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Tue 7th Feb 2012

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craig0rneil3 commented on Feature: Kid Icarus: Uprising - What the Revie...:

@grumblebuzzz You are super lame! If you had actually played the game with an Open mind, and practised with the controls you would realise they work perfectly well, and if anything are actually quite Intuitive. People can complain all they want I really believe its persistance. Also I understand if there are pyhsical limitations to the person playing then it is tragedy but other than that get a grip stop being kids, and just try a new control scheme!

PS The game is THEEEEEE complete package.



craig0rneil3 commented on 3DS Continues to Dominate in Japan:

"What would be cool is if 3DS attracted the majority of Japanese devs, and Vita attracted the majority of Western devs"

No thanks I don't want to be gimped for staying in europe and having a region locked 3DS.
Vita is flailing around in the Europe and Japan right now, but selling really well in the states, everyone knew this would happen.

I want as many high quality 3DS games as possible made available to every region!



craig0rneil3 commented on Review: Resident Evil (GameCube):

Perhaps the best in the series? Without a doubt the ebst in the Series , it beats RE4 and RE2-3 in general creepiness. The remake brings spencer mansion to life it is big,scary, and most of all its new! I've completed this several times with both characters, and finished Resident Evil 1,2,3,4 couldnt get through 5 without being annoyed at how light everything was just smashed Resident Evil Revelations 3DS, I've also dabbled in Resi:Survivor oddly good fun, and have Resi:0 (GC) to play through with my girlfriend. I am abit of a fan, and I honestly say The remake is my favourite.



craig0rneil3 commented on Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes:

@zez Nonsense! This game was superb , god the wait for it was painful. If you likes the original Metal Gear Solid , You would love this. The first person perspective whilst aiming and generally using a similar engine to MGS2 makes the experience excellent, and the "over the top" Cutscenes is something Kojima wanted in the original but could not have, due to hardware limiations.

PS the cutscenes where awesome!!!!!



craig0rneil3 commented on Review: Nintendo Letter Box (3DSWare):

As soon as I got active and started adding friends via forums etc. Ninty:LetterBox and My 3DS quadrupled its usage. I recommend anyone who is finding it tough to get friends, to have a look at the newest thread on "3DS Friend Code Forums" Have a look make a few posts. It genuinely makes the 3DS that much better. PS add me if you want just let me know



craig0rneil3 commented on Talking Point: When StreetPass Reunites Old Fr...:

I live in a Town in Scotland, I visit the town centre often and dont get very many. More frequently since Christmas. I get my Girlfriend as a hit almost on a daily basis so that's pretty nice. The idea of streetpass is Brilliant just wish more people carried them around.



craig0rneil3 commented on Out Today: Resident Evil Revelations (North Am...:

@masteret2011 Nah its segments from the campaign , they vary in length get longer and longer and obviously more difficult. The items have random stats including the upgrades you find I think overall there are 3 difficultys ,default,trench and abyss I think. I think there are 20 levels and the co-op is smooth and very fun especially with a friend but even with a random you met online its brilliant. Add me if you like just let me know!