Did You Know Gaming?" ...:

@Nintenjoe64 No, you misunderstood. It never was a secret that you could unlock certain AX assets in the game by various means, such as using the same memory card in an AX arcade cabinet and a GameCube console at home. This was well-documented by Nintendo and the media when the game was launched.

Instead what the video refers to is that the full arcade game F-Zero AX is also contained on the same disc as the home release of F-Zero GX for the GameCube. This wasn't discovered until about 10 years later because it required poking inside the game data of the dumped F-Zero GX disc image, and altering the correct memory addresses inside the disc image to trigger the F-Zero AX arcade game instead of the regular F-Zero GX game.

Again, the video doesn't refer to F-Zero AX assets that can be unlocked, but the actual F-Zero AX arcade game that was playable only in the arcades. That game is also on the F-Zero GX retail disc for the GameCube, but it requires a certain sequence that alters specific memory addresses within the game to launch the arcade version of the game. For that, a cheat device (most likely an Action Replay device) was used.

P.S. I completed F-Zero GX 100% and unlocked everything imaginable on every cup when I had my GameCube. I was about 13 back then.

So wish F-Zero GX HD would come out on Wii U eShop... C'mon Shin'en why can't you make an F-Zero game? :/