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Tue 27th Mar 2012

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colliric commented on Shinobi:

Master System port, with it's altered gameplay objectives, was BETTER THAN THE ARCADE!!!!



colliric commented on Review: Shinobi (3DS eShop / Game Gear):


Well there wasn't really a point in doing that, considering all the Master System titles were already playable on Game Gear with the Adaptor and that's what they probably would have considered doing had the adaptor not been out for years already. So they just made a new one for it.

And Shinobi on the Master System was always my favourite, as it was probably the most audacious port of an arcade game of all time. So many things were diffrent, and yet it all just made an already classic game much much better and more accessable. The best thing about it is, it feels like how the game should have been the first time around at the arcade. Same probably can be said for the NES Ninja Gaiden I guess... That was just as good.

Oh and frankly I never really got into the Genesis games, never played the GG games(But now I will obviously), but I'm glad I reaquainted myself with the franchise when the 3DS game came out... it's very old school.