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Fri 5th Nov 2010

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composerzane commented on Talking Point: What Was the Best Super NES Gam...:

it's tough between - SimCity (SNES version still the best, mostly due to gifts and the sublime gifts of Soyo Oka), SMW2 (the "complete package" platformer), and EarthBound (far and away the finest RPG ever made, with possibly the finest soundtrack of any videogame, bar none)



composerzane commented on High Voltage Explains What Went Wrong With Con...:

Classic controller unalterably maps duck and sprint (IIRC) to the same button. Sprint cannot be held down in its default setting without losing control of the right control stick, and does not continue if you release the button. Lame.



composerzane commented on Pachter to Operation Rainfall: "I Agree":

Even if these games don't sell particularly well, even if they cost Nintendo of America money, there are still very important reasons to localize (at the least) Xenoblade Chronicles. The fan outcry has garnered the game (and its current plight) a lot of new eyes and ears that it might not have otherwise had, requiring NOA to have a bit of self-awareness here. Their decision on this issue will have an impact on their image, as the support for groups like Operation: Rainfall has, IMO, a lot to do with Nintendo's consoles past and present receiving similar treatment in America. In other words, some of this is just the frustration of previous missed games boiling over. Sometimes NOA may just need to take a (potential) hit in order to be able to sufficiently assure its customers and fans that when a great game is released on their platform (exclusively, no less), they will receive it in their region. If Nintendo cannot assure the so-called "core" gamers of that, then they will have larger problems than losing money on a single title.



composerzane commented on Nintendo Not Interested in Producing Free-To-P...:

Nintendo's current IP's are all either (A), sufficiently successful (sales wise, if not always critically) without relying on free-to-play/freemium models, or (B), largely incompatible with said models.

Actually, come to think of it, when was the last time Nintendo unveiled a new, first party IP?
erm... Pikmin???

Which was the last one before that?!

Am I missing something?!?!?!