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CrabGats commented on Two Tribes’ Toki Tori Remake is Coming to th...:

Ouch. I feel like the fact that they waited so long might hurt sales. Its already been on Wii U for a while, and the 3DS is getting old. They should've done a 3DS version first. I hope it does OK. I'd get it, but there'd be no point. I've already beaten it on Wii, PC, and Wii U. I'd just be wasting money at that point.



CrabGats commented on Weirdness: British Children's TV Channel Gets ...:

He also condoned emulation on his channel. Encouraged it, even. When he played Super Mario World on his channel, despite it being on the Wii/Wii U Virtual console, he emulated it on Ouya, and told people to download the ROM and run it on their Ouya, if they have one. What a strange guy.



CrabGats commented on Trashmania Trilogy Developer Unsure Of Wii U e...:

@Animan13 Calm down, man. Nobody is scaring you away because you're a developer. You just gotta learn to speak at a less personal level. Nobody is going to really pay attention to your feelings if they're busy criticizing you. Trust me, I feel you. I'm a young developer, myself. Just do your thing, dude. Don't respond to anything you know is a lie, it's typically bait. And if it isn't? If they just don't give the game a chance because of the aesthetic? Maybe they don't deserve to play it in the first place. As a developer, that's the mindset I keep, and it helps a lot. As long as you are genuinely putting your all into it, trying to make the most unique experience you possibly can, and not just doing it to trend off a popular genre for quick cash? You're doing fine, and nobody needs to tell you that but yourself.

I'm personally intrigued by this. It looks unique. If it ever hit the eShop, I'd probably snag it. Good luck with your personal issues. I've been there, and it sucks when they stop you from doing what you love. You'll figure it out. And if this game never makes it to the eShop? I still can't wait to see what you make in the future.



CrabGats commented on Nintendo Download: 18th December (North America):

@Drac_Mazoku Aw, shame. I was about to buy 1001 Spikes on sale, but not if it's got a game breaking bug of that magnitude.

Also, anybody else having trouble finding the Cube Creator demo? It was supposed to come out today.

EDIT: Found it! Took it a while to appear. Strange.



CrabGats commented on Review: I've Got to Run: Complete Edition! (3D...:

@OorWullie It's just the visuals, really. This is probably one of the most polished endless runners ever made, and it's sad that many people aren't aware. The game actually tests beforehand to make sure every obstacle is possible to complete, or else it rebuilds the levels realtime, with the player unaware of any of this going on.

Honestly, it's just the fact that the main characters are 2D images for me. The dev put so much effort into the rest of the game, and the poster characters do not show that. Especially compared to the guest characters, which are full 3D models. Not to mention all of the main characters are just reskins of themselves.



CrabGats commented on Cubic Ninja Sales Spike Following Announcement...:

@TrueWiiMaster you clearly know nothing of the exploit, then. somebody would need to develop a completely new exploit to open piracy for 3DS.

And as a note, NintendoLife, patching is unlikely. The studio is defunct, therefore meaning the source of the game is probably gone. It loads the exploit by loading a save file through the game that runs the homebrew code.The only way I can see Nintendo getting around this is disabling Cubic Ninja entirely... again, it's not out of the question, but very unlikely. And if Smealum found one way in? I'm positive he could find others, especially now that he's knowledgeable in the 3DS's architecture.



CrabGats commented on Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Pre-Purchase and P...:

@rushiosan yeeep, I'm such an idiot for buying that 8gb model. it's not like I could plug in a 64gb flash drive that I had laying around or any similar storage device for extra space... ah, oh well. that's what I get for being an idiot.

On topic, though, it's annoying having Smash on my Wii U already, but not being able to play it. )':



CrabGats commented on Meet LeapTV, The Wii Challenger in 2014:

I'm sure it'll still sell. Not as much as the Wii, obviously, but I can see parents falling for this. It happens.

I'm surprised Nintendo doesn't embrace educational games with popular kids show characters, though. Not as a main focus, but it wouldn't hurt to have commercials early in the morning revolving around educational kid friendly games, as well as inviting developers of that... genre? Can it even be called a genre? All I know is that I thought Reader Rabbit and Math Blaster were cool as a kid, and that if Nintendo promoted stuff like this, it could potentially sell Wii Us to families! They have motion controls, they have a tablet controller... there's a lot of neat stuff you could do with educational games on the Wii U.



CrabGats commented on Wii U Version Of Project CARS Drops To The Bac...:

I like when we're getting an exclusive, and then it becomes a multiplat, we have to wait for the other consoles before we get our version, but when the Wii U version of a game is taking a while to develop, they delay it only and release the other versions way earlier.

And I know Namco =/= Ubisoft but Ubisoft actually has done both these things. Shame on them.



CrabGats commented on Interview: Pro Smash Competitors Armada & Mew2...:

Well, when all you play is a game from 2001, of course the graphics are going to appear to be on a completely different level.

No, but Mew2King joshing aside, they had some fair criticisms on the game, if what they said was true, I'd definitely like to see them fix that stuff. Or at least add back L cancelling.



CrabGats commented on Interview: Meet Naked War, The Wii Advance War...:

Nintendo doesn't deserve the Pickfords honestly. Love Nintendo and all, but you can't excuse them for everything. I hope this new project of theirs is a success. Using Push notifications on phones can easily mimmick WiiConnect24 messages.



CrabGats commented on Video: Mighty No. 9: The Animated Series Gets ...:

@CharleSketch MAYBE he was right? No, he was right. Keiji isn't a developer, never has been, a concept artist at most. Have you noticed whenever they have a new build, they have to call him in from who knows where? He's not always there, making sure everything is A OK.

Also, anyone who is saying that isn't what they would expect Beck to act like, you clearly never read up on Beck, he is the youngest and weakest of the Mighty Numbers, as well as a bit timid. I definitely think this is overdoing it though.



CrabGats commented on Feature: Our Top 10 Wii U Retail Games - Summe...:

I think Racing Transformed didn't need to be on the list, the challenges you have to do to unlock the full roster are repetitive, and nobody plays online at all. Not to mention Mario Kart 8 is leagues ahead of it.



CrabGats commented on Best Buy's 'Smash-Fest' Venues, Perks and Demo...:

Welp, Nevada's on the list this time. But doesn't have any drop down options. I don't know what this means for us here in Vegas.

Assuming what happened last year, though, we aren't getting anything. Our rep would rather go to E3 than help Nintendo advertise.



CrabGats commented on Poll: A Tale of Two Blockbusters as Mario Kart...:

Well, Ubisoft asked me to wait a while for our version of Watch Dogs to come out, so I guess I'll just wait a while til the price is low and nice, like I did with Rayman Legends. I could care less about Ubisoft at the moment.



CrabGats commented on Mario Kart Month: Keeping the Mario Kart 8 Rac...:

Cup DLC is a really bad idea, trust me. At least, new retro courses. If they do that, Nintendo will have less tracks to work with in their next games.

I wish they would've done actual battle arenas... Now DLC for that is out of the question. Unless they want to piss people off.

I really want character DLC, though; this game is oversaturated with babies, koopalings, and metal clones. And challenge levels with odd objectives like in Wii would be interesting.



CrabGats commented on Digital Foundry Pins Down Mario Kart 8's Resol...:

@Silent They DIDN'T say it was a bad game, though. I don't see where everyone is getting this from. This is Digital Foundry, they are supposed to properly analyze the graphical workings of a game. The fact that they stated that it drops to 59 fps isn't a stab at Nintendo, it's their job. You guys are ridiculous.



CrabGats commented on Talking Point: For Better Or For Worse, The Wi...:

I really doubt NFC figures will move units. Mainly because NIntendo is being stupid about this. The appeal of Skylanders and Disney Infinity is the sandbox charm the games give off, in which you can customize your own character and send them off on your own adventure. Kids nowadays are moving on from Legos to videogames, as they enjoy the freedom to build their own characters and adventures, and these titles give them the chance to do exactly that. They have already stated that the NFC figures will unlock features and save/load information across various /already existing/ game titles. I feel that the fact that it is a feature locked to various games instead of a singular one is a big turn off, as unlike Skylanders and Disney Infinity where you have to buy a single piece of software, and branch off from there, you have to buy a Wii U, and then several figurines, only to need to buy three different games to use them all to their full advantage, not to mention what you can do to them is locked to the specific game, so whether or not certain figurines will appeal to children isn't certain. Again, children like the freedom these already existing NFC toys bring in to their game world, if they are restricted to simply moving their save files over to another Wii U through a figurine, or getting a new powerup, or more levels, I can't really see it catching too much attention. I mean, there's a CHANCE people will fall into it, but it just seems like it's going to be a really big investment to have fun with the figurines, as well as less interesting than Skylanders and DIsney Infinity, and I don't think that will be very appealing to any audience. That's just me, though. Let's hope for the best.



CrabGats commented on Renegade Kid Moving On To A "New Experimental ...:

@bizcuthammer The thing is, they were working on it looong before Kickstarter, as a 3DS exclusive. They wanted a console release, so they started a Kickstarter to see if they could get the money. Not to mention they said they're "discussing other options". Not even in a different form, I'm sure we'll see it one day.