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ColdingLight commented on Bravely Second: End Layer, Including a Collect...:

Well wait a minute, we don't get the figurine? Why not? And why is this being released two months later? So let me get this straight, We're getting the exact same set MINUS the figure for the same price? (Converted to the US dollar of course.) Where's the incentive to buy the limited edition set when I know it's inferior to what the UK is getting?



ColdingLight commented on Bayonetta Confirmed as New Challenger in Super...:

Truly a disappointing end to Smash 4. The entire Presentation was lackluster imo.

To be fair, with the gimmick of letting the fans choose what character to be in Smash it truly is impossible to please everyone, that should be a known fact. However, knowing that you can't "Please" everyone I would imagine you'd want to try to please most of the masses. What I mean by that is couldn't they have more than 1 character for the Smash Ballot? Like 3 characters at least? But no, we get only 1. Fantastic.



ColdingLight commented on Minecraft on Wii U Won't Feature Inventory Man...:

Ahhhahahaha! Man! The Wii U is the gift that keeps on giving! Or in this case not giving!

I really wonder what people will be saying about this console 10 years from now? Will people really look back on this console with fondness or scorn?



ColdingLight commented on Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium Girl is ...:

This is actually a pretty good game. Story's kinda weak but the gameplay is where it shines. I bought it for 15 bucks a couple of months ago and at the time I thought that was a great sale, but now, at 10 dollars, this is just outright theft.



ColdingLight commented on Final Fantasy's Cloud Is Set To Cause Some Str...:

Why are people pissed off about this? Don't you guys want 3rd party support? I personally think this is great! Plus that FF7 remake might come to the NX. Wouldn't it be great to get to know Cloud via Smash and then later in his actual game? (What I mean by that is I'm sure everyone has played one character in Smash but not played the game that the character is actually from.) This is a nice pleasant surprise.

God some of you fanboys just ruin everything...



ColdingLight commented on Star Fox Zero Website Has Fans of amiibo and O...:

Now hold your breath people, this doesn't mean that there will be online play in Star Fox Zero. I doubt they would put online play in this game because 1 they said they wouldn't, and 2, this game is being delayed for 3-4 months it seems? Can you really put online play in a game that doesn't have online play in it in the span of a season? Also, I'd like to add that these potential "Online features" could be the same BS features in Star Fox 64 3D when you would use their crappy internet browser to look up potential routes to other words.

Another good example is remember when Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze was delayed? People thought maybe because of this delay, they'll put online features in it? When the actual reason is.... No one knows. The point is, the game didn't have online features when people assumed it would have some.

So expect Amiibo functionality in some form (Honestly, it's fair to expect all/most Nintendo games to have some function for Amiibos.) And if this game does have some online features, it's not going to be what you think it is.



ColdingLight commented on Yes, Fatal Frame's Lingerie Outfits Have Been ...:

What the.... Why remove anything from this game? You think kids are going to be playing this? It's a horror game! This is quite literally the last kind of game I would expect KIDS to buy. (Not that they could buy it mind you.) God I'm F***ing sick of this censorship.



ColdingLight commented on Proof of Functioning Wii U Emulator, Cemu, Eme...:

@Chaoz Now, I bet you won't respond to my last comment. I honestly don't know how anyone could respond to this. But I do want you to respond! XD I need to know what grand wisdom will you bestow upon me and this comment section! Please, you have the floor! XD! WOOT!



ColdingLight commented on Proof of Functioning Wii U Emulator, Cemu, Eme...:

@Chaoz I know I'm a couple of days late in responding, I literally just read this comment on my G-mail and I still want to replay to it. With that said, lets continue.

WOAH! Someone's butthurt! LOL! WOOT!!! Look, just because you're precious Pii U is a barren wasteland of software doesn't mean you have to get upset over a SUGGESTION. Now, obviously the emulator isn't ready, I was of course talking about when it's ready. I thought that was fairly obvious but I guess I have to spell it out for you. (Plus the article even says it isn't finished. Lol?)

Now by your logic, a suggestion makes me ignorant to emulation? Hahahaha! XD! Like, repeat that in your head, and tell me does that make sense? All I did was suggest people to use this emulator (Once it's finished of course.) if they're on the fence about buying a Wii U. And that makes me ignorant to emulation? If I'm ignorant, then you're a white knight fanboy who probably can't take any sort of criticism to your favorite X/Y product and MOST CERTAINLY can't take a SUGGESTION! And lastly, I'm giving emulation a bad name? So first off, that tells me you're ok with emulation and secondly, I'm LITERALLY PROMOTING there emulator. And that makes me give them a bad name? Wha...?

Dude, get exposed.

I've gotta be honest, that was without a doubt, the funnest comment I've received all year! XD Thanks!



ColdingLight commented on Proof of Functioning Wii U Emulator, Cemu, Eme...:

Well it was bound to happen eventually. I'm kinda surprised that its taken this long to come out with an emulator for the Wii U.

Well look at the bright side: Now people who are "On the Fence" about buying a Wii U, they can play this instead. And contemplate if it's worth the ridiculous $300 dollar price tag.



ColdingLight commented on Talking Point: Star Fox Zero's Delay Could Be ...:

I don't understand why people believe Xenoblade Chronices X will be a triple A title. The first Xenoblade was a critically acclaimed game that sold ok-ish and only catered to a niche audience. (JRPG enthusiasts.) I wouldn't consider an IP that has had only 1 game in it's life time to automatically be this triple A release.

With that said, alot of you probably don't even have Xenoblade Chronicles, (Given how rare it is here in the States.) or if you have it, probably haven't even beaten the game. (Given how long it is.)

Before I leave the subject that is Xenoblade I have to ask this question to you all.

Why isn't Mario Tennis Ultra Smash not looked at as a triple a title? Think about it, Mario Tennis is WAY MORE well known then Xenoblade is. It's had more games than the Xenoblade IP has AND collectively (And some individually) has sold more than Xenoblade. So why isn't Mario Tennis looked at in the same light? It just doesn't make any sense.

Now, getting off of the Xenoblade topic, Star Fox Zero being delayed was expected by everyone and their mothers but it's still a big deal.

Now, I'm an avid Star Fox fanboy who has played every single Star Fox game (Yes, even the unreleased Star Fox 2.) and beaten nearly all of them. (Minus Adventures.) and judging from what little gameplay I saw in Star Fox Zero, I'd be lying if I wasn't happy with the delay.

But at the same time, it is a crippling decision on Nintendo's part. Because it really does mean that there is no triple 1rd party release. I still think Star fox Zero being this triple A release is a stretch but if I had to pick out of Mario Tennis, Xenoblade, and Star Fox, I'd pick Star Fox for the biggest release.

In conclusion I kinda would still release Star Fox Zero this year. They said it was pretty much done, they just wanted to polish the stupid gimmicks that comes with the game via gamepad. News flash Nintendo, the only time gamers want to use the gamepad is when they don't feel like using the TV or someone else is using it. Fact. I've seen it happen with people who own it. No one seems to care about the intimacy between a game and it's gamepad.

Ok, even though I said "Conclusion" I want to add a couple of more things along side a question. (Sorry...) I was reading this article and I agree with them saying "They'll push what software is already out." Yeah, I think that's honestly the better idea in their position. But how long is this going to go? Smash 4 is almost a year old, Mario Kart 8 is even older and no new content seems to be coming out any time soon, and Splatoon's a fad IMO.

It's just... Christ I don't know. "Let's continue advertising old games!' What...a great idea...

Oh, and Star Fox's delay being the nail in the Wii U's coffin? Are you serious? That nail was in a couple of years ago.

Oh and finally, I saw a Tweet here about something like "Oh, multiplats get bad ports but when Nintendo delays two games everyone loses their minds!"

Well first off, Nintendo HAS PROMISED to bring both of those highly anticipated games this holiday season and fail to. And what multiplats had bad ports this year? I'm honestly wondering. Do tell me.

OK That's what I wanted to say. Sorry to anyone who felt this comment was pretty unorganized... Sorry, I guess I'm lazy when it comes to editing what I say.



ColdingLight commented on Miyamoto: Star Fox Zero Has Been Delayed, "I A...:

Hahaha! You know... I can't say I'm surprised. A year or two ago, I would've been livid, but I'm laughing instead. I guess I've become so use to the fact that Nintendo promises something, then breaks those promises. Says they're going to release something at X time period, then delay it.




ColdingLight commented on Rumour: Nintendo Isn't Bringing Devil's Third ...:

I bet NOA just doesn't want to publish the game because it would hurt their "Kiddie" image. Though then again, they did publish that Ninja Gaiden game several years back. Either way, I doubt some other publisher will publish this game in the States. Can you picture Activision or Ubisoft or whatever publishing this for such a small audience?



ColdingLight commented on Rumour: Nintendo NX Won't Be As Powerful As Pl...:

Where do I begin... First off, I pray that this is a rumor and nothing more. I hope that this Liam guy isn't a "reliable source" but I'm surprised that NintendoLife didn't post any previous times when this source was correct. Now granted I/we could always just Google this and fine out if he is a reliable source but it's still surprising to me.

Now, humoring this rumor to be true, if the NX Is a inferior console specs-wise to the PS4/X1 then Nintendo did not learn their lesson with the abysmal failure that is the Wii U and that's damn depressing and unprecedented. Now, knowing Nintendo, they were going to add some kind of gimmick to differentiate themselves from Sony and Microsoft. However, I also told myself that the last time they did this (The Wii U.) it was an unholy abomination and begged for an apocalypse. So because of its failure, I also told myself "Well they have to have learned their lesson this time. The sales are horrendous and the community's completely split. between people who enjoy this console for what little it is and the people who despise this barren wasteland for the crap it is." So after concluding these obvious facts, I would imagine they would take a step back from the gimmicks and make a system that preformed AT LEAST as good as the current gen consoles.

If the NX is going to be inferior to the others, it's going to have the same developer issues that plagued the Wii U AND THAT'S NOT IDEAL! The NX is going to be a wasteland of a console much in the same way the Wii U was. And maybe even worst than the Wii U. I say that because the Wii U's still fresh in the mind. I would imagine third parties/Indies would wait to see how this console preforms sales/specs-wise before they even start to developing games for the NX. I mean it's common sense isn't it? "The last console was a failure. lets hold back and see what this console can do before we start making content for it." And after hearing the typical crap that Iwata said about the NX saying "The NX will not be plagued with a poor launch." Just makes me even more worried that this system's launch will be EVEN WORST than the Wii U/3DS's launch. I mean, no one's going to jump in and start making games for this console before launch. They're going to wait. And what does that leave us? With MAYBE a handful of first party games from Nintendo. Now, on paper, That's still bad but Nintendo does have some of the greatest first party IPs in the gaming industry. However, past launch experiences says "Nintendo's first party launch titles are either lazy, or horrible. Lets quickly recite a couple of their launches. starting off with the Wii U. The two launch titles I can think of off the top of my head are Nintendo Land and and New Super played out Mario U edition. Nintendo land was advertised as a multiplaying game. In actuality half of the mini games were multiplayer focus. AND HALF OF THOSE games required that stupid Wiimote plus add on in order to play it. And it lacked Online play. moving on to the forth entry of Super Please Kill Me Edition added nothing new to the New Super Mario games. You own the Wii one? You own the Wii U one. (No online btw. Surprised?) Jumping over to 3DS. There... was nothing. The only game I remember that was solid was Street Fighter. and as we all know, that's not a Nintendo IP. Obviously take Iwata's comments with a gran of salt. This guy HAS BEEN proven to BS when it comes to launching consoles and other things.

Sigh... What can we do... Here's an idea I guess. If it's true that the NX is going to be inferior to the PS4/X1 EVERYONE needs to riot. We cannot have another failure that is the Wii U. Now in the past, Nintendo fans HAVE rioted about certain things and Nintendo typically doesn't listen. In which case it might be pointless to complain about anything towards Nintendo. And that's damn sad. But, this is the only way to get through to them. Yes, you can just simply not buy the NX and thus tell Nintendo "No. I don't want this." But were essentially doing this already with the Wii U and Nintendo still hasn't learned from their mistakes and will continue down a path people obviously don't want them to go down. I'd like to imagine that this is just a never ending dark linear hallway with no light at the end.

I don't know... Lol. I seriously don't. I'm just a fan. Other than those two options that I mentioned I don't know how else to get through Nintendo. The Wii U's a failure, The NX is looking grim, and there's just no light at the end of this tunnel.

What's comforting to know is that people here seem to be alot more critical towards Nintendo lately. Especially with the horrible Digital Event. If there's anything Nintendo needs it's criticism. Criticism and more some. Now, I'm not saying all of this because I'm some "Pretendo" as some peasants would probably call me. I'm saying this because Nintendo's not in an ideal position. The Wii U sucks and has fewer games than ever. The rumors for the NX are in full effect. The 3DS doesn't look all that appealing anymore and I don't even need to talk about amiibo shortages and more.

In conclusion... Just keep criticizing Nintendo and not buy their products until they learn. Or at the very least, buy them used. I'll end by saying this: I don't believe dropping the Wii U will be as damaging as some people may believe. I think people most people who own a Wii U are aware how dire the system really is. I don't think it'll destroy consumer confidence. However, what will destroy consumer confidence is repeating the same mistake. Because it screams "They're not learning from their mistakes. So why should I invest in anything from them?" And if these rumors are true, that very well may happen again.



ColdingLight commented on ​Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Gets a Wi...:

@Mega719 Well, I googled What consoles is Skylanders Superchargers is coming to and No one's saying it's coming to the Wii. And I believe Ubisoft announced a couple of weeks ago that they're not making any more games for last gen consoles. And name one "Smaller 3rd party game" coming to the Wii. And if you say "Barbie's Horse Adventure Definitive 60FPS edition" get out. You just keep digging that hole deeper and deeper.



ColdingLight commented on ​Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Gets a Wi...:

@Mega719 I don't know if you realize this but you incorrectly said "Wii" instead of Wii U. But with that out of the way, you said: " just because Wii U is barely selling doesn't mean they would stop making games after the next console is out" Dude, this thing is one of the worst selling Nintendo console in history. I think they're going to drop the Wii U pretty fast. especially if the NX comes out in 2017. Also, you said Wii ports are still happening? Other than Rodea or whatever it's called they're no ports happening on the Wii. Where did you get that "fact"?