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Mon 21st Jul 2008

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Conral commented on USA VC Release: Mega Man 2:

Nice releases these past few weeks, wow. Though it was to be expected since Capcom released this information, though I own the Anniversary GameCube edition and do not see a reason to own more than one copy for one system.

I can't wait for next week's release of Mega Man 9!



Conral commented on OFLC Update: Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curs...:


I've been wondering this as well. I imagine that the reason it has been so long for its release was due to that chip. The Japanese version is supposedly easy but has the enhanced sound. The American version is supposedly harder and has inferior sound. Maybe we'll see a hybrid version released by Konami?

Who knows, either way, I'll be getting this. This is one of the few Castlevania's I haven't played.



Conral commented on USA VC Update: Super Fantasy Zone and Gley Lancer:


I can't really speak for a 360 since I don't really care for that system, despite owning 2 XBOX's back in the day, but as a PS3 and Wii owner I can at least tell you that you aren't missing much with regard to classic PlayStation games unless you already own them. Also, if you do want to own said PS1 classics, be prepared to spend an incredible amount of money for games. Popular franchises are often very expensive, and people liquidating their Playstation games know this all too well. Be prepared to spend money on par with what you may be spending now for current releases.

The PlayStation Store almost never gets updated with PS1 Classics. Right now the only game worth a purchase is Symphony of the Night. The PSStore always gets updated on Thursday's rather than Monday as you may or may not know, but it's mainly videos and other promotional content. As a result, there's almost no comparison to that of the Wii Shop Channel -- so many supported systems and there's always a weekly release for a very, very reasonable price.

Yes, not everyone is going to enjoy every single Wii Shop Channel release week, but there's really nothing to complain about. Only Nintendo is providing this kind of retro support, and you just need to be patient. Super Mario RPG being released in Japan should be some sort of indication as to what's around the corner.