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Wed 10th Jun 2009

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coonyman11 commented on iPhone more powerful than Wii?:

I just hope that if a "war" did start. Nintendo would show apple that they
1-Don't have to go to the extremes to create a product that they can sell. (im' talkin to you mac book air)
2-Don't Have to stick outrageous price tags on their products
3-Don't need to have lifelike graphics and impressive specs to make money.



coonyman11 commented on Telltale Games: 'Wii Audience Is Perfect For Us":

well at least telltale is going for the wii instead of the other consoles. I am a really big fan of Homestar Runner and i think that a video game series is good. I have downloaded the 5'th episode. And it kept me entertained for at least a day. Could somebody tell me if the games are more entertaining if you play them in order?



coonyman11 commented on Top 20 DSiWare Games in USA (16th July):

Mixed Messages was a HUMONGOUS RIP-OFF!!!! You could do pretty much the exact same thing on Pictochat or, dare i say it, pencil and paper. I'm so glad that was not on this list. I noticed someone said it was gone. Does that mean they discontinued it?