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Sat 4th Dec 2010

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colortvgame commented on Review: Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels (3D...:

The first time I played The Lost Levels was on Super Mario All-Stars on SNES, and it was definitely tough. Being able to save after every level helped quite a bit.

Several years back, I bought (on eBay?) the Famicom Mini GBA version of Super Mario Bros. 2 Japan, and I like it more than the SNES version-- the original 8-bit graphics feel much more natural for me. Plus, that version can save after every world (and has sleep mode!), so that's the only reason why I'm not downloading this for 3DS. Now to beat it 6 or so more times...



colortvgame commented on Atari Turns 40 Today:

I've been reading David Sheff's Game Over (again), and the history of Atari Games is remarkable. They formed the company Tengen in order to get a license from Nintendo to make NES games. But when essential chips for NES cartridges became very scarce, Nintendo wouldn't let Tengen purchase chips for itself (the quality of the chips wasn't high enough). This led Tengen into engineering a way to get around the NES lockout technology, thereby creating NES games without a license. And then there's the lawsuit over Nintendo's "monopoly"... what a great read!



colortvgame commented on Review: Duracell Wireless Wii Sensor Bar:

I've had the Power A Ultra Sensor Bar for Wii for well over a year now, and it's very useful to have one less cable to worry about. The great thing about this sensor bar is that its range can be greatly extended if you're playing farther away from the screen in a big room. It's a shame it uses 4 AA batteries, but I stick rechargeable batteries in there, so no big deal.



colortvgame commented on Review: Donkey Konga (GameCube):

Two or three years ago, something compelled me to buy a Spice Orange Japanese GameCube and Donkey Konga 3. The reason I didn't just use the Freeloader was that the game is unique in that it wouldn't save unless played on a Japanese console.

...And I've barely played it! What a travesty. Mark my words, I will make sure it gets a proper play. Just not quite yet.



colortvgame commented on Review: Cave Story (DSiWare):

I was wondering how far people have reached on the hardest difficulty level.

For me, I recently got to the tank boss in the Labyrinth. It's a real challenge, having only 3 hp and no missiles. The tank might be as far as I go in hard mode (at least for now), because it's a real pain to trek to that boss from the closest save point. Maybe someday I will gather the courage to finish hard mode.