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Tue 14th Feb 2012

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craigun commented on UK Retailers Call For Wii U Price Cut And Fres...:

It's to expensive for such old technology. The deluxe unit should retail for no more then $199.99

They should also change the name to Wii 2 so the casual consumer understands its not just a new controller. They don't understand what Wii U is.

If you don't get the games out soon, not even $199 will save your system. You may have to start giving them away...



craigun commented on Review: Pac-Man (3DS eShop / NES):

The TRUE Pac-Man (or Ms.Pac-Man Dig Dug and Galaga for that matter!) experience is either on the PS3 or Xbox 360 (Namco Museum). They actually use the original Arcade coding!